Siddhi Vinayak 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi’s greed for the riches of Kundra Mansion

Siddhi Vinayak 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari brings Siddhi to her room. Siddhi sits down in front of the mirror and removes her garland and gathbandhan. Manjari asks her if Rudra doubted her. Siddhi smiles. Manjari calls Rudra too smart. Our plan will be ruined if he gets the slightest doubt! You will have to make space for yourself in Rudra’s heart so that no one can ever replace you. You will have to come really close to each other, almost inseparable. We will tell him your truth once he is heads over heels in love with you! Siddhi nods. Manjari says now I will have to find out if Rudra has indeed fallen in her trap or if he is playing some game. Real Siddhi walks in just then saying he is indeed trapped in our plan Ma! The girl looks at Siddhi. Manjari looks at both of them. Siddhi adds that this is why Rudra married Siddhi willingly.

Now he does not want to live without her for another second. The girl removes her mask. Manjari smiles. The girl (Urvashi) says my Lavani dance is famous in entire Maharashtra. I am a junior artist. I gave the exact performance like you said. Siddhi says Urvashi got late. Flashback starts playing in the background. I had no option but to dress up in her attire. I intentionally missed out on wearing one earring. I got back upstairs on the excuse of wearing it. I took my time and Urvashi was here by then. I helped her got ready and then gave her my mask. Flashback ends.

Siddhi says Urvashi came downstairs dressed as me and married Rudra. Urvashi tells her that she also got a photo clicked by that pundit. She had removed her mask during that time (another flashback is shown) where Pundit ji clicks Rudra and Urvashi’s photo. She hurriedly hides the phone and wears her mask before Rudra can open his eyes. Siddhi checks the photos.

Rudra is drinking in his room. How long will I have to wait? I cannot take it anymore! He pours some more liquor for himself.

Vin calls Siddhi and asks about Rudra. She tells him he is fine. Vin tells her how it would have been fun if she was here too. Ma also left early. Siddhi reasons that she also had to stay back here. It was important. Eat well and then come home asap. They end the call.

Manjari removes her bangles. Hope you know what you have to do in that room! You don’t have to make any mistake! Urvashi takes the bangles happily. I do not make any mistakes ever! My performance will be set till th time you will give me 3 lacs every 3 months. She likes Manjari’s necklace and is tempted but Manjari holds her hand. You will get this money every three months till the time you will be called Rudra’s wife. You have to lure him such that he forgets Siddhi for forever! The day he refuses to accept you his wife! Urvashi completes her sentence. I know I wont get money anymore then. It wont happen though!

Manjari gives a glass of milk to Urvashi. Urvashi tells her to wait and watch how she casts her spell on Rudra. She turns to Siddhi. He will sleep with Siddhi tonight and will be mad about Urvashi by tomorrow! Where is his room? Siddhi looks at her worriedly and guides her. Urvashi looks at the mask. I am coming husband! We will celebrate first night together. Siddhi looks tensed.

Urvashi steps in Rudra’s room and is thrilled to see the huge room. Everything is so amazing here! I cannot believe I became so rich overnight! There is a lot of stuff in this house. I can start my own drama company with it! She finds a perfume there and sprinkles it over herself and the room. She enjoys the new found comforts. Manjari’s necklace keeps flashing in her mind. That would look better around my neck! She goes quiet hearing footsteps and sits down covering her face. Rudra closes the door from inside.

Siddhi reprimands Manjari for bringing such a downmarket girl for her family. I was feeling guilty! I thought some innocent girl’s life will be ruined because of all this drama but you brought a girl from nautanki itself to make her the DIL of this house! Manjari laughs saying that this way the life of an innocent girl is saved while Urvashi’s life has only become better!

Urvashi turns her face away as Rudra tries lifting the veil. He understands that she wants a gift first. She nods. He holds her hand. What do you want? I will give you whatever you will ask for? Urvashi very smartly asks for Manjari’s necklace. She addresses Manjari as Teri which surprises him. He points out how she dint call her Manjari Ma today. Anyways, I don’t care. Why are you whispering? She replies that new bride has to speak slowly. He agrees to bring it right away for her. He kisses her on her hand and goes. Urvashi is excited.

Manjari reminds Siddhi that they have joined hands only for one motive but she hasn’t forgotten what all she has been through because of her. Siddhi holds her finger. I can forget a lot many things and so will you over time but I will never forget that you tried killing Vinu! I will not forget it ever! I will surely get you punished for it one day! This is my promise. Siddhi goes. Manjari thinks there is no deal in jungle. It is only traps. Only one part of the story is over. Others are going to start now. Urvashi will be the writer. It will be fun!

Urvashi praises herself on her drama. The necklace will be mine in 2 minutes! She removes the necklace she has been wearing. 25k worth necklace does not look good around the neck of Kundra family’s DIL! 25 lacs worth necklace would suit me well!

Rudra is walking in the corridor. Siddhi is waking in the opposite direction.

Precap: Vin and Siddhi knock at Rudra’s room. Rudra does not let him in. Urvashi hides behind the door whereas Siddhi hides behind the pillar. Vin begins talking to him when he asks him if there is someone in his room. Siddhi, Rudra and Urvashi panic.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wonderful episode 🙂 really loved Siddhi’s acting!!.. Farnaz u r really done a great job as (both real and fake) Siddhi🙂😍. but I miss SidVi scene alot…

    1. Same thougt here! I was just watching the episode and admiring Farnas’s acting as Urvashi. Beautiful performance! I think this new girl will bring new troubles for Sidi, she’s too greedy….
      Big thanks for detailed translation <3

      1. Pooja

        You’re very welcome 🙂

  2. Don’t know what happening in current track.. but everyone doing the best. waiting for tomorrow episode..

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