Siddhi Vinayak 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin is shattered by Urvashi’s lies

Siddhi Vinayak 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lights are back on. Siddhi tells Vinu it isn’t true. I will tell you the truth. He steps back from her embrace in shock. Siddhi insists it isn’t true. They are laying a trap for me. You believe me right? It isn’t me but Urvashi who wore my mask! Urvashi says Siddhi dint want me to marry Rudra. She went to his room to stop him on the first night. See what she did! Rudra showed me this video. Siddhi was trying to seduce him. He wanted to tell you this but could not! He thought you will feel bad so he dint tell anyone. He was tired of her antics and I was equally shocked. This is the truth! Siddhi calls her a liar. I dint do anything like that. Why would I stop this wedding? Urvashi says you wanted to make him yours. I beg you not to stain the name of the dead. Rudra was innocent.

Siddhi was after him! Siddhi is about to slap her but Manjari holds he hand. Don’t you dare raise your hand on Urvashi! She is my DIL and my son’s wife. Siddhi requests Manjari to tell the truth to everyone. We only brought Urvashi here so Rudra’s attention is diverted. It was Urvashi who wore my mask in that video. Manjari denies it. It isn’t some movie where such antics would be deployed. We all know the truth now! We all know what you were doing in Rudra’s bedroom with him.

Siddhi begs Vinu to trust her. It isn’t true. She asks Gauri to speak up. Tell everyone it was a part of our plan. Gauri pretends to be ignorant about it. Siddhi asks her why she is doing this. I have always supported you. Please tell truth to Vinu. Gauri agrees to repeat her words if she wants her help. Siddhi asks her why she is doing this drama. Urvashi says it is you who are doing a drama. Rudra wanted to make an announcement on the next day after he got married. He wanted to tell everyone about his wedding with Urvashi but she did not want anyone to know about it. Gauri adds that this is why Siddhi wanted to take Rudra outside with her so her truth does not come out. I also remember seeing her pull Rudra in the kichten and forcing him to make her wear anklet. Rudra was reluctant. He said Vin will feel bad but Siddhi dint mind. I witnessed it myself. Siddhi questions her on her words. Gauri tells Vin to ask Siddhi if she wore anklet from Rudra’s hands or not.

Vin turns to Siddhi. Answer me. Did you wear anklet from Rudra’s hands? Prachi also remembers seeing it. Siddhi accepts it. It was part of the drama. Gauri asks her if that was the drama or if this is the drama. Is the video fake too? Siddhi asks her why she is doing this. Gauri says you killed Rudra as you know you wont be able to gain him ever. Siddhi shouts angrily which only gives a chance to Gauri to insult her more. Siddhi breaks down. Her enemies look pleased. Vin walks away without saying another word. Siddhi shouts after him to listen to her but in vain. Siddhi goes to Shankar next but he stops her. I dint expect it from you. It would have been better if I died before witnessing all this! He too leaves from there.

Siddhi holds Manjari’s feet and begs her to tell the truth to everyone. She promises to kill her, her every relation one by one. I will leave you alive! Manjari, Gauri and Urvashi also leave. Siddhi cries. No one believed me. Rajvir stops Prachi from going to her sister. He takes her with him. Siddhi cries. Atleast Vinu should trust me.

Vin is breaking stuff in his room angrily. Why did you cheat me Siddhi? He is in tears. He notices the vermilion box on the floor and picks it up. Their past moments flash before his eyes and so does that video. He throws it angrily on the mirror shattering it into pieces. Why did this happen to me? Where did I lack?

Shankar is in disbelief. How can Siddhi cheat Vin? She never thought of herself and stood like his shield. How can she cheat him like that? No, it cannot be!

Gauri and Urvashi are celebrating their victory with drinks and smoke. Gauri praises Urvashi on her drama. You have ruined the image of Siddhi in Vin’s mind. He wont be able to look at her with love ever again! Poor Siddhi!

Siddhi knocks at the door requesting Vin to give her one chance to explain. He tells her there isn’t anything left to say or hear. I saw whatever I had to! Leave. She refuses to leave. I swear on my mangalsutra. I am not lying. I am only yours. Vin opens the door. She hugs him and cries. I love you Vinu. Please trust me. I dint do any of that. I don’t have any proof today. I am all alone but I hope you! He pushes her away. Don’t dare touch me! I am disgusted by you! You not just broke my trust, you have actually disrespected the pious relation like wedding. Don’t expect anything from me. Leave!

Precap: Manjari tells Siddhi her son was happy but she killed him. My son is no more. Your husband is alive yet isn’t with you. Siddhi tells her to be ashamed of calling herself a mother. I am challenging you now. We will see if a mother’s revenge will win or a wife’s loyalty!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Aaj bahut din baad Siddhi ki yeh haal dekhr ro gayi.. wonderful acting Siddhi and Vin ❤️❤️.
    But I really hate u Vinu.. Vinu toh duniya ke saare logo/criminals k baat believe karta hai, apna Siddhi ko nahi…

  2. He definitely going to ask divorce..😪
    It’s better give him divorce and leave that Kundra mansion…😐
    Waiting for tomorrow episode…

  3. I don’t blame vinu, he saw video proof of her cheating, and nobody can believe the mask story because of how stupid and ridiculously fake it sounds. It is Siddhi’s fault for going for such a bad plan that was obviously not going to end well because she was working with her worst enemy, manjiri, the whole time.

    1. @Radhika Yeh bhi sahi hai…😌 Never thought Siddhi’s ‘master/mask plan’ with Manjari will come to end like this..🤨 but when Siddhi told about Rudra, Vinu didn’t believe her…

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