Nimki Mukhiya 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update

Nimki Mukhiya 7th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki and Abhi by mistake at kulfi with drink. They are both drunk.
Mono and Tune play slingshot. It hits Mauha. Tune says it was my fault. He cleans her eyes. Mono says oh this is why you asked me to go inside. Mauha says stop let me tell you… Tune holds her hand and says let me go. She says I have work. Mauha says you want Nimki to spend tine with BDO right? You could never say no to ice cream. He says yes. She says yes Nimki should spend time with Abhi. Tune says soon they will be signing songs together.

Nimki says what an amazing kulfi. I want to kiss the kulfi man. Take my photos. She dances around. Abhi takes her photos. They dance together on tu khench meri photo. Babbu sees them together.

Annaro’s brother comes. Dablo says sit have sweets. Annaro says eat sweets. He says Sheela is going to be mother. I will be grandfather. He says Sweeti when are you giving us good news? Make my sister daughter in law. Rekha says she isn’t well. Rekha says no Ritu isn’t good enough. Ritu says you should have kids first. Dablo says talk about other things. He says I hope its a girl. Sweetii says why? Your generations are born by girls then why do you run away from girls? He says where is babbu? Annaor says his life is ruined by Tettar. He was married to that GHat tola’s nimki. Babbu comes in drunk and says no one will take Nimkis name again. No one will take her name in this house. Annaro says what happened? rekha says uncle brought a proposal for you. Babbu says I wanna get married. Bring the proposal. I will show her my wife. She was dancing with him in front of me. I will marry the girl twice.

Scene 2
Everyone looks at Nimki. She is on the bed sleeping. Nimki wakes up she says where am I? Ramla says in your house. This is your father. She says my papa… Who are you. She says to Mauha you look exactly like my sister. Nimki dances here and there. Ramla says where were you? She says I was dancing with ABhi and that Babbu was taking my photos. Mauha says he will get another chance to defame you. Nimki says I will show him I can have fun. Tune says why didn’t you get me kulfi. She says why didn’t you come? She says I was dancing with Abhi. Ramla says what is she saying. Ram says Abhi couldn’t notice either. Ram says why didn’t you go? Tune says so that Nimki and Abhi.. Nimki says what?

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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