Bigg Boss 12 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Singles win

Bigg Boss 12 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 10
Inmates wake up to song sila ro.. sila re.. they all dance and enjoy. Deepak says to Sristy that today will be war, she laughs.

Somi says to Sristy that you are so nice, I love you much, she kisses her cheek. Kriti says Sristy will show you love. Somi hugs her. Sristy says I will show my love. Kriti says Somi you showed love yesterday, Sristy says I will return it today.

Jasleen says to Somi Deepak is separating himself, we can boycott him, Romil says he is our team member, we cant boycott him. Somi says he is clever, Sourabh says he wants to play on both sides. Jasleen says he does it everytime. Somi says I dont mind his opionions but fighting with your teammates at time of task is wrong.

Deepak is hiding things in Karan’s cupboard.

Saba is with him. Karan comes there and asks if he needs anything? Deepak says I want trimmer. Karan shows him trimmer and says its not in my cupboard.
Karan stops Deepak and asks what he was doing? Deepak says I was finding trimmer, he leaves. Karan tells Deepika and Neha about cupboard issue. Deepika says its better to not go in personal space of others.

Neha asks Karan what is our target? Karan says use water and foam, Sree says just dont give them time but give them breathing space. Karan says we can target Jasleen, he says to Sree that we dont have to give importance to Romil.
Jasleen says to Saba that they might be discussing they are not like us. Saba says they will do things for sure.
Karan says to Neha that Somi is strong.

Jasleen says to Kriti that celebrities are miffed with us, Kriti says only we have to work with them? they dont even look at us, Somi says they didnt even wish good morning. Kriti says they are behaving like we are nobody. Jasleen says I thought Deepika is nice but then she acted like my mother in law.

Karan reads that its time for singles to be pirates and snatch rings from pairs, only one from pair will sit on chair, singles will decide who will go from pair, two singles can torment a person from pair at a time. Sree will not play due to illness. Kriti and Roshmi will be refrees.
Sristy says to Deepika that this is super fair. Somi asks Romil to get ready. Sree asks if he is scared? bear what you can. Somi laughs.
Deepak hugs Shiv and says be confident. Deepika says I didnt see such fake confidence.

Sree asks Karan if he saw his trimmer? Somi says you try. Sree says I am not talking to you babe, Somi says dont call me babe. Karan asks Jasleen to talk to his team, my trimmer is missing, we can cut hair too, Jasleen says do anything you want.
Jasleen says to her team that they are playing to take revenge only.
Sree asks Deepika to choose Somi instead of Saba.

Buzzer plays, they choose Somi to sit on chair. Karan and Neha goes first. Karan says lets give you a bath, he washes her hair. Jasleen says you cant touch her. Neha and Karan pours shampoo on her. Pairs cheer for Somi. Deepak asks Somi to show what she is. Celebrities throws water on her. Sree says enough, Deepak says its a task, he hugs him and says I love you.
Kriti asks Deepika to calm down, Deepika says this is not calmly? She rubs shampoo on Somi. Saba says she is a cheap woman, Karan says what is this? Saba asks her to shut up, Saba says she is putting shampoo in her nose. Saba asks Sree to talk now, Kriti says Deepika you are doing it wrong. Deepika says you keep saying, I am not putting in her eyes. Pairs cheer for Somi. Saba asks Somi to not get up, she shouts at Deepika that dont put in her mouth, Somi bites her hand. Neha and Sristy takes over. Saba says to Deepika that this is your humanity? Jasleen says she is most cruel, Saba says she is most cruel woman. Sristy throws powder on Somi. Somi screams and gets up, all get up. Jasleen says they played a cheap game. Kriti says I was watching everything.
Deepika says I didnt do anything wrong, they said so much. Sree says just do your task and let them say anything.
Sristy says to Kriti that we were doing our task, you relax.
Deepika says to Neha that use powder and rub it.

Saba says heroine’s real face is shown, she says to Deepika that you are cheap. Somi asks her to calm down, they were not letting me breath.
Karan chooses Anup and Jasleen, he asks Jasleen to sit on chair. Saba takes powder from Sristy and empties it. Karan says you cant do it, you cant take from our hands. Saba says it was on table. Karan comes to Jasleen and says now its time to bear, he applies spices on her face.Deepika applies powder on her. Karan keeps throwing water on her face. He applies shampoo on her head. Neha fills bucket from pool, Saba stops her and says dont touch my things. Jasleen cant bear burn and gets up from chair. Jasleen says this is a cheap attack, Deepika is cruel, she throws her ring and gets down. Pairs clap for her. Kriti says boo. Deepika cries. Karan asks her to calm down, Deepika says I am not like this. Sourabh says make us cry. Deepika says dont worry, its not affecting me.

Shiv sits on chair, Kriti asks to not get up at any cost. Karan pours shampoo and water.
Deepak says to Sree that Deepika did wrong, she put hand on Somi’s mouth. Sree says if you people cant bear it then dont do it, Karan is most powerful but he wont go there. Deepak says Deepika was wrong. Sree says Somi opened her mouth and cut her tongue.
Karan and Sristy is throwing water at Shiv. Sree says if they are against us then let me do it. Deepika says no dont do anything.
Shiv screams at Karan and Neha that you are hurting my eyes, Karan says I didnt do it deliberately. Shiv gets up from chair and says you have hurt me, Karan says Neha said sorry, he asks Karan if you are man then come and take me on, he says ************. Karan says he is abusing, I am not doing it. Kriti says I can see Neha’s nail marks on Shiv, it was a physical abuse so I make Shiv win this.

Karan says to Neha that I cant do it. Sristy says to pairs that we are choosing Deepak and Urvashi and I choose URvashi. Nirmal shouts to take me. Urvashi sits on chair.
Jasleen says to Sree that they are playing badly, you will hate Deepika and Neha, you know Deepika put a hand on my mouth and didnt let me breath. She cries. Somi says be strong. Jasleen says I dont have a problem with KV and Sristy, Deepika behaved like a villain.
Sourabh asks Urvashi to be strong, Deepika pours water on her.
Shiv talks to Neha and says all ends when task ends, Neha says I am sorry if I hurt you, he hugs her.

Somi says to Saba that Deepika showed an aggression, now she is not doing anything to Urvashi showing that she is great, she wants to win and want to become great too.

Somi chants for Urvashi. Neha throws water on Urvashi, Deepika is throwing water on her too. Somi says they are showing their reality, leave a simple girl alone. Jasleen says to Shiv that Neha hit you mistakenly, Deepika should go to jail. Bigg boss says Neha’s time on chair has ended, all clap for Urvashi. Deepika taps her back. Roshmi says singles have two rings and pairs have two rings too. Bigg boss says as both team got two rings only, its a tie so we will decide who gave up rings in less time. Bigg boss says the one who sat on chair for more than 2 minutes against other team is singles.. they took more time on chairs so they win. Neha screams, Sristy hugs everyone. Neha thanks Urvashi. Neha says to Saba that you are good when not in task, Saba says you didnt feel bad for what Deepika did? Neha says I want to keep a respectful distance from you, I keep a distance from people who bring out my inner animal, do what you want. Saba says I will do this again in task.

Neha says to Deepika that I cant talk to Saba and Somi. Deepika says me too, someone from us will become captain so go for a kill, Sristy says yes, dont leave them and be lenient. Sristy says only Urvashi stayed for her complete time, Karan says Urvashi was a hero. Neha says we were not strict with Urvashi, Deepika says what I did with other girls, if I did with Urvashi then she would have got up too. Karan says we maintained our decorum and did task too, hatts off to us, I am excited.

Neha says to Sree and others that ideally I am safe so I dont need to be captain. Sree says you can have power to save one of us. Deepika says they will be behind me, I am their target now. Sristy says they are scared now. Deepika says we have to be strong.
Romil says to Shiv that the way Deepika was behaving was not right.
Somi says they are not talking about task otherwise I wont spare Deepika. Jasleen says its my goodness that I am still talking to them.

Roshmi says to Shiv that they thought Urvashi is dumb and will be easier to get down.
Sree says to Karan that all girls are thinking that Urvashi is stronger than them, they are jealous now. He asks Urvashi to remain like this. Sristy says they are instigating her. Urvashi says I will never be proud and egoistic.
Anup says to Shiv and Romil that Deepak and Urvashi are a problem for us, they keep changing sides so they are not ours.

Deepika says to Neha that captain can save us from next week’s nominations, they will keep nominating me now, Neha says you are right. Deepika says play a game. Neha says my angle is correct? I am sorry that I didnt take your name for captaincy but Karan’s first. Deepika says you are right, we will be competition, right now we have to stand with each other.

Jasleen says to Anup that it was task but what problem Deepika has with me? she had a problem with Saba but why target me? she is having grudge against me. Anup says to Roshmi that last diwali I told her a poetry that she doesnt need firecrackers as she is a bomb. Roshmi laughs. Anup says she has anger. Roshmi says Sree has come to clear his image, Anup says he has anger on his face all the time.

Urvashi says to Deepak that they say I played well but they dont know about pain in my back, Deepak says you played well. Urvashi says pairs did wrong too, were they not throwing water on them? putting fingers in their noses? they crossed line yesterday only. Deepak says as a team, you did your task but as individual you said your opinion so its tic for tat.

Deepika cries and says they are targeting me from the time I have come. Sristy says they know you are strong so they will target you, you are a celebrity.
Jasleen says to Anup that Deepika became psycho in task, she was in anger. Anup says they wont spare anyone, Jasleen says they cant do with you, because of respect. Anup says its nothing.
Deepika cries, Neha hugs her and says dont cry like this. Sristy says dont do it, if you break then they will do it daily, you cant keep crying and give them a chance.

Karan sees Sristy getting down from bed and walking in sleep. He runs to her. He makes her lie in bed. Saba says I cant sleep beside her, this is too much, is she okay? Karan wakes up Sristy, Urvashi asks if she is fine? Sristy says what did I do? Karan says you were sleep walking. Saba says dont start beating us.

PRECAP- Jasleen says to Anup that I will do one thing and you wont do anything or remove it. She kisses his head, and both cheeks, Anup blushes, all cheer. Karan says lips are remaining, Anup laughs.
KV says to Romil that dont take my name, prove your point without me. Shiv asks Romil to show his guts. Romil shouts that you want it so prove it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I don’t know why but I don’t like Deepika at all. And I wish no one would get luxury budget for this task.
    It’s boring plus irritating to watch this kind of tasks.
    Bigg Boss must discover some new tasks for entertainment. No one is like last season. *Yawn

  2. what Urvashi said was totally correct
    Hah even Somi left her sister saying ‘DP has problem with saba why is she targeting me? ‘
    and also, Jasleen
    her language is so bad..Illiterate
    calling Deepika cheap cheap all the time.. pairs proved that everything is fair
    so singles did
    abusing and all.. idiots
    also How dare deepak touching KV’s cupboard without permission
    this tym commoners are really Bad

    1. and one thing jab kal singles humanity ki baat karr rahe the then jodi ne kaha tha task hai agar face nahi karr sakte toh uthjaye then how could they expect humanity from singles agar takleef ho rahi thi toh sida uthjao bhai kisi ko gali dena chillna jaroori nahi hai

    2. actually deepika donat have problem with anyone… each and every jodi know very well deepika is the strongest among all and she is probably top 4 contestant.. sree has anger issue.. neha is sorted .. srishty is cute and kiddish.. kv toh seedha sa h…
      toh ab sabko footage milegi deepika se lad k…
      i dont know aaj celebrities ne .. mainly deepika ne aisa kya kar diya tha ki san chad gaye uspe… bhai kal start bhi toh sab ye logo ne hi kiya tha… ab jab aap jeetnek liye inhuman banoge toh apke sath bhi wahin hona h…
      i dont know what commoners are thiking of themselves.. itne nakhre toh celebrities k bhi nhi h jitne ye logo k h..
      kriti saba somi jasleen.. i dont know kahan se aye h ye loh.. kal itna sab kiya aur aaj jab khud pe aya toh halat kharab ho gayi sabki..
      jasleen is claerly taking footage from deepika.. as she knows very well ppls are not that much interested in her relationship…
      i have never seen deepika talking about her…
      hats off to celebrities.. jitna calm ho k bina slan use kare celebrities ne sab handle kiya aaj commoners uska 1% bhi nhi jhel paye.. and what languagethey used cheap women n all was disgusting…

      and seriously i will be so angry and hate celebrities if they dint perform like they did in the task…
      and kriti was clearly 100% biased….

      i wish roadies ki tarah yahanse bhi jaldi out ho jaise wahan disrespect ho k out hui thi… no hard feelings for kriti,somi,jasleen fans..

      1. Xyz, yes absolutely right Kriti is biased didn’t give the right decision and about Deepika I will say she is a very perfect BB player

      2. Referees were biased. Singles were good and fair. Hate the sisters and jasleen now. Jasleen is clearly doing the drama for footage. She wants to project herslf as an opponent against deepika, so that she can go till the end.
        Love neha and karan!

      3. Indian, exactly!
        Jasleen said bfr task ” she s physically strong and Anupji is mentally.”
        But she failed miserably.😂 So definitely she can’t handle the shame and simply calling Deepika cruel.. Not even a single time so called ‘neutral’ sanchalaks asked Jodis to not cover their face yesterday..but they were asking same to singles .
        Jodis were like, 2 singles got up from chair bcs ” they r nt strong enough” and when 3 jodis got up “singles are cruel and disgusting”… Arey yaar kuch bi…

    3. Eveñ i hate Jasleen… she just want reason to b*t*h about deepika…

    4. I really agree with ur points…
      I like the way singles are playing .. hate that sisters nd jasleen

  3. I love 💛Depika. I e kv, Sree,neha,sristy.
    Hate jodies. Specially f***Khan sisters..

    1. Pragathi, me too like singles and hate every Jodis for some reason. though khan sisters r super annoying, can’t deny the fact tht they r more active and enthusiastic than any other jodis in tasks and at any time. Saba was restless to make their team wins.
      Romil- nirmal jodi is total waste , Anupji, Saurabh,and roshmi are also not strong contestants comparing khans

  4. I like Neha she is a very amiable girl and I don’t know definitely but I think Deepika she is not doing well let see what happens next and how are you pretty

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hey too..I find neha sensible lets see how she performs ahead this season.

  5. thank god singles jeet gaye warna ye jodi toh jeena haram karr dete.
    this is called tit for tat kal jo jodi ne kiya aaj singles ne wohi kiya pani bhi slowely daal rahe the haan ye baat alag hai deepika thodi jyada karr rahi thi lekin its ok kal jaise jodi pani daal rahe the tab bhi toh inko breathe lene mei difficulty hoi hogi.
    kirti roshmi 3rd class sanchalak unfair baised
    arre saba kaise chilla rahi thi mujhe hasi aagayi.
    neha well done yaar.
    ye jodi walw kaise chilla rahe the over hi hogaya tha
    deepak urvarshi they supported for right well done both.
    iss baar saturday bahut maja aane wala hai.
    precap romance +fight

    1. Prettypreeti

      Aare anu aisa mt keh humari sanchalakon ke liye.Itni fairness dikhayi hai donno ne.😹😹mai toh dhann ho gyi

  6. Deepika is good along with other singles. I don’t know why people r trying to make a villain out of deepika. Both teams did same with each other. It was tit for tat. Also doubles were hidding things that shows that they were trying to win it with unfair means. Jab torchar krna tha toh kr rhe the, ab darr kr cheeze chuppa kar apni drpokta dikha rhe the. Saara attitude darr mein badal gaya. One should not slip their tongue which doubles were doing.
    Fortunately singles won just common people think celebs wrong. Since the time they have entered bigg boss house they have also become celebs as entire world is watching them. Chhuppa ne ka koi fayada nhi hua oolta cowardness dikhai di. Shayad singles ko nhi pta tha, pta chal jata toh kitna mazaa aata. But weekend ke vaar mein salman dekh kr hi aayega and probably unki taraf se bhi yeah galat hoga. I just want him to bring this cheating thing in light. That’s all.

  7. Well,I am happy singles jeet gaye.. And ye Roshmi hoti kon bolne wali k sree sirf apni image thik krne aaya hai. Uske image pehle se thik hi h.. Bekaar me to ye or kriti aagaye.. Sanchalak hone ka koi kaam nhi kiya partiality ki hai bas.. Anyhow, sab log kaha h @samaira @neeru @ABC @xyz @naina etc..

    1. hii shadab.. its really good to see ur comment… 🙂

  8. Anu S & RV I’m agreed with u guys.jodiya bahut irritate kar rahi hai.
    Mujhe lag Raha hai ki is baar Saturday kriti somi ki class lagne waali hai.kitna chillati hai ye khaan sisters.
    Jasleen bhi mujhe kuch khaas pasand nahi AA rahi.
    Guys plz dher saare comments kiya Kate.pichle 3 yrs se Mai aapke comments padh rahi Hoon.

  9. Prettypreeti

    Neha is an awesome person!She performed,she didnt talk rubbish and is showing what she is.Her one liners r awesome.
    I loved how KV controlled himself when Shiv was abusing him.
    Full time entertainer is shree.the way he behaves is just awesome.Idk but i m liking his aggressive behaviour and then his dialogues.
    Ohh shristy is Cute.Dunno why ppl r saying her kiddish and all.i like her as she is.
    Ok so now deepika will be targeted more.Though she is strong still will love to see what step she will take now.
    Kriti se zyada fair sanchalak maine dekha hi nhi..I mean seriously she was fully supporting jodis.No prob if u want to support its fine but then i get angry coz she keep on shouting to prove she is fair.
    Nirmal and romil desperately wanted to perform the task but Singles didnt give them a chance.
    Khan sisters -Kuch nhi kehna mujhe
    JasLota 😂🙈.Anup ji ne whatsapp pr bheji jaani pr shyari maari hai jasleen pr.
    Deepak urvashi r neutral for me.
    Lets see what will happen tomorrow!

    1. @Prettypreeti
      *jasLota*… ha ha..
      nice one..

  10. What Deepika did today took away all my respect for she literally rubbed her hands like anything on jasleen.and she tried to block her nose and mouth with her hand.and it’s quite obvious she is very bossy.why did singles only target girls except shiv?it’s so unfair.what jodis did was wrong but what Deepika did was extremely wrong.

    1. I agree… but this type of task me the team that goes 2nd have advantage… also i think.. had jodis performed last they would have litrerally killed 1-2 singles

    2. Heba, yesterday also 3 girls and 1 man from singles were attacked by jodis.,so today singles chose 3 girls and a man.. simple!!!
      Jodi’s threw water on Deepika very fast and forcefully, so she too can give it back in her own way. Still she handed over the ring with dignity and never abused or complained at them during task like Jodis who couldnt bear their failure even after having too many in number for support. All singles did very well.

    3. @Heba…

      all came here to earn money….
      abhi tak celebrities ne bohot calmly and fair ho k play kiya…. na hi ye log itna b*t*hing karte h na fights and na hi bad language use karte h…
      jab commoners ka turn tha wo logo ne hi sab start kiya… srishty ki eyes pata lag rahi thi jaise swelled ho and jis force k sath wo logo ne deepika ki eyes pe water fenka wo bhi zyada hi tha… jab celebrities k sath ye sab hua then they were very calm and they didn’t use even single slang ….

      but aaj jab wahin sab celebrities ne kiya toh commoners itna jaldi irritate ho gaye and deepika k liye bad language use karne lag gaye…. agar commoners play karne k liye aye h toh celebrities bhi play karne k liye hi aye h…..
      and frankly speaking… jo words ye sab logo ne deepika k liye use kiye agar aur koi hota toh shayad gusse m aur zyada torture karta… but still utne limit reh k hi sab kiya….

      and if u see the epi …. shiv literally hit kv by his leg…
      and sanchalak bhi fully biased they….

      toh us hisab se deepika ne kuch nhi kiya….

    4. Yesterday also there were three girls at that time point also you should say k jodis were wrong and yes then you cant take the advantage of having more boys in your team. And deepika was nowhere wrong. Deepika was not rubbing anybodys face. It was just a game. Jodis started it and then single completed it. Thats it.

  11. I love singles…..actually what singles did (deepika) it was team plan which she executed that’s it y to make her villan….. because of her also they won the task… now a days jasleen also irritating….. before task starts I was just laughing seeing the doubles antics …….heiheiehi…… sree says right ‘do what u can bear’ …… luv u deepika and kv hope one of them become captain

  12. I love depika. Singles r best. Hate jodies speciaaly khan s,jasle,Kristi,Rosni.Hate jodies….

  13. Leading a team is one thing, and standing against own team to speak for the right is another thing – and none in the ‘Jodis’ is blessed with this strength but that young girl, Urvashi. I feel so proud for her as she has the guts to say that her own team was wrong – it was just wow ! I wish Deepak doesn’t take her with the flow the Jodis are going!

    Neha – She is a perfect blend of every beautiful emotion. I just love you, Neha Ma’am.

    Dipika – You know what, I never hated Hina Khan. I loved Hina a little less than I loved Vikas – but I liked Hina a lot. She was never a ‘villain’ in my eyes, bold, brave and beautiful. And an easy target to call her villain. Some part reflects in you too.

    Karanveer – I just love these Gumrah men 😍 ! Karan Kundra, Patel or Bohra. Outstanding capabilities to sort out things, and perhaps family men should be like that.

    Neutral position – Romil and Sree.

    Rest – I don’t like you, guys.

    Thank you.

    1. @Arohi….
      r u the same arohi from bb11 comments?????

      1. Haanji 😂 Aarohi is only one here I guess ~. ~

    2. No no no guess work you have to be sure hahaha

      1. ha ha… 🙂
        @Kp ur writing skills looks like someone from bb season 11….

      2. Ok xyz tell me the name of someone whose writing skills was same as me hahahahaaa

  14. Why don’t you all rewatch it then come back and comment about deepika ya blind mate didn’t u see the way they were torchering Nd throwing water at her no I don’t think so think before you comment I honestly think that deepika is a strongest contest she’s strongest from all compare to other losers ergh salman is blind asf what kinda contest did you bring in bigg boss omg they so bs legit look like drunkies trust me negl those two sisters are proper two faced ugh I hate those guys man what losers Salam’s needs to open his eyes and seee the f**king truth trust it kills man and doesn’t bb know that throwing products causes infection allergies it’s really bad mix products on there faces especially you need to take extra care of that and what deepika did to others they legit deserved it idgf but she did the right thing and to those who won congrats you did well keep it up with the lit game nd deepika dont let these haters get to u salman wil slam it on der face straight up let the bludy time come ergh I just feel like strangling those two face mfs hate your shakal ugly hoes them girls are like proper GOLD DIGGERS Shiv is too over reacting Karmas a b*t*h niggah what goes round comes round Single team brought it back 10x harder thats karma b*t*hh proper b*t*hyy Jodie’s I’ve seen so far this season sucks famm

    1. @Kelly…. nice comment…
      actually khan sisters and kriti ko lagta h that they are very intelligent…but in actual khan sisters sabse badi bewakoof h…bcz har task m apni team se sabse zyada perform bhi wahin karti h and beyind the limit bhi wahi sabse zyada jati h…. baaki jodis toh baad m accha ban leti h

      and kriti ko abhi lag raha h wo hi bb 12 ki sabse badi celebrity h…. loud ho k and bandagi puneet ki tarah shiv and kriti bhi yahan pair up ho k zyada time ruk jayenge toh now janta is bored of this kind of strategies…

    2. Completely agree with you. Those sisters were literally slapping Deepika using water.

  15. Deepika is targeted because she is strong.
    What double standards from the pairs. they did whatever they wanted yesterday and when singles do it its wrong
    Jasleen and the Khan sisters are irritating. i hope they leave the house soon. All the jodis are cheap people. the celebrities are much more mature

    1. @mansi…. totally agreed with ur comment…
      deepika is strongest player and strongest player k sath scene create kar k sabse zyada footage milti h….
      so all are targeting dp…….

    2. Yea definitely she is strongest player so Neha is, but watch the behaviour of both that’s the difference my friend

  16. Plus…. i do not think colors will let the khan sisters go. they are always bringing drama, colors want that. remember when colors did not let om go? he was crazy

    1. Agree to you, BB wants those who makes Ruckus inside.. most probably romil-nirmal will leave this week .BB nomited them for no reason.

  17. I love 💖dipika💖
    and kv. I hate everyone

  18. neha chandra,amy,indian,real abc,neeru,anjali,sharan,samaira,vidhu,isha,naina,karan,hritik ka fan,bbfan,moksh,shadab ,abhishek,jisha,osika,esther,huma,zara and other frnds… where r u guys??????????????

    r u all not watching this season?????

    missing ur comments….

    1. Hello xyz and everyone.
      I am liking this season very much coz i have my favorite in the show. Srishty, neha, karan, deepika all hv been my favoirites. Now coming to the task i am very happy that singkes gave it back to jodis coz i did not want that singles follow the same attitude that we will not go to their level which participants did it in earlier seasons. Gud they gave back hard and really enjoyed. Jodis were really annoying how they were targeting deepika and calling her cheap. What do they think that they can do whatever they want. And secondly from now i think that jodis will really be conscious of doing torture to singles as now they now that they will get back the same.
      Enjoying this season.

    2. Hello!! @xyz Actually I haven’t been able to watch Big Boss this season. (Except watching yesterdays repeat-relecast right now.) But I follow written updates and eagarly wait to read all of your comments.

      Personally I like KV a lot. (Since before BB. Afterall he is our very own Dhruv from Shararat.) Hehe.. He is a gentleman.

      And I guess I like singles a lot more than any of the doubles.

      Saw the Promo of Vikas back in the house. Waiting for his response towards the inmates as well.

    3. @xyz. Watching dear and liking the same contestants again!!!

  19. In todays episode anup ji was wrong, i know he is aged and respectful. But he was talking about sree that ek seat waste ja rahi he sree ki vajah se, task ke pehele medical condition ati he etc etc
    But i think anup ji ne bhi koe aisa kam nahi kiya jo bohot acha ho bigboss ke ghar me i think unki seat waste he.

  20. Prettypreeti

    So who is ur fav at this point of the game??

  21. Yeah……
    vikas is going to come in bb house..
    finally after a long time uska pleasent face dekhne milega…

  22. i mean ur way of commenting…

  23. And loved neha s comment. Bang on!
    I want to maintain a respectful distance from people who bring out my inner animal! Clapssss

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