Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 13

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Jasmine, Anu and Tanshi.



Arjun in his room. His mobile rings, he picks the call.

Arjun: hello jeju.

Yuvi: hi Arjun. What about my wife? Is she fine?

Arjun: me too human being only and also i am on your side. But you not even care to ask me whether i am fine or not.

Yuvi(shrugs): sorry Arjun. Ok tell me. How are you?

Arjun: how i will be fine, if i still in touch with you means?

Yuvi: why? what happened? Whether Mahi scold you for  speaking with me?

Arjun: no. She scold me because of you only. But the reason is your sudden absence.

Yuvi(confused): what?

Arjun: yeah jeju. From that day when you didn’t come to temple to today she was upset. You increase it more by disconnect the call when she spoke to you for the first time.

Yuvi: when she spoke with me?

Arjun: an hour before you called me na.she is the one who picked the call.

Yuvi: really? Oh wow.

Arjun: don’t be happy. She warned me to tell you this.

Yuvi: what?

Arjun: hereafter if you come infront of her, she will kill you. Because now a days you are not care to see her and also you disconnected the call.

Yuvi: Arjun it’s not my mistake. On that day suddenly my bhai sent me to Delhi to stay with his in laws. Also it’s my sister who disconnects the call.

Arjun: she is in full temper now.

Yuvi: please tell to her Arjun to forgive me.

Arjun: haan jeju.

Yuvi: Arjun wait. If she got angry, when i didn’t care about her means

Arjun(shouts with smile): she falls for you.

Yuvi(jumps in joy): really?

Arjun: now she is angry on you.

Yuvi: atleast she has some kind of feelings for me na. Arjun tell to her really what happened.

Arjun: i will tell her. But this is last time after to this i won’t help you. You should speak with her.

Yuvi: okay ok. Now you go and speak with her.

Arjun: ok, Bye.


Laksh: Yash told me Mr. Varma’s mobile is not reachable.

Aji: then what we will do now?

Vish: We should enquire about him in hospital.

Laksh: Bhabi why we shouldn’t enquire in his home?

Vish: problem is we don’t know his address. Even aunty too don’t know about him except his name.

Aji: then we will ask Yash to enquire about him in hospital.

Laksh: he should be careful. No one should got any doubt on him.


Bela and Swara where speaking with their husbands.

Bela: I miss you Mahir.

Mahir: i too miss you sweet heart.

Bela: just 3 to 4 days.

Mahir: Shall i come there?

Bela: no, it is a punishment for you. You didn’t accompany me na.

Swara: i love you Sanskar.

Sanskar: when you will come?

Swara: soon.

Sanskar: what about aunty and uncle?

Swara: they are fine.

Ragini: see mom, this idiot Laksh didn’t make a single call to me.

Janaki(smiles): he will be busy beta.

Ragini: even Mahir jeju and Sanskar jeju are busy. But see they are always wish to speak with them.

Yuvi: you stopped me from speaking with Mahi na. That’s why God give punishment to you

Ragini(surprised): Mahi?

Yuvi explained everything to her. Ragini forget about Laksh and chat with Yuvi.

Shekar: see Janaki still she is childish. Only child will forget about one thing when it got another.

Both are happy to see their daughters happy life.


Everyone had dinner and went to bed. Adi went near to zoya’s room. Noor stops him.

Noor: bhai your room is that side.

Adi murmurs she is telling me as if i don’t know.

Noor: what?

Adi: i know Noor, i came gere to study with Zoya.

Noor(giggles): without books?

Adi(curses her inside): my books are already in her room only. Will you give way to me?

He left that place as soon as possible. Noor eyes him suspiciously.

Adi enters the room silently. Zoya is sleeping. She covere her face with blanket. Adi removes the blanket and mesmerised by seeing her innocent face.

Adi: wow beautiful. This is the time for lovers.

He tries to wake her by calling her name. But she is in deep sleep. He shook her body. She wake with sudden jerk. Adi covers her mouth with his fingers.

Both share an eye lock. While he  takes his fingers, it caressed her lips. She got goosebumps. Then both come to real world.

Zoya: what are you doing here now?

Adi: this is our first night na. I wish to spend it with you.

Zoya(shocked): what?

Adi: i mean as a lovers this is our first night. Always thinking about that.

Zoya: Aaadii.

Adi: just for fun.

He sit near to zoya in her cart. Both sit with folded legs. Adi holds her hand.

Zoya: what do you want now?

Adi(murmurs): i want so many things from you.

Zoya: what?

Adi: again just for fun. I just want to hold your hands like this forever.

Zoya smiles. She places her head on his shoulder. Soon Zoya fell asleep.

Then Adi place her in bed comfortably and cover her with blanket. He kissed her forehead and left to his room.

– to be continued.


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  1. Tanshi

    Wowwwww superb!!!!!! Adiya moments r good and cute??

  2. Wow another fantastic episode.the conversation btw arjun and yuvi was nice.sekhar house scenes was good.adiya scene was romantic. Adi is becoming so naughty…adi ‘s response to noor was funny.

  3. Jasminerahul

    arjun yuvi talking about mahis anger n mahi’s feelings for yuvi was nice.yuvi asking arjun about his wife. .I am mahi yuvi’s wife?hope they will be able to trace varma soon.nice to see behir swasan talking .ha ha.yuvi saying that its god’s punishment for her was funny n natural.shekar’s comment on ragini comparing her to child was realistic. adi noor part was hilarious.adiya scene was so romantic. dialogues were also romantic. perfect pics

    1. Anuva

      Mahi is not Yuvi’s wife. He just call her lover as wife.

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