Siddhi Vinayak 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra turns out to be Vin’s brother

Siddhi Vinayak 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi’s dupatta catches fire while running towards the door but she is unaware of it. Someone is shown walking inside Kundra House. Siddhi closes her eyes. Please don’t let any problem come in my life after today. Ganpati Bappa Morya. She starts doing aarti of Rudra unknowingly. She opens her eyes and is shocked to see him. He looks at her and then at his doll. He thinks of the last time he had seen her and lets go of the doll. It breaks into pieces. Siddhi is taken aback. Siddhi notices the fire and pulls her dupatta away. He pulls her towards him. She withdraws her hands and steps back while he douses the fire using his feet. She covers herself with her dupatta. Rudra says sorry to her. I couldn’t stop myself after seeing the fire. She says sorry about the doll. He tells her not to worry about it. It was of glass and I don’t mind it at all. It is an auspicious sign. She asks him who he is and what he wants. He says I got what I wanted except Vin Kundra. She welcomes him inside. Rudra looks at the house. He sits on a sofa and sips water. He does not take his eyes off Siddhi. She keeps looking at the door.

Vin enters just then. Siddhi rushes to hug him. They share a warm hug. Rudra looks on unhappily. Siddhi tells Vinu how she too felt like she was in jail with him. Now both of us are free. Ia m so happy. He gives credit to her for his freedom. Now I will be your slave my entire life. She hits him playfully and hugs him again. Rudra drops the glass angrily. Vin notices him and remembers his duel in jail with him. Before Siddhi can tell him anything, Vin charges at Rudra. How dare you come here? He hits Rudra. Rudra says I dint come here on my own. My fate has brought me here. Vin says your fate is very bad then. I still haven’t calmed down. You think you will try to kill me and I will sit quietly? Rudra takes his seat again. Manjari wonders why he is here. Hope he wont ruin my plans! Rudra says you took my life. Vin vows to avenge for his brother’s wounds. Siddhi makes him let go of Rudra. Shankar asks Vin what he is doing. Who is he? Rudra asks Shankar if he recognized him. I am the son of this house and you are my father! Manjari thinks he will spoil her plan. Shankar calls it rubbish. Who is he? Rudra says you called my truth rubbish. What you did with me was actually the wrong that you did! You gave me birth but you cheated me. You donated me in the temple. Do you remember now or shall I tell you? You donated your younger son to save your elder son Vin when he fell ill. I am that younger son and my name is Rudra! Kundra family looks on confused. Rudra adds that Shankar told everyone Rudra is dead. Vin tells him to stop his nonsense.

Siddhi stops Vin from hurting Rudra again. Rudra challenges him to hit him again. Are you tired already brother? Vin tells him he wont let a guy like him even call him an enemy. Get out! Rudra calls Shankar Papa. You dint answer. Vin asks Shankar to tell the truth. Say it once and then I will throw him behind bars myself. Manjari and Siddhi question Shankar. Rudra shares that he donated his two day old baby in the Mattha. He dint even come back to see if I was alive or not but I survived. Vin tells Rudra it isn’t true. He calls him bad names for which Rudra gives credit to Shankar. Siddhi asks Shankar to say something. Vin too asks his Papa ji to tell the truth. He asks Shankar again and again to tell Rudra that he is lying. Shankar ends up admitting that Rudra is speaking truth. Kundra family is stunned. Shankar adds that he donated him in a Mattha in Punjab when he was born. He apologizes to Manjari. Vin’s health deteriorated when you went in labour pain. Doc said that Vin wont survive for more than 24 hours. I panicked and went to a Baba ji. He asked me to hand over my other baby in the Mattha. I couldn’t think of anything else. I gave him in the Mattha and lied to everyone that he was born dead. Baba ji named him Rudra. Rudra asks everyone if they know what kind of a man Shankar Kundra is. He told everyone I am dead and they accepted. I only want to know what my fault in any of this was. Why did you let me live a life like that? Vin says what proof do you have which states that you are the same kid donated by Papa ji in Mattha. Shankar recalls that Baba ji had put a trident around his son’s neck. He asks Rudra to show it. Vin checks his neck but there is nothing. Rudra shows his hand instead. Do you remember it? Shankar nods.

Manjari confronts Shankar. You said such a big lie to me? Till now I cried thinking I gave birth to a still born baby but my son is alive. She goes to Rudra. You dint do the right thing Shankar! Rudra tells her not to waste tears. Manjari thinks I am doing the right thing. He will ruin everything. Rudra asks Manjari where she was when he was in problem. A mother’s soul is attached to her son. Why dint you feel my pain ever? It is because you were wasting all your love on your stepson! Vin pulls him by his collar. How dare you call me a stepson? Enough of drama! Leave. Rudra agrees to go but first asks him to ask his Ma if he lied. Manjari goes quiet. Vin asks Manjari to tell Rudra he is lying. I am your son right? Manjari hugs him. To me, you are more than my own son! Vin is stunned. I am not your son? Entire Kundra family is taken aback.

Precap: Rudra says till now Vin was living my life. You are the reason of my ruined childhood. He was living my happiness while I was in pain. Now everything will change. Now it will happen as per my wish!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. Shivam should have been manjiri’s son. For her, finding that out after killing him with her own hands would have been the best punishment ever… The writers missed a great opportunity. Rudra is a pointless character.

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