Siddhi Vinayak 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Siddhi’s fails in finding Shankar

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Siddhi Vinayak 7th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi receives location from the goon. I am going to the location with Rajvir to bring Papa ji. They turn and see Manjari staring at them. They get tensed and move closer to her but Manjari is staring ahead blankly. Siddhi double checks and closes her eyes. They help her lie down. Prachi says she even tries waking in her sleep. How cunning is she! Prachi messes her makeup. Siddhi hides her smile. I am going to find Papa ji. You handle everything here. My Plan B starts now. Prachi nods. Siddhi and Prachi watch Urvashi giving instructions to Gauri to take good care of Aai. Siddhi does thumbs up towards Urvashi. Gauri is irked with Urvashi for shooting instructions at her. You too can do all this. Urvashi shrugs. Reporters enter just then. Gauri goes to wake up Manjari. Siddhi worries that Manjari Ma might find out the truth if Gauri Bhabhi will wake her up just now. Do something to stop her. She goes to her room and gives the phone to Rajvir. She tells Vin to take care of himself till she is back. I am going to bring a surprise for you. Rajvir suggests her to stay with Vin but she wants to bring Papa ji first. There is someone with me who I trust very much. I will call you in case I need and you can come with Police then. Rajvir nods. Siddhi escapes from the garden area.

Gauri is taken aback to see Manjari’s hideous makeup. Manjari does not let her anything and rushes out of the room. Gauri wonders what she should do to stop Chachi ji.

Reporters are getting impatient. Urvashi suggests them to have something till the time Manjari comes. They are stunned to see Manjari as she descends the stairs. They hide their smile. She asks them why are staring at her as if they saw something strange. A reporter asks Manjari about her face. Urvashi notices Prachi smiling and peeking at them. She realises that it must be Prachi and Siddhi’s idea. Manjari happily sit down to give interview. A reporter asks her how she still looks so happy when her son is in coma. Manjari replies that she dresses like this every day so whenever her son wakes up, he should be happy and say that I should always stay happy like this. Another guy asks her why she needs makeup. She replies that she is doing it for Vin’s sake only. I am Superstar’s mom and I am paying for the same. There is a lot of pain inside me. They take their leave. Manjari is excited that she will be the talk of the town tomorrow morning. There will be big pictures of me in the papers and news! Gauri shakes her head.

The goons are playing when there is a knock at the door. Siddhi enters wearing a burqa and asks them to guide her to an address. I will do whatever you will ask me to do. The goons get tempted. She points the phone at them. They recognize it to be the same address. She removes the veil off her face and they recognize her.

Manjari screams in shock as she looks at the mirror. Rajvir and Prachi laugh hearing the commotion on the phone. Manjari asks Gauri how dare she do this to her. Gauri says I cannot dare to do it. Makeup was so good. Manjari vows to find out who did this to her. You wont be seen near Kundra Mansion if this happens again! She sends her away. Urvashi reminds her to do something about the press first or her photos will be out. Manjari panics.

The goons try to attack Siddhi but Sheila steps forward. Her goons catch hold of Manjari’s goons but Shankar is missing. Sheila asks them about Shankar but they are clueless. She threatens to kill them but they know nothing about Shankar’s whereabouts. Siddhi is worried as to how she will find out about Shankar now. I know nothing else. Sheila tells her that he was just transferred to another place. He will be safe. Go home. Sheila warns the goons not to tell any of this to his Boss. They swear on it.

Prachi asks Siddhi where Shankar will be. Rajvir tells her to speak slowly. She says I am worried for Chacha ji. What if Chachi ji has killed him? Siddhi tells her not to say so. He will be fine. Prachi says I hope it is true. Chachi ji has killed so many people already. We cannot trust her! Siddhi says he is Chachi ji’s husband. She wont let anything happen to him. I have seen their love since childhood. They were the famous lovebirds. I am sure she cannot harm him. Rajvir agrees but wants to make sure it is true. Siddhi tells Prachi to keep a tab on the audio line to find some clue.

Manjari is getting back to back calls regarding her interview. She tells everyone not to post it anywhere. She receives a call from her goon and asks him if he has taken care of Shankar. The goon agrees. Siddhi, Rajvir, Prachi and Urvashi are shocked to hear it. Urvashi stares at Manjari in shock. Did you kill Shankar?

Precap: Manjari is in the corridor. Siddhi tells Prachi that Urvashi is trapped in her plan now. She has taken full advantage of her till now. It is my turn now. Ma has tried gaining control of Vin’s property many times. Now I will stop her in my style. Prachi and Siddhi hear some sound and realise that someone might be outside. Siddhi steps outside to check.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode… ?but if Siddhi had found Papa ji then it would be very interested to watch… hope she will find him soon… Manjari’s scene is so funny…??

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode…?

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