Krishna Chali London 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna feels Radhe’s love

Krishna Chali London 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying I didn’t keep fast for Radhe, I just kept this for your sake. Shuklain smiles and asks why will I think that you kept the fast for Radhe, you have nothing to do with him now, sit for Katha. She goes. Matuk wins the game. Radhe praises him. He says what got double money now. Lali smiles seeing Gajanan. Radhe asks Matuk to not put more money, the cards aren’t good. Matuk asks him to be quiet. They lose the game. Krishna and Shuklain sit to hear Katha. Radhe says if we lose today, I will give my life, I have to send Krishna to London, be careful. Matuk plays further and loses all the money. Radhe gets worried. He says I won’t play, give us our money. Matuk says you can’t get the lost money back, I will bring my money and try to win back the lost money.

Radhe asks for his money. The men tease him and laugh. Radhe shouts on them. Matuk asks Radhe to listen. Radhe fights with them. Goons catch him. Krishna prays for Radhe. Krishna and everyone wait for the moon. Radhe gets stabbed. Everyone is at home. Matuk gets injured Radhe home. Krishna and everyone get shocked. Krishna runs to see Radhe. Everyone comes and asks what happened to him. Krishna asks Radhe to open his eyes. Matuk says Radhe picked up a fight to get his money back, he wanted to get money to send Krishna to London, he lost all the money in gambling, he put his life at risk. Krishna cries. Matuk says someone’s prayers saved him, the light went off and we escaped, so his life got saved. Krishna sprinkles water on Radhe’s face. Radhe gets up. He sees the moon and Krishna’s face via her net saree. She feeds him water. He smiles.

Gajanan says Radhe had kept a fast as well. Radhe signs him not to say. He says I lost all money in gambling, but I m grateful that you ended my fast, don’t be upset. Krishna hugs him and cries. He smiles. She says I m not a fool to observe a fast for you, I don’t love you. Everyone smiles seeing them. Dadda looks on angrily. Shuklain goes to him. She says your disgusting face always torments me, I m not able to sleep in my room alone, today I got a sign from Lord, I was afraid that Krishna would leave, just she can end a demon like you, even you must have understood, she isn’t bahu, she isn’t Radhe’s wife officially, Radhe kept a fast for her, he risked his life for her, Krishna’s prayers saved Radhe, Krishna has kept fast for Radhe without telling anyone. She recalls checking Krishna’s room and finding sargi basket. She says Krishna will defeat you, Krishna and Radhe are connected, you can’t separate them.

Radhe promises Krishna that he will take her to London. Krishna and Radhe get angry on Shuklain. Everyone scolds Shuklain.

Update Credit to: Amena

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