Shakti 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Lavneet attempts to kill Soumya

Shakti 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Harak Singh that he don’t remember his marriage with his Gulabo and tells him that he wants to marry her again. Harak Singh gets happy and agrees. Raavi prays to God to unite Harman and Soumya and make Lavneet go from his life. Next morning, Harman likes the decorations and says he wouldn’t have been alive if Khushi had not saved him. He says you would have lifted my aarthi. Harak Singh asks him not to say that. Harman says Khushi did good work. Shanno asks who is this Khushi? Harman asks shall I call her. Shanno asks him to call her. Harak Singh asks her to keep quiet. He tells that he called everyone when he first married Gulabo and asks what is the need to call guests now. Harman insists to call her and invites Soumya on a call. He asks her to come there. Soumya

looks at Sameer and agrees to come for his engagement. Harman asks her to come on time. Soumya says ok. Harak Singh thinks she is Khushi, but made us dukhi. Preeto thinks what is happening here and thinks everyone does what they want.

Sameer reminds Soumya of her promise. Soumya assures him that she will not go there and tells that he is worried for him, his mother and will not go. Raavi calls Saya and tells that engagement is today. She hears Lavneet giving medicine to Harman and tells Saya that she got an idea. She asks them to get ready and says she will meet them. She comes to Harman’s room and sees Dr. Kaushal’s prescription letter in the file. She takes it off and turns to go, when she sees Lavneet. Lavneet smiles and says I can see your restlessness. Raavi says I will get you kick out of house. Lavneet reminds her that she is getting engaged to Harman today and asks what are you doing in my room? Raavi says she came to search proofs. Lavneet says she don’t leave any proofs. Raavi says she is sure to get proofs. Lavneet thinks once she gets married, she will reveal to them how dirty she could be and what she could do with them. Raavi meets Saya and gives Dr. kaushal’s address. She asks her to go there and search the proofs. Saya assures her.

Sherwani shop guy asks Harman to select Sherwani for him. Lavneet makes Harman try it. Saya and others come to meet Dr. Kaushal. Dr. Kaushal asks his wife not to stop him and tells that what they can do if their daughter got mad. He asks Devika not to stop him and tells Saya about Harman.

Soumya asks kids to go home and says they will meet tomorrow. Rashmi Desai comes there in her car and tells Soumya that she needs her help. She tells that she wants poor kids to learn dance so that she can motivate them. Soumya asks her to call them and says she will teach them dance. Rashmi says great and offers to drop her home. Soumya says I am waiting for my fiance. Rashmi says ok. Soumya calls Sameer and asks him to come there. Sameer says ok. Lavneet comes indisguise of a beggar and kidnaps Soumya by making her smell chloroform. She takes her in car’s decky and drives the car. Rashmi sees Soumya’s dupatta peeping out of car and understands that she is kidnapped. She follows the car. Sameer comes to the dance institute and calls Soumya. Lavneet keeps Soumya on the pyre and puts kerosene oil around it. She is about to light fire when Rashmi comes and stops her. She says I met her in the morning itself.

Lavneet slaps her. Rashmi slaps her back. Lavneet pushes her and lights the match stick and puts on the fire around the pyre. Rashmi gets shocked. Lavneet smirks. Rashmi holds Lavneet again. Lavneet tries to suffocate her. Rashmi pulls Lavneet’s blanket and tries to set off fire with it. Lavneet shouts in anger. Soumya gains consciousness and gets shocked. Sameer reaches there and shouts Khushi. Lavneet panics and escapes. Sameer asks Soumya who was she? Soumya says she didn’t know. She thanks Rashmi for saving her. Rashmi says it seems like God sent her for saving her and asks Sameer to thank God. She asks Soumya to take care. Sameer asks Soumya to be careful. Soumya says I didn’t know who was she. Lavneet comes out as Sameer and Soumya walks away. She thinks I will see which angel comes to save you.

Harak Singh says bride and groom came and make them sit. Soumya comes and waves him hi. She dances bavli hogi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    My fellow viewers, I should like to draw your attention to the unrealistic events of last night’s episode. Soumya is sedated (what a crock, she never even put up a struggle) anyhow, Lavneet disguised as an old hag then manages to lift Soumya into the boot (trunk) of the car. Then she drives off, Rashami Desai (Tapasaya from Uttaran) just happens to notice part of Soumya’s clothing protruding from the boot of the car. She then follows, and arrives at an open piece of land where there is a funeral pyre upon which Lavneet (a.k.a. old hag) managed to lift Soumya onto. Now the time lag between the arrival of Lavneet at the site and that of Rashami is about 5 minutes. Hence in what universe does the writers believe that this incredible feat can transpire, because on planet earth it is virtually impossible. I guess the Producers, Directors and script writers believe that their viewing audience are mushrooms.

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