Yeh Teri Galiyan 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Beauty asks for her right

Yeh Teri Galiyan 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan is sitting upset. Puchki says why is he always upset? He cries all the time. But don’t worry I am always there to make him laughs. Puchki tickles him. Shan laughs. He says thank you. sir would have been really mad. They play together.

Thaku ma hits Rana. Beauty says what did he do? She says how dare you lie to me? You said Puchki is dead. You showed her body to people? Then who was with shan? Her ghost. Beauty hits him and says you lied to mom? Thaku ma hits beauty and says don’t I know you? You were with him. Thaku ma says to Rana bring Puchki to me right now or i will kill you. Beauty is worried. Se says I have to get married to Neel so I can get out of here.

Scene 2
Ravindra slaps jamai and says why are you still here? Get out. Moushmi says

he is my husband. ravindra says there is no place for him in my house. He says this whole idea was.. Nevi says get out of here. How dare you respond back to sir? I can’t see people insulting sir. Get out. Dont’ say a word.
Nevi says I am ashamed because of that sin. Ravindra says he is our blood. Don’t use such words for him. I will ask him how all this happened. Nevi breaks stuff in anger.

Scene 2
Neel is on his way. Rana is in car. He hits neel. Puchki saves him. Chanda comes. Chanda says she solved Shan’s problem too. Puchki says I am your friend too. Do you have any problem? He reaclls what beauty said. Neel hugs her.

Shan hugs nevi and says I am sorry. Beauty comes. Shan says you here??, Nevi says what are you doing here? She says I want my right.
Ravnidra says what right? She says serve me first. Nevi says what are you doing? She says where are the servants? She says to servant get me juice no wine. It is much better. Ravindra says we don’t want unwanted guests like you. Nevi says why are you doing this drama? We can’t adopt all of you. She says you don’t adopt people you have a relation with. Nevi says what relation? Beauty says ask your son. Ravindra says what? She says yes ask him he gave me license to be in this house. Bring him down and ask him.

Chanda asks Neel are you worried? Can I help you? He says no nothing. Chanda asks Puchki to bring chocolates. She asks Neel what happened? He beauty.. Ravindra calls him and says come home. Beauty is here from bari. She is waiting for you. Chanda says what happened? He gets a taxi and leaves. Puchki says why did he leave? Who will eat the chocolate? Thaku ma says I will. Puchki tries to hide.
Precap- Thaku ma slaps Chanda. Nevi shoves beauty. Neel holds her. she says I wont go from here without one condition.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Are ab kb Show mai leap loge or plzzzz ye show mai Manish ko lao

  2. Plzzzzz Manish ko show mai lao ek dm bakws dekha rha hai hm sb boored ho gye hai

    1. Manish is not doing this crap anymore he has quit the show.. most pathetic writers I have ever seen…

  3. So boring now!!!!!

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