Malik Princess of Sheeshmahal and his bride – Prologue

  1. Prologue

He signed sadly as he stared lifelessly nothing particularly, he leaned forward towards railing as slowly cold breeze touching his face making him shiver in cold. December nights in Luckhnow can’t be expected less cold. He like everyday again woke up from nightmare only getting four hours sleep. A nightmare of being disappointment for his own family and being worst son ever. A fear he hadn’t thought could make him more tremble then death itself. That’s why what he was going to do will not be any problem for him.

He glance once last time to early morning of Lucknow then only two hours before sunrise begin. He started walking inside and move towards the king size bed where small eaten piece of whole chocolate cake was kept he smile bitterly then he took the knife and walk slowly towards bathroom he realised he is shaking till he reached near bathtub he climb inside and breathed heavily. He know what he is going to do will hurt many of his loved once but if he didn’t he would lose last freedom of his life to choose his death. His grey eyes stared knife then his left hand wrist before he know he close his tightly and cut his wrist immediately. After that he don’t know anything what happened because he, Sanskar Maheshwari, lost himself in darkness.


‘No, he wouldn’t need to wear those hospital dirty cloths once more. My son will wear what I got him. Take those rags out if my sight sister. ‘he open just in time to witness his mother snapping at hospital nurse. His head is aching so his left hand. He blink his eyes at the sudden light. He took his surrounding to see he is in hospital ward by what he understands lying on bed and his wrist is supporting white bandaged he heard clear of throat and raise his eyes to see his mother staring him with akin to burning rage.

‘hi mum.. ‘Sanskar murmur giving his mother smile which make his mother more angry then ever.

‘ What were you thinking trying to kill yourself just before one week of  the marriage with The Royal Malik family only daughter, Sanskar? ‘Sujata Maheshwari, His dear mother, spat his name practically with anger. Then she started reminding him why on one hand he wanted to meet death God then his mother as she continued to speak’ Do you have any idea how much I want Laksh to be here rather then you!!? But because of you we lost Laksh and now every day you make me and your father remind why we still shouldn’t hate for making lose our another son. I don’t understand where we mistake in your upbringing Sanskar!!?? We have given you everything from luxury to best education still you can’t give one thing we ask you fullfil the responsibility of being our son!! How much I am being insulted in front of your inlaws because of your stunt, Sanskar. I am giving you last warning to open your mouth or whisper a word of being suicidal in front of your inlaws you would have agree my son of why you didn’t die! ‘with that his mither throw the cloths on him and stormed out.

Sanskar shook his head and mutter’ I am fine mum.. ‘

‘ of course Mr Malik it was just accident, Sanskar accidentally slipped inside bathtub because of being tipsy birthday hangover… Yes he is absolutely fine and would be ready for marriage by end of week. I will see you Mr Malik soon. ‘Again his ward door open and his dad come inside busy on his call then step around the bed and stopped near him after cutting the call and lying so smoothly because Sanskar really don’t remember himself being drinking till he forget himself since his father don’t like Smell of alcohol coming from his own son.

Sanskar finally get undivided attention of his father ‘Dad.. you look tense..’ he tried to  lighten up situation.

Ram Maheshwari signed helplessly then put his cellphone inside his pocket and pull his son in hug ‘Champ you are alright now?’

Sanskar smile ‘yeah okay since Mom lecture on my stunt wad very ear splitting.’

Ram Maheshwari chuckle ‘you needed that Sanskar.’ his dad stared him for a minute then said in grave tone ‘You are my champion son. I wouldn’t want you to feel so defeated in your life. This marriage is important not for my business or building image in society but completing the promise I given to Malik family years ago. And basically Laksh would have been here this situation wouldn’t have come but.. ‘he trailed off before hugging Sanskar one more time and saying with warm gesture’ Take good care of yourself son. ‘with that his dad was out with his cellphone put back on his ear and ordering some one over clients and deals.

Sanskar leaned back when again door open disturbing him off for good rest .     like suicide attempt is a way to rest And he come face to face doctor who was evil enough to save his life for his parents well being!

‘I am Dr Khan who saved your life and from now your personal doctor till you leave this city by your father request Mr Maheshwari. I am also very capable to be your psychologist and would like to know if you any problem in sharing any of personal information with me for your brain to heal. ‘the doctor explained in clipped.

Sanskar Maheshwari groaned aloud and taking pillow from behind his head he throw towards the so called dramatic doctor with full speed and snapped’ Shut up Khan!!stop behaving like you don’t me from the age of learning to wear underwear. ‘

Khan flushed then shouted back’ What can I do when my insane friend go ahead and try to kill himself for fear of marrying a royal Princess who have bank balance to make his life like blo*dy King!’

Sanskar Maheshwari tried to sit on bed  and smile slightly when Khan helped him grumbling something ‘crazy’ and ‘troublemaker’ under his breathe.

‘Khan I don’t want to talk regarding my new stunt. I am not ready. ‘he said with tired tone.

Khan nodded reluctantly and smirk’ Sanskar by the way Arjun and Mathur don’t sound happy from their call in ten minutes before . And going to crash here in two hours. ‘

Sanskar froze’ No they don’t! ‘

Khan smirked widen’ Oh yes they are. Be prepared my friend you are in for kick on your arse. ‘

Sanskar Maheshwari found himself faint because he could go ahead face whole world like superman but he can’t face his family and most importantly his childhood friends. He know Khan is still seething and getting extra hand from Arjun and Mathur is only going to be more painful for his arse.

Damn this whole situation and that blo*dy Malik Princess because of whom I have to face wrath of my friends and parents.

He never thought coming back to his home after five years will be basically business agreement for his family to marry him off to some stranger whom he never met before his life in one week. He didn’t got to choose like always.

And he have to marry some Royal Princess Malik.

Sanskar Maheshwari sick of his life which is controlled by his father and mother.


Somewhere far from the hospital, a beautiful girl in her skinny jeans, black tee and leather jacket wrapped around her waist with her in bun was busy in climbing the pipe of Sheeshmahal Palace as quietly and hurriedly possible knowing the fact on slip and she would be dead. Not that it affect her anyhow she finally reached the window of her room and sign in relief entering inside.

She grin thinking of being successful in sneaking past her father heavy security. She head towards her Queen size bed and jump on it feeling Damn tired. Until she heard cold and angry voice.

‘Again sneaking out Princess Swara Malik ? ‘

She gulped and turned to see her father leaning against door with angry stare towards her.

‘ You don’t say father. ‘She replied sarcastically even knowing she is wrong she refused to cowed by her father.

Omkar Malik felt headache at his ever defining daughter. He don’t know what to do with her. He is evil man with all the wrong doing he have done he know he is going to get place in hell. Because backstabbing his elder brother, Killing his sister- in- law and throwing his nephew and niece out of Palace was not you do every day. And he know his daughter know even when his ever suspicious wife never realised. He is still underestimate his genius daughter well genetic should always be present.

But he is her father, and always have been good father which grows his plus point for not getting early death of what he did to her ” Nav bhai family ”.

Well he came back to present to see his daughter staring with aloof coldness.

‘You do know your sister marriage is going to take place in one week. And I won’t want any worrying over you. ‘He coldly stated.

She shrugged’ I am fine father. ‘She said and close her feeling so tired.’ I just never knew the orphanages in here can be so careless towards those innocent kids. ‘their was steely note in her voice.

Omkar Malik nodded feeling better now and then voicing out his thoughts trying to make his daughter look at him not with aloofness but love ‘ your mother is not anymore. You are staying here because of your sister. I couldn’t ask more from you knowing well you would leave me forever. But I want to confess something to you my dear.. I am not regretting over my crimes because I mean them even you think of me Cruel heartless man. I don’t repent for what I did to my elder brother family I hated them too much. Then I look at you Shona and I regret to let my dearest went through the pain of being separated from her brother whom she worship. I apologise. ‘

Swara Malik went silent then nodded her head’ I won’t forgive you father for being bad person to your own family. You were disloyal and that’s unacceptable. Then I am your daughter and it’s my duty to stand behind you for whatever harm come over you. I would help you. I am loyal father I have my mother upbringing. ‘She paused then her eyes fell on her father with silent promise’ But when the day will come for my Nav bhai to come back and destroy you I will not help you. Please you can leave now I don’t want more bitter sweet memory between us father before I leave for good. ‘

Omkar Malik left without another word. His daughter was so sure his nephew will come back and destroy him from the day he have thrown those two siblings out of here. He couldn’t help but shudder thinking over the day when will his everything would be taken away.

He stopped near his another daughter room and open the door seeing her calmly going through her studies. He smile grateful for one daughter not having in her hate him like another.

‘Sara still busy. ‘he commented fondly sitting across his daughter.

‘ Dad as much I love to see you doting over me after throwing in a marriage which my so called twin sister discarded like trash. I am busy so please leave. ‘Sara said bitterly again going back to her studies over meds.

She look up at him and he felt he is staring his Shona face. Both twin daughters but so much difference. Shona is extraordinary and totally world away in her intelligence and personality while Sara is jealous, hateful towards Swara and always trying outdo his own sister. He shook his head how on earth Sara got his mindset while Swara inherited from him but mindset to hate your own.

Omkar felt tired and old as he confess ‘I hate to lie to you both,Sara. I know you are trying hard to prove yourself to me and always make your sister feel inferior but it doesn’t have to be same for you. I have done what you are to do Sara please don’t be blind in your hatred and let it go the best sister you ever have. ‘he took his daughter hand who look stunned’ I am sending you away from Swara because you deserve happiness which are not able to see in Swara shadow. You have to get out from your hatred and let have yourself chance in happiness. The boy I chosen for you is diamond I recognise. Please try to see my reasons for once. ‘

Sara look quite stunned not knowing what to say then nodded curtly.

Omkar Malik turned around and started moving away when he heard his daughter words which make him froze in fear’ I won’t kill her or took her money but I will pushed her in something she never thought she can ever come out. I dislike her existence dad. ‘

He didn’t needed to say anything more it will be useless. He should have known playing favourites between two sisters will bite him on his own arse! Especially Malik daughters.


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