Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli expecting a child

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli was broken, her voice stammered as she was now pleading Nandini to return her Kunal and turn her Happy Birthday truly happy. Nandini steps back and turns to leave. Mauli had fallen on the floor and cries out of despair.
The next morning, Nandini thought about Mauli’s words last night. The tea on the stove boiled while she stood around lost. The pot of tea spills off Nandini’s hands, she sits there on kitchen’s floor and cries. There was a door bell then. Kunal stood outside in excitement and comes inside with breakfast for Nandini. He was sure it will remind Nandini of Lucknow, “Poori Aalu”- traditional Indian breakfast. He finds Nandini was upset and apologizes for not being able to visit last night. He boasts that Mauli was really happy with the arrangements.

Nandini asks Kunal to leave the house.
There, Mauli comes out of washroom and felt severe headache. Mamma brings lime water claiming it to be good for hangover. Mauli apologizes for getting drunk. Mamma understands that Mauli wanted to lighten her heart, as she can’t hold as much as she has been suffering. Mauli hugs Mamma for understand her. Mamma says she found her old Mauli yesterday. Mauli must not dig that old Mauli deep down,
Kunal was concerned. Nandini tells him to leave her alone for some time; can’t she wish for this? Kunal asks if someone said something. Nandini says she wish to stay alone for a few days, its better they don’t meet. Kunal was concerned, he asks what has happened. Does she love him?
Mauli comes to the hall. Mamma calls her to join them for breakfast. Mauli feels dizzy and then nauseatic. Mamma and Pramilla were concerned for her health. Mamma asks Dida what she must do at the moment. Dida was suspicious that this can’t only be a hangover, she must call Mauli’s friend, Dr. Aasha.
Nandini was angry over Kunal and says she doesn’t owe him an explanation. He must leave. Kunal throws a chair away and asks how this all can end so easily? Nandini confronts him saying yes, it’s all ended. Kunal clutches her tightly by arms, pins her to a wall and claims to love her no matter what world claims it. She is his world, his oxygen now; he left everything, his wife and house for her. At least she must tell him some reason. Nandini now requests Kunal to go away. Kunal questions how can she take this decision all alone? He was stubborn, not ready to leave. Nandini jerks herself off his grip and swears him upon their love; he must leave without asking the reason. She has no answer to his question.
Mauli comes out of washroom and was shocked to see Aasha. She says it was only a hangover. Aasha asks Mauli to get her checkup. Afterwards, Aasha nods at Mamma and Dida in approval. They congratulate Mauli was in a state of shock. Mamma tells Mauli she is expecting a child.

PRECAP: Kunal sat outside Nandini’s house door and decides to finally leave. Nandini cries that she has returned Mauli her Kunal. Dida was happy and tells Mauli that someone else is surely praying for Mauli as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ye kya bakwas hai

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Knew it… Writers will show nandini mahan ….😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠 and now I feel more bad… Mouli deserved much better and she asked cheater husband back and nandini returned… As if kunal is toy….. I thoughted writers will show mouli strong, but she turned out most weekest person…😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 i am getting headaches now….. This show is on ruin…

    1. hi Shraddha… i dont think just one drunken outburst makes Mauli the weakest. She is strong. But to judge her for showing some vulnerability is being too harsh. She is human. Its too much to expect that Mauli will remain strong everyday, every hour, every second. I am just surprised that she managed everything so gracefully till now. And had she not gotten drunk, she wouldnt have asked Nandini for the ‘gift’ either.
      Mauli’s strength is not the fact that she had started hating Kunal, or she doesnt want Kunal anymore. Her strength is the fact that though she still wishes things to be all right, though she still misses him, she knows that it will harm her self respect if she begs him to stay, she knows it will never give her happiness to be with a man who has stopped loving her. And so she had gone for divorce, fighting with her own sorrow and wishes everyday to preserve her dignity. And when she sobers up, i am sure she will refuse Kunal again

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      I agree dhara that mouli was in great pain, and her drunken statement doesn’t make her weak, but she will turn week due to child…
      I wished that Mouli had someone else in life not kunal… But since episode one till now mouli is shown as teenage lover, who doesn’t have maturity… But after truth came out i hoped that she will handle kunal and nandini maturely and will punish them, Mouli will move on and have good life partner, even she filed divorce showed that she is mature but instead punishing kunal and nandini, they are showing mouli is same as old won, who is still immature… Who is ready to accept cheater husband at any cost… If Nandini doesn’t deserve husband like Rajdeep, even Mouli doesn’t deserve husband like Kunal…

    3. I suppose we have different opinions on what makes a mature love. Mouli might be blinded in her friendship for Nandini, sending her to parties with Kunal to make her happy, but she had complete trust in Kunal and i dont find that immature. But yeah, people might say get realistic etc etc. I wont argue that point. But Mauli is not ready to accept Kunal at any cost. She was ready to move out of the house when she saw Kunal changed password. She filed for divorce when she saw Nandini taking Kunal home. She made it clear to Kunal that he is free to go wherever he wants and she will divorce him after one month. She even stopped her friends from saying anything to Kunal. Instead she said she had accepted it… All things point that she wont take back Kunal as it is. I dont know how she will react after hearing about pregnancy, but i absolutely agree that she doesnt deserve a husband like Kunal

  3. Seriously after reading today’s episode I don’t want that man near mauli, pls pls bring new hero for mauli let kundhini unite, if this pregnancy track is to again force mauli to live with Kunal in loveless marriage it’s just crap, hate Kunal to the core such a disgusting man,mauli doesn’t deserve such person, and don’t make nandhini mahan

  4. Seriously after reading today’s episode I don’t want that man near mauli, pls pls bring new hero for mauli let kundhini unite, if this pregnancy track is to again force mauli to live with Kunal in loveless marriage it’s just crap, hate Kunal to the core such a disgusting man,mauli doesn’t deserve such person, and don’t make nandhini mahan

  5. They are trying to show Nandhini has a good character wow first you keep ema with her husband and pray for her good one thing I don’t understand wat she will pray god to keep mauli from bad people eyes right then you both coward be away from her. Still she have a life. Where she can live happily than living with that brainless Kunal IAM saying for both the girls. But I really wish Kunal to get away from mauli like he don’t deserve her

  6. i am so disgusted i dont know if i can post a coherent comment
    first of all, why someone go and blacken Kunal’s face? Kunal deserves it much more than Nandini. from the update it seem mauli and Nandini were alone when Mauli broke down and Kunal doesnt know. so cant judge him for behaving happy with poori sabji while his wife is broken down in their house. But what the hell getting aggressive with Nandini? Doesnt he know how Rajdeep tortured Nandini? Then how can he behave in the same way with her? As far as i know, this is the first time Nandini has done something against Kunal’s wishes. And this is how Kunal will react? Throwing furniture and showing violent tendencies. If Nandini has any intelligence, she should dump Kunal irrespective of what Mauli wants. The cheater creep has no consideration for any person’s emotions in his life except for himself.
    Coming to Mauli’s wish for having Kunal back. That is her deepest desire uttered in drunken state. But even she knows the future of their relationship doesnt depend on Nandini, but on Kunal himself. I dont think she will accept Kunal when he is running behind Nandini. up until now she has been realistic and dignified,
    but the biggest disgusting thing of all is the decision to make Mauli pregnant in this story. Why? What do the makers want? They were not happy with EMA, they have to include an innocent child in this. Now if Mauli separates, that child will grow up fatherless. And everyone will judge Mauli a hundred times worse for still seeking divorce and not caring for the child. The divorce will also get complicated. Already Dida is happy, sure that everything will be all right now. But if Mauli and Kunal stay together, it will be a loveless marriage with a cheater husband still pining for the other woman, and the child will still suffer. Wah! the makers are not happy with ruining three lives, they want to ruin four now. Kudos. Maybe they will go for miscarriage also, since they love making woman suffer. The news of baby makes me so so angry. Just because it will now tie cheater Kunal to Mauli. Wonder how he will react though. Maybe it will all buid up to Kunal and Nandini blo*dy SACRIFICING their love after all. Bullshit. This wont be a sacrifice. It will be a compromise. huh.
    Nandini is a far better friend than Kunal is a husband. Time and again Nandini had tried to move away, shifting houses, trying to shift cities and now asking Kunal to stay away. This she did despite being at a low point in her life, after suffering years of abuse and trauma. Yeah, she is still weak, selfish, self-victimizing and willing to remain lost in her pure love fantasy. But her character has a justification for this. I get irritated seeing her crying, shivering act, but its hard to dismiss it either because of her past. But Kunal is just worthless. Worthless. I want to know how many months pregnant Mauli is. Was Kunal still in ‘love’ with Mauli at that time? Cheater.

    1. Mauli is pregnant with Kunal’s child. I guess the ‘space’ that Kunal was talking about between him and Mauli a few episodes ago was not a ‘large enough space’ to stop him form getting intimate with Mauli. But it was sufficient to allow Nandini’s entry between them and fill up the same ‘space’. Did shakti know how his character will be shaped up before he accepted this show? Kunal is such a disgusting hypocrite shameless man. He sure as hell does not deserve a gem of a person like Mauli. It seems his intimacy with Nandini wont be revealed to mauli/family members. Let Nandini also get pregnant so that Mauli knows to what extent their pure love has gone.

  7. Ridiculous story track. Nandini didnt care a damn when having extramarital affair with kunal and suddenly she is being shown as goddess of sacrifice. Mouli shudnt accept Kunal as a bheek from that lady.
    Dont try to eulogise such affairs as true love above marriage and a homebreaker as epitome of goodness . If she was going to give up kunal what was the need for all this drama? and giving pain to Mouli?? Writers shudnt hurry with story line to show Nandini as good. keep it realistic. Homebreakers dont give a shit about the person whose home they are breaking ..thats why they do such things

  8. After reading today’s episode it seems like kunal had inferiority complex.He was unemployed where as mauli was successful and managed both house and home very well.she was perfect wife. nandini who was in her worst condittion was in desperate need for love and kunal gave that love and care to her in return he got a puppet who would go to any level for him.But when she didn’t listened to him he become violent.
    I feel somewhere in between everything kunal used nandini and took advantage of her vulnerable condition because of his unaware inferiority he is the worst person here.He needs counselling .

  9. Sujitha

    We don’t want that blo*dy bastard in mauli life anymore.he last that write when he stood low and insulted mauli and his 7 years marriage life for justifying his and his mistress behavior and justifying his illegal relationship with the woman who is also someone wife. If you send that . she is your oxygen really,how many promises you gave to mauli throughout your 7years married life to impress her like now you giving to this girl. Again and again we say writer don’t dare to bring him in mauli life she deserves some good and loveable person than this bastard, and whenever that girl says I want mauli happiness and do anything for her happiness it’s didn’t give and good feelings about her but give more disgusting feelings towards her . And stop showing she pray for God for mauli happiness that why all the best thing happened in mauli life . If you want to show that girl is mahan and mauli is weak it’s better stop this serial. We all are eagerly waiting how the woman boldly handle and face the situation and living when she comes to know her husband betrayed her with her best friend not want to see how that girl broken and begging for her cheaters husband from his mistress.

  10. Sujitha

    Maybe if he saw the seen of his wife broke down what can he do except stand there and see her break down form and go to his mistress house and console her make sure she can’t leave him because of mauli by saying mauli is drunk so don’t take it seriously and something so .

    1. maybe u are right about this… i remember the scene where mauli first sees them together. over phone, Nandini is worried about what Mauli might do, but Kunal’s response is ‘dont worry, Mauli is a very strong woman. she will not do anything rash’. Maybe even if Kunal knew about Mauli’s breakdown, he would have just said the same thing again ‘Mauli is strong. She just got drunk but that is not what she really wants.’ If he knew why Nandini is pushing him away, he would have surely brainwashed Nandini into stop thinking about it again.

  11. Sujitha

    Nobody can’t take the advantage and used the them without their permission . this is nanthini fault after knowing he is married and has the wife to allow him to slept with her . what you said she needed love really then what was that mauli shows to her throughout her life . she didn’t crave for love she crave for something which is man only fulfill that,that way she choose her husband first and now that bastard over the people who truelly love her without any return from her.

  12. Kuch bhi dikhate hain… could Mauli be pregnant…. when she got operated his husband already was in love with nandini….. he was not involved in any kind of physical intimacy wid Mauli. …den how could she got pregnant….. paagal bana diya show walon ne…. bakwaas serial….

    1. i also feel the same

  13. it’s disgusting. I wanted to Mauli be pregnant but only after kunal start living with nandini. and Mauli will take care of the child alone independently.
    how suddenly nandini became so big-hearted. few days back she forgot that she has snatched best friend’s husband and was telling I cannot tyag you to kunal. now why she is doing it.
    ok I understand in drunken state Mauli ask to return kunal. but of course in drunken state there will be no control on your emotions.
    I don’t want this cheater kunal to return in mauli’s life. no not at all. and this deeda and mumma must know kunal has already crossed all limit with nandini. disgusting. now they should change the name of the serial as mahan nandini because this is what they are trying to manipulate the audience

  14. Preethika

    No guys mauli is not expecting it’s dida plan to keep kunal and mauli united. Mauli can’t become mother and she knows it well dats y she isn’t interfering between Nandini and kunal. Now mauli approach Nandini to become surrogate mother of her child(after seeing her family happiness).that’s next twist in d series

  15. Why do I have the feeling that after the leap, mauli will reunite Kunal and nandini?

    They clearly want to show these two as positive. What better way to do that than making mauli do this.

    I just hope a child doesn’t come in between this mess. It isn’t fair to the innocent one.

    Just to complicate matters and disgust us, nandini might be pregnant too.
    Srsly idk how they can bring children into this

    So nandini moves out. Wonder what mauli feels about that?

    On another note, do you think she remembers what she asked nandini?

  16. I’m just proud of Nandhini today. It takes alot of strength and guts to refuse the only person she’s felt loved respected and safe with. From the very beginning nandhini never intended to be a home wrecker, her only desire was to feel loved that she was blind. After mauli asked for kunal back, I’m glad she’s letting him go for her friend’s sake. Cheers to Nandhini’s courageous step.

    1. Kunal was not the only person who gave her love respect and safety.but first person was mouli even nandini not accepted her caring but misused.
      Previously also mouli opened up with nandini about kunal but she was not sensitive to moulis come now for the words by drunken mouli.
      How it will not be a break of a family after sleeping with some one else’s husband.
      Do the cheers to the makers who are trying to make nandini as a mahan after public backlash.makers think audience is foolish.
      Moulis pregnancy track is also not in point since she did not have a physical intimacy after removing contraceptives.

  17. CVS clearly understand that mauli is getting all the sympathy love praise and everything when Kunal is away from her.thwy really want all the attention to nandini, nandini should be the mahan so I think they have planned to separate mauli.they don’t want to show mauli is strongly dealing with the situation. moreover the pain in the mauli eyes is acceptable,it not easy to forget a person whom v love for years,it doesn’t mean that mauli is not strong.
    They really think they can sell this crap with Kunal and nandini cheap romance.kunal and nandini are the most disgusting lead character ever,f**king and arranging birthday party,is she a five year old who will become happy with birthday party when her whole life collapsed in front of her eyes. Give her some time no after all this injustice they are going to make nandini Mahan. They were openly romance,the only difference from rajadeep is he didn’t abuse but all other pain we’re same.borh b*t*h Never think how mauli feels ,both are selfish.i doubt whether nandini fans accept if Kunal fall in another girl again after 7 years after giving all hopes and surprises

    1. I mean they have planned to separate nandini and Kunal , not mauli.

  18. From a show’s POV, Nandini was always in need for true love and care. She always wanted someone to be with her, that one true soul mate. She gave 7yrs of her life to Rajdeep. Submitted herself as his wife but the return was, the death of a innocent child.
    First the start, she was inspired by Kunal’s character. The way he loves his wife and take care of the family. Most importantly, the way he treats woman, the way he treated. Showed vivid colors of life. She fell for him, because accept it, a woman has her own needs. She confessed, because the more you resist, the more you are attracted. When she was insulted, kunal was there for her and promised their togetherness for eternity. She needed hope, and he was her reason for life.

  19. From Kunal and Mauli’s relationship and this entire EMA, it’s pretty evident that, Happiness is not in perfect relation. Sometimes, you get that passion and love from satisfied relationship. Maunal’s was the perfect..! They were happy. No drama. Even after 7 yrs same love and romance. Is it realistic..? No Saahs bahu problems.
    Kunan’s is love is disgusting. Cheap. Nonsense. Because, it’s EMA. But Kunan has faced more complications and difficulties and hardships than Maunal.
    Even at this point, the last thing kunal needs is nandini to leave him.
    I’m pretty kunan won’t be together. But I adore their relationship than Maunal.

  20. I hate tis show…y r thy showin nandhini as mahaan…..disgusting serial…aftr a leap nandhini ll also hv a child….and also a gd girl and pure hearted women who sacrificed hr love…tis al bakwaas ll cum….:@

  21. Please I’d like to know how Mauli got pregnant. Since they took out her precautionary measure Kunal hasnt approached her.

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