Siddhi Vinayak 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi and Gauri’s next plan of action

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Siddhi Vinayak 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gauri hides the cloth / cotton under the duvet. Manjari asks her to leave the room. Gauri complies. Manjari asks Siddhi why she went to her room. Siddhi lies she dint go to her room at this hour. Manjari tells her not to act smart. you came in my room to scare me. You are behind all this. Why? Siddhi acts innocent. Manjari stays put. Using blood, you wrote on the mirror that Vaibhavi is back. No one apart from you knows about Vaibhavi’s death. Do you think I am a fool? Who else can do this? She demands to see Siddhi’s hands or otherwise she will call out to everyone and prove how she tried to prove she is mad. One hand is clean. Manjari checks her other hand. That is also clean. Siddhi smiles. I told you there is nothing. Are you satisfied now? Manjari leaves in a huff. Siddhi heaves a sigh

of relief. She looks at the red coloured water in the vase and recalls cleaning them while talking to Manjari.

Manjari collides with Rudra. She scolds him for not being careful. He instead asks her as to why she is roaming around in the corridor at this hour like a ghost? She says why everyone is talking about ghosts today. You anyways don’t care. You only care about Siddhi. I haven’t done anything for you after all! I just spent my money lavishly to get you out of jail. I dint do much. Spend all your time on Siddhi. He feeds her juice. I can do anything for you. Just get me Siddhi. I will then become the best son! I will follow your every word. She takes him with her to her room. You cannot deny that I gave birth to you. I would like to tell you something as your mother. Ravan kidnapped Sita and everyone tried to make him understand it is a sin but he dint agree. It was like becoming enemy with Gods. You know the rest. Hope you got the message. Stop thinking about Siddhi. He laughs. Why do you worry? Just wait and watch. This time Ramayana will be twisted according to my wish. This time Ravan’s enemy will have to die. I will then have both Sita and Lanka! She tries to say something but he advises her to rest or ghosts will come.

Next morning, Vin is watching football match. Siddhi asks him why he isn’t getting ready. He asks her to move aside. I don’t have to go anywhere. My shoot is cancelled for the day. He makes her sit down. I got chance to spend time with Rudra. Siddhi is in a fix. How will I scare Ma if Vinu and Rudra will stay at home? Vin plans to sit and drink with Rudra. He will surely listen to me and understand as well. It will just be you and me at night. He kisses her on the forehead. He sits down to watch the match again. Siddhi gets thinking. How to send him out of the house? I wont be able to do anything if he will stay at home.

Manjari is drinking water when she hears someone taking Vaibhavi’s name. Lights start flickering and the windows start moving in super fast speed. Manjari looks panicked. Gauri comes there asking for Vaibhavi. Manjari asks her who Vaibhavi is. Gauri says I was calling our new servant Vaibhav. I was calling him only. Vaibhav comes there. Manjari scolds him for keeping such a bad name. Who kept this name? He replies that his mother named him Vaibhav and his sister’s name is Vaibhavi. Manjari scolds him. I don’t like this name. Either he should change his name or leave. Gauri sends him. She thinks this plan worked. I should tell Siddhi now.

Siddhi is thinking as to how to send Vin and Rudra away. Gauri joins her. Siddhi tells her about Vin’s plan for the day. Gauri tells her about Manjari’s condition. Siddhi does not want Ma to think of anything. We must not give her time or she will realise its a sham. You have to see a video to make sure it happens. Gauri asks about the video. Prachi remarks that Gauri and Siddhi are talking a lot these days. Something is surely up! Gauri says you cannot digest it right. Prachi says I don’t have time. Gauri asks her what she and her husband are up to these days. You guys don’t even return home these days. Prachi suggests her to focus on getting Manvir out of jail. Siddhi reprimands her for not supporting her own people when they really need your support. Prachi taunts her instead for supporting outsiders. Prachi walks away. Siddhi apologizes to Gauri on Prachi’s behalf. Gauri tells her it is ok. You both don’t seem to be real sisters at all. Plus, you just said she does not realise what she says. What were you saying about the video?

Siddhi shows her Vaibhavi’s videos and asks her to enact like Vaibhavi. Gauri declines. I will be caught even if I try. Siddhi assures her she wont let anything happen to her. I will stand between you and death. We must not let deceit win. Gauri asks her what they are going to do. We will be in big trouble if Vin and Rudra stay at home. Siddhi gets an idea.

Prachi and Rajvir are shooting. The dialogues are really cheesy.

Siddhi tells Dadi she cannot come for the movie. Vin is on holiday and he wants to spend time with Rudra. Vinu and I are busy. We wont be able to come tonight. I am very sorry. Rudra and Vin overhear her conversation. Vin asks Siddhi why she is arguing with Dadi. Siddhi tells him that Dadi has booked 2 tickets for action movie. You know I don’t like action movies. Why don’t you and Rudra go to see that movie? You both will spend some time together this way. Vin agrees. Rudra also agrees. He thinks it would be a great time to spend some time with Siddhi in dark. Vin tells Dadi they will come. Siddhi thanks Vin for saving her. Vin asks Rudra to change. Siddhi thinks I wanted the house empty to expose Ma.

Precap: Manjari tells Siddhi not to try and scare her using Vaibhavi’s name. Your game is up. She leans down the balcony a bit while trying to catch hold of Siddhi and sees a body lying near the fountain. Who is there if you are here? Vaibhavi? She looks down scared.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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