Porus 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Injures Alexander

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Ambhi raj tricks Anusya and gets her into trap. Soldiers surround Anusiya into a barrier. Aambhi raj then asks her to seek forgiveness, he may forgive his sister. She says she does not need forgiveness from and traitor and will show what a Takshahila’s daughter can do, soon her husband would be reaching here to get her out of this trap. Ambhi raj taunts even now she is expecting her husband’s help. Anusuya says she alone will show what a Takshashila daughter can do to traitors. Bamni rushes on horse with soldiers. An injured soldier informs that Ambhi raj has trapped Anusuya in a circle trap. Bamni says soldiers they have to attack from all sides if they want to break the trap.

Alexander and Puru continue their fight on other side. Alexander injures Dasyu raj. Puru gets worried

for Dasyu raj and angrily heads towards Alexander. Alexander shouts it is time for Puru and his family to leave this world. Puru says it is time to kick out all intruders out of his country.

Anusuya challenges Ambhi raj to send his army, she will show how she will kill them into pieces. Soldiers attack her, and she kills them all. Soldeirs continue attacking. Laachi tries to break barrier from outside, but unable to. She sees senapati with army and asks him if he can break this trap. He says he cannot, but Bamni must be knowing, he will come here anytime. Laachi says till then they should handle situation here.

Anusuya continues killing soldiers. One of them hits her from behind. Bamni feels it and calls Anusuyaa. Puru also feels it. Alexander injures his hand. Puru falls down horse and gets up. Alexander walks towards him. Soldiers continue injuring Anusuya. Anusuya challenges Ambhi that her son and husband will come and rescue her from here and teach traitor Ambhi raj a lesson. Ambhi raj shouts he is not a traitor, his loyalty is towards Takshashila, if she had not married enemy Bamni, he would not have befriended Alexander. Anusuya gets severely injured.

Puru injures Alexander’s horse. Horse falls down injured. Alexander walks towards Puru shouting Poruss. A bomb hits him and he falls down afar away. Cletius gets afraid. Puru walks towards Alexander. Cletius shoots arrow and it hits Puru’s shoulder. Puru pulls it out and walks towards them when Dasyu raj stops him and says they can force Alexander to back off now as Alexander has lost most of his army, Puru should reach palace and protect Anusuyaa and Laachi…

Precap: Ambhi raj kills Anusuya. Puu returns and is shocked to see Anusuya’s dead body, he shouts Ambhi raj…

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. great superp overwhelming hot wow.

  2. This is anyhow story…The director would have shown some mercy on Anusuya.

  3. Maybe Anusuya will be revived by Chanakaya?

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