Siddhi Vinayak 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi fools Rudra again

Siddhi Vinayak 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin asks her if she is cheating him. Siddhi acts to be confused. Vin asks for details. Manjari tries to cover up but Siddhi tells her to let her tell Vin everything. He deserves to know. Vin is panicked. She says I was telling Ma to tell you what she has been planning since years. Manjari gets tensed but Siddhi ends up saying that Ma has prayed for Rudra. She wants to go to Siddhi Vinayak alone barefoot. She dint want to tell you as you will get concerned. I dint want to tell you but thought it to be cheating. Ma does not keep well these days. Should she go barefoot all by herself? Vin agrees she is right but they cannot stop Ma. Siddhi allows Manjari to fulfil her prayer. You do not have worry anymore. Manjari makes faces as she got trapped. Vin offers to go with her to which Manjari readily

agrees. He leaves.

Manjari asks Siddhi what she is up to. You are playing games with me! I understand everything. You want my feet to get sores and are sending me to Siddhi Vinayak intentionally. Siddhi insists she is doing it for her sake only. You need to do penitence for your sins too. She goes. Manjari vows to teach her a lesson once Rudra is out of the story.

Next morning, Siddhi is making laddoos. She asks the servant to bring ghee. Rudra enters and asks her what she is making. Siddhi gets alert. I was making Prasad for Bappa. He shows her the anklet which he has brought for her. I tried to put on the toe ring forcibly that day. I admit I was wrong. This time I want to put it on your feet with your permission. She stands up tensed.

Prachi gets a call. She gets to know that there is one last shoot lined up for day after tomorrow. Don’t call me again and again. I will think about it.

Rudra expresses his wish to make Siddhi wear the anklets. She is in a fix as she has to show that the powder has indeed affected her. She turns to him with a smile and gives her nod to the idea. She sits down so he can make her wear the anklet. Prachi sees them thus. What am I seeing! Siddhi withdraws her feet immediately as Rudra starts caressing them. He finds them to be like butter. Siddhi compliments the anklets. I really like the sound of anklets. She kicks him while waving her feet to hear the sound. This is the punishment to touch a girl without her permission. Rudra hides his anger. Siddhi begins to clear the besan off his face but ends up slapping him again. I am sorry. I was just trying to clean your face. Did you feel bad? I hurt you by mistake. He denies. I am going to wash my face. Siddhi looks on. You were putting anklets on my feet. Hope you enjoyed getting beaten too!

Prachi is muttering to herself. I don’t understand what’s going on in the house. Rajvir tells her to stop talking to herself. You cannot understand anything! Prachi tells him what she saw today. Rajvir says seems like everyone has gotten too much money in this house these days. Rudra is making Siddhi wear anklets and Chachi ji is giving you necklace. How did you get it? Where is it? She tells him she has kept it in locker as there as people like him in this house. Roopmati has called me to come to the shoot 2-3 times again. He nods. I too got a call. Where is the necklace anyways? She refuses to tell him but he threatens her.

Manjari, Gauri and Siddhi are drinking juice. Manjari is happy thinking that their plan is going perfectly till now. Siddhi says I don’t understand how to force Rudra to propose me. Gauri suggests arranging their wedding now. We must hurry up. Situation will become troublesome if someone observes Siddhi and Rudra’s behaviour these days. Manjari wonders what they should do. Siddhi goes as Vin calls out to her.

Siddhi reaches her room and Vin starts scolding her. You think I am mad? You think I don’t know what you are doing? She fumbles. He points out that she has lied to him. You know how much I hate lies! Don’t come near me. I know you are hiding something from me. Why are you doing this to me? What have I not given to you? She worries that he might have found out the truth. He pins her to the wall angrily. I am fed up of you and this wedding. She panics. Please tell me what happened. Vin smiles. How were my dialogues? Your expressions are telling me that you loved my acting! She hits him with pillow. I was so dead. You are enjoying. He stops her. Siddhi gets the perfect idea to implement on Rudra. She rushes out of the room. Vin shouts after her to stop. Help me practise my dialogues. She agrees to join him in a minute.

Siddhi runs up to Gauri and tells her to come along. She heads back to her room and agrees to practise the script with Vinu. We will perform it differently this time. We will do it together.

Rudra gets worried after knowing that Siddhi is crying. How can it be? I will just go and check. Gauri calls Siddhi and Siddhi tells Vin to start.

Rudra hears Vin and Siddhi arguing in loud voice. Gauri adds that they are fighting a lot nowadays. Siddhi ends up praising the brother (of the script) before Rudra and Vin. I regret the day I agreed to marry you! Vin tells her to leave him if she has so much problem with him. She agrees to leave him the moment someone proposes her. I wont even tell you. I feel like going right away! She turns to go and notices Rudra and Gauri at the door. Vin and Siddhi go speechless. Gauri points out that they were only going to living room. She whispers to Rudra that they shouldn’t come between husband and wife. Rudra takes their leave. Siddhi closes the door and kisses Vinu on the cheek. She hugs him tight. I was thinking that out fight scenes are so good. Imagine how good out romantic scenes would be! He looks at her sweetly. They share some cute romantic moments.

Gauri mumbles that Vin is such a big superstar but he behaves so badly with his wife. Siddhi is stuck with him. She needs someone who will get her out of that mess! Rudra recalls Siddhi’s words (of script). It means Siddhi is ready! He goes inside. Gauri is sure the arrow has hit the stone correctly. Rudra will propose Siddhi very soon!

Precap: Siddhi comes to her room and thinks it to be Vin. Amazing! You got ready and are wearing my favourite sherwani! She hugs him from behind. Vin calls out Rudra’s name sternly. Siddhi steps away. Rudra looks at Siddhi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Loved the episode…🙂🙂❤️ Siddhi u nailed the episode..what a kick and the slap..hahaha…superb… fantastic acting Siddhi❤️

  2. Cute SidVi scene…❤️ Eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode…

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