Siddhi Vinayak 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Urvashi helps Siddhi and Prachi

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Siddhi Vinayak 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi says it is good though. It is good to kill the guy who eats your head daily. There wont be any problem then! Manjari slaps her. How dare you say that about him? He is safe. I have only shifted him. It isn’t right to keep him at one place. He tried escaping from there and has even seen the faces of my men so I have switched his place.

Flashback shows different goons (with their faces covered) giving Shankar and injection and then shifting him to another hideout. Manjari calls Kabir who puts the phone on speaker. She tells the old goon to let Kabir handle the matter now. I have transferred money in your account. Leave. The goon agrees. Flashback ends.

Manjari tells Urvashi that Shankar is her husband. I love him. You wouldn’t understand as you have made it your business. I only got him kidnapped as I don’t want my grandson to be born inside the 4 walls of a prison!

Siddhi heaves a sigh of relief. She tells Vin that Papa ji is fine. I will bring him to you very soon. Rajvir leaves to try finding the new hideout location.

Kabir is looking at Gauri’s photos. It’s been so many days since I spoke to her. I roamed everywhere but I have not seen someone like her! I will call her again to see if she remembers me. He calls Gauri. She smiles hearing his voice and talks seductively to him again.

Manjari is worried because of both Manjari and Siddhi. I think I will have to think of some new idea.

Upstairs, Urvashi holds the vase angrily. I know that she does not wish to kill Shankar as she wants to threaten me too. She was just giving random lectures about love! She shakes it angrily before going.

Prachi tells Siddhi that her plan is going in the right direction.

Downstairs, Manjari is brainstorming as to what she should do. I will be fine after drinking a few pegs. She heads upstairs.

Manjari is in the corridor. Siddhi tells Prachi that Urvashi is trapped in her plan now. She has taken advantage of us till now. It is our turn now. It is the hidden microphone in Ma’s room which has helped us so much. We have been able to find out about Ma’s plans till now because of that only. Both Ma and Urvashi are smart players. One thief does not trust another thief. Ma will never tell the entire thing to Ma. I am sure she will try some to gain Vin’s property some other way too. Prachi and Siddhi hear some sound and realize that someone might be outside. Siddhi steps outside to check but does not see anyone. Why did I feel as if someone was eavesdropping? I have be very careful. I cannot make any mistake after coming so far.

Kabir is looking at Gauri’s photos. Manjari calls and asks him about Shankar’s wellbeing. He assures her he is fine. She tells him to make sure that the fan is on. He needs both fan and AC. He falls ill otherwise. Kabir shares that the fan isn’t working. She agrees to send one tomorrow itself and ends the call. Kabir finds it strange. He takes her name loudly.

Gauri gives palak juice and milk to Urvashi but she is not keep. Urvashi reminds her that she wanted to eat something else. Urvashi complains to Manjari. Please make something spicy for me. I am feeling like eating Amti. Manjari agrees to make it tomorrow but Urvashi retorts that she does not are either about her or her baby. Prachi says I wonder how Mummy ji handles her. Manjari tells Urvashi that she needs Kundra Mansion as much as she needs her. You have no worth outside. I am bearing you only for the sake of my Rudra’s son. It does not mean you will sit on my head. Eat whatever Gauri has made for you. Urvashi thinks Manjari has shown her true colors. Siddhi was right. Manjari only cares about Rudra’s baby.

Next morning, Manjari orders a guy to send the fan at this particular address. She tears the address in small pieces and throws in her room’s dustbin. Prachi has heard her talking about an address. It might be where Chacha ji has been kept. We might find out about him if we get the papers.

Siddhi gives Prasad to the servant to offer in Siddhi Vinayak temple. Urvashi comes and starts cooking herself. Siddhi says your MIL does not care about you. I thought she will fulfil your every need as you are giving her her grandson but I don’t think it will ever happen. Urvashi asks her what she should do. Urvashi says I told you already. Help me find where Papa ji is. Do it bit smartly this time. It will benefit you only. You also know you wont stay here for long. You will be thrown out of here in no time. Urvashi asks her what she should do. There is no point you supporting Manjari Ma. Urvashi retorts that even you wont help her. Papa ji will throw me out of this house the moment he comes back! Siddhi agrees to let her stay in the house if she will help her find Papa ji. I will also make him put half of the property in the name of your baby. Urvashi smiles thinking Siddhi is a fool. She is giving me half of the property. I will take the rest of the part in no time. Prachi comes there and tells Siddhi that she has found out a big secret.

Kabir is sitting in front of the fan and talking to Gauri. She asks him to meet her. I am missing you very much. He says the same. I am on duty so cannot come. She asks him what duty is he on. She notices Prachi and Urvashi talking and gets thinking. She ends the call. They are surely up to something.

Urvashi comes to Manjari’s room stealthily. She picks the pieces of paper from the dustbin and hides them in her saree. She turns and finds herself facing Manjari. Manjari asks her what she is doing here. Urvashi looks at Siddhi and Prachi standing outside the door. Siddhi points at the table. Urvashi says I gave to give you Amti. I made it especially for you. Manjari is surprised to hear that she has cooked it. Urvashi says I have started to feel the motherly love. I can understand the pain you felt after losing your son. Manjari tells her to do this drama in front of someone else. Urvashi does some drama and pretends to cry. She walks out of the room. Siddhi thinks Manjari Ma did her first mistake. We have the address of the hideout now. It wont take long for us to find out where Papa ji is.

Precap: Rajvir, Prachi, Siddhi and Urvashi join the pieces and find the address. Siddhi leaves to find Shankar. Manjari comes to Vin’s room. She dips his fingers in the bowl filled with hot water. Your wife has played enough games with me! I will take your thumb impression today on the property papers. There is a movement in Vin’s other hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode…?I think Manjari may heard their conversation. So why she is acting like this all.poor Papa ji…?

  2. Waiting for tonight episode… Manjari is trapped Siddhi again… hope Vinu will see/hear everything…???

  3. Summer

    Thanks Pooja for a speedy and detailed update! Manjari time is coming to an end and her luck is running out! So glad Vin gets to hear it from the horses’ mouth, about time too! I hope Shankar is saved, I do not believe Manjari loves Shankar, if anything she loves no one more than herself! I hope Shankar learns the truth that Rudra was never his son and that his wife was unfaithful.

  4. Summer

    Loving the bond between Rajbir, Prachi and Siddhi, so much nicer seeing them play a positive role. They make a good team!

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