Kumkum Bhagya 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi gets hurt seeing King-Pragya’s dance

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The Episode starts with Pragya telling Disha that she can’t agree to Suwarni Dadi’s wish and tells that she can’t return back home. She says this is not practical. Disha says everyone of us need you and tells that she felt good when she saw her coming. She says they are living in fear and asks her to return. Pragya says how to return, and tells that Abhi is married to Tanu. And I am also married now. Disha says I don’t know about your equation with your husband, but Abhi and Tanu don’t have….just then Mitali and Tai ji come there and call them to play a game. Disha thinks how to tell you that Tanu and Abhi’s relation are just a compromise. King talks to Robin and asks since when he is here? Robin says he is here since Abhi became a rockstar. He says my cousin John is your fan. King poses selfie with them. Aaliya thinks he is not leaving even Servants and stamps on his foot. She then taunts him. King comes to her and stamps on her foot, says what goes around comes back to you. Aaliya thinks to make him rat.

Taya ji says Mitali was telling something. Mitali says she thought of a game in which we will know how much a husband and wife know about each other. King comes there and asks did you see Pragya? Mitali says she is here. King says if she is Pragya and says the Pragya I know smiles when I call her. Pragya smiles. King says today came to know that Pragya likes my songs and says his well wisher told him. Abhi gets sad. Jag sona sona plays.

Aaliya thinks she dislikes Pragya and King. She tells Tanu that she took revenge on King and then he also took revenge on her. Tanu asks her to beware. Aaliya says Pragya’s smile is not less than chilli. Tanu says even I feel that I did a mistake by calling her. King tells that he wants to dance with Pragya. He promises that he will dance good than Abhi and Tanu. Abhi gets sad. Song plays….Servant talks to Kiara and Sunny. She says she was showing house to Sunny. Tarun comes and says he got the duty to handle them. Pragya and King go to dance floor and dance. Sukoon mila hain song plays….Aaliya says rapper is dancing well. Tanu says you are praising King. Aaliya says yes. Abhi gets upset seeing them dancing. Pragya swirls and falls on Abhi. They have Allah Wariyan moment.

King asks Pragya are you alright. Pragya says yes. Abhi thanks her for coming to his party and dancing. King says it was my mistake. Abhi says how much you love each other and asks Pragya to sit. King asks her to sit and holds her hand. Abhi asks him to leave her hand and looks angry.

Pragya tells Disha that Abhi had invited King and shouldn’t have disrespected him. Abhi hears her and tells Purab that he will talk to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Dragging

  2. So the Allah Wariyan moment is Ekta the drug dealer giving the addicts to Abhigya a tiny little dose to keep them in hope. Otherwise the usual fare of interruptions to conversations and the two silly b*tchs behaving like three year old monsters. You know, if they took the bun off of Tanu’s hair then she wouldn’t look like a snake coming out of a silver bag. Too much height in the hairdo. Mind you, if they had used a softer more flowing material for the dress then it wouldn’t look like a bag. But you see, the characters are supposed to look dumb, infantile and kinda’ stupid, that is the two you know whats. Ekta’s own limitations continue to show through. How long is it going to take for Pragya to find out about Tanu’s ‘marraige’. When will Abhi finally first punish Aliyah and Tanu, kick them out penniless and shame them in public. Pragya would be the stupidest woman in the world if she even considered returning to the Mehra house. She would be putting herself and her child in danger. It’s good that King shows the possibility of giving punishment where it is wholly deserved. Tanu and Aliyah need to be removed from this show. With severe humiliation. With any luck Ekta may have matured her thinking through that (big round of laughter…she’s busy looking for her next date. this one’s ending) and actually instructed her writers to stop creating dangerous theatrics which truly belong to people under the age five. Children who should be removed from their parents lack of care. She does this to try and sell the demons on the show and the normalisation of abusive psychopathic behaviour. At least the aliya character had enough of the evil…. when her role suddenly softened a tiny bit . Perhaps though, the Aliyah character would welcome even more evil because her cast mate Tanu toy had a rise in her profile playing the poor little hurt girl. I don’t know. The actress who plays Aliyah seems to have a little more ‘class’ than the actress who plays the s*xy Kitten Toy. Did the Toy protest at her role. Doesn’t look that way. And Ekta the Manipulative Monster has the anger flowing from viewers right on cue…and from some of us hysterical derisive laughter at the level of the playing field that Ekta employs.

  3. Leisa s morris

    Y do i have d feeling dat ekta wants to pair king and aliyah d 30 someting yr old virgin.

    1. You’d think the character Aliyah would sell her virginity on the internet. It’s a real thing now. I hope King isn’t stupid enough to think that a psychopath who’s ideas belong to a three year old is an attractive option. But because it is disgusting , it is likely on Ekta’s production play-list.

    2. exactly. i had that same thought. all those unnecessary scenes btw them and the way aaliya cmnts or in a way ‘praises’ king during the dance… i got irritated and nothing else. i would never agree if ekta tries doing sth like that. who knws, maybe ekta really wants to do what i think she wants. but i hope king doesnt settle for that cheap woman. i really hope.

    3. My thoughts exactly

  4. I read somewhere that king will join with Aaliyah and tanu to separate abhi and pragya

  5. There isn’t any possible reason that could justify why abhi married tanu!! ??like I don’t care if it was because the world depended on it, it’s the ultimate betrayal to pragya. As much as I like abhigya, abhi doesn’t deserve pragya, he’s a whiny sob. It does seem that ekta is pushing aliyah to king…. Maybe she ought to bring back nikhil for that homewrecker tanu. Why after all these years pragya allows tanu and aliyah’s condescending and bullying attitude.

    1. I can’t wait for the reveal that kiara is pragya and Abhi’s daughter

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