Siddhi Vinayak 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi foils Urvashi’s attempt to seduce Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari asks Gauri if she made kadha for Urvashi. Gauri nods. I have got it made exactly like you told me to. Manjari wonders till when she will have to tolerate her. She is up to new drama every day! Gauri goes to give kadha to Urvashi.

Siddhi is drying her hair when there is a knock on the door. She thinks it to be Prachi and tells the person to come in. The knocks don’t stop. She opens the door and is surprised to see Vin. Vin looks at her and wonder why his heartbeats go out of his control when he looks at Siddhi even after knowing what all has happened. Siddhi says it is because you love me and know that I am innocent. Just break this ice once. Life will be much better than before. Vin and Siddhi remember what had recently happened and get a hold on themselves. Siddhi asks him what

he wants. He says I forgot my sunscreen lotion. It is an outdoor shoot tomorrow. She knows that nothing else suits him. Is this the only reason? He nods. She tells him to take it himself. She gets busy drying her hair. Vin starts looking for his sunscreen. Siddhi thinks she was thinking he will apologize but he is up to no good. Vin thinks she made such a big mistake and is now ruling over my room yet she is acting as if I will apologize to her! He asks her if she knows where the lotion is. She gives it to him. He says I was mad. I was looking around. I dint look at the right place. You found it in one go. She replies that it is because she is still his wife. Who else will know if not your wife? Their hands touch as he takes the bottle from her. She holds his hand. Nothing matters to you anymore? Have you really forgotten everything? Vin replies that he did not forget anything. You forgot what you did to me and my brother! Siddhi tells Vin that the girl in the video wasn’t her. How many times should I tell you that? That video isn’t real. It’s a sham. Truth is it isn’t about cheating but having faith on me. You don’t trust me. It was the base of our relation earlier. Sadly, I cannot stop myself from loving you even after all of this, especially when I know that you don’t love me! He asks her when he said that he doesn’t love her. She looks at him in surprise. You still love me? He says your love is no door which can be closed or opened anytime. It is like heartbeat which is always there. Even I cannot control it. I was upset as whatever happened was really strange. I fell in people’s words and scolded you. Forgive me if possible! She cries and hugs him. Vin tells her that he will bring new mangalsutra for her and will make her wear it. He snaps his fingers to shake her out of her reverie and takes the bottle from her. Sorry for disturbing you. He thanks her and leaves. Siddhi is sure he will realise his mistake one day. I am looking forward to that day only!

Urvashi coughs and refuses to drink this kadha. Gauri tells her to drink it. Chachi ji has sent it. Urvashi stays put. Someone has challenged me like this for the first time in life. Siddhi tried to keep me away from Vin ji by sprinkling itching powder. See how I will make use of this opportunity now.

Vin is talking to someone about his shoot. Urvashi starts shouting loudly and scratching herself. Vin comes to check on her. She asks him to apply ointment on her back. I cannot reach there. He looks away the moment she moves her pallu aside. She thinks I will see how Siddhi will keep her husband away from me now. He offers to send Gauri or Prachi but she offers to guide him. He isn’t comfortable but she keeps saying that it is hurting a lot. Siddhi puts ice at her back before Vin can do anything. Vin says she needs ointment but Siddhi reasons that ice cures itching. She offers to apply it but Urvashi lies that she is allergic to ice. Siddhi says no one is allergic to ice. I will massage you well. Vin tries to object but she tells him to let women handle the work that they should be doing. Go out of the room or I will step out of the room if you are too eager to apply ointment. Vin leaves quietly. Siddhi closes the door and walks back to Urvashi. Tell me where it is hurting. I will take care of it. Urvashi tries to go after Vin but Siddhi warns her to stop her drama. This is my last warning to you! Don’t try getting close to Vin or I will teach you a very nice lesson. You wont go close to yourself also then! She goes.

Prachi compliments her sister on her work. Siddhi says it is as important to find clue against Urvashi as important it is to keep her away from Vin. We have to expose her in front of everyone! Rajvir enters completely drunk. He rues that producer refused to give him work as he worked in Bhojpuri film. What was the need to tell him that? Siddhi says it does not matter. It is in fact a plus. Rajvir tells her to stop. Your husband dint give me any chance till now. He falls down on the bed and passes out. Prachi apologizes to Siddhi on his behalf. Siddhi says he isn’t lying. People speak truth in inebriated state. We have to make Urvashi utter her truth only. Let’s use this method.

Precap: Siddhi mixes some powder in food. It wont make her vomit everything out of her system! Urvashi eats it. Later, Siddhi asks Urvashi who brought her in Kundra Mansion. Urvashi takes Manjari’s name. She wanted me to marry Rudra. Siddhi asks her what happened on the wedding night. There is a hidden camera in the room which is recording their convo.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wonderful episode..😍😍 Cute SidVi scene I loved it 😍❤️
    Fantastic acting Siddhi..u r amazing..❤️😍
    Poor Siddhi trying her best to expose Urvashi and keep her away from Vinu.😔🙂

  2. Eagerly waiting for monday episode..🙂 Siddhi’s new plan..🙂 hope that she will succeed it🙂.. Urvashi sach bolo plz..😭

  3. Summer

    About time for the truth to be revealed!! Glad it is not being dragged out! However, i did read on twitter that Urvashi manages to trap Vin to marry her?? She mixes powder in his drink and he passes out, when he wakes, she is crying and appears to look as if Vin had disrespected her??? I truly hope this scenario does not play out! This would just ruin it for me!

    1. What you are saying is indeed going to happen, because remember that Urvashi did get intimate with rudra, so she probably is pregnant. She is going to blame that on Vin when everyone finds out she is pregnant.

      1. @Radhika it may be possible…🙂😅 No one knows the real identity of Urvashi (fake)/May be she has relationship with someone else.🤔😐😬

      2. Summer

        I’m hoping that Siddhi and Vin would have reunited by then before Urvashi evil plan to trap Vin and separate them again. No doubt, Siddhi will have to go to great lengths – once again, to find evidence and prove that Vin is not the father…only time will tell!

    2. I am not read it anywhere but I saw the new promo, that show the same.😌
      Vinu will definitely fall in Urvashi’s trap😬(unfortunately anyone can easily trap him🤣)

      1. Summer

        Hi FS, yes, Vin is not very bright, or perhaps the term naive.

  4. Hi Summer, u r right..👍🙂

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