Siddhi Vinayak 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi and Manjari join hands

Siddhi Vinayak 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prachi looks at her sister during the blood transfusion. I have never thought well of you but I feel really bad seeing you thus. Please get well soon. Doc thanks her for coming on time or they would have had difficulty saving Siddhi. She nods sadly.

Vin is in tears seeing Siddhi’s condition. He kisses her on her hand. Their past moments flash in his mind. Sad song plays in the background. He remembers Manjari’s hurtful words. Ma might have left you but I wont leave your side ever. Entire world might go against you but your Vinu will stand by your side till his last breath! He kisses her on the forehead.

Rajvir is half sleepy. Prachi is worried for his sister. Everyone is blaming her. Don’t know how she will get out of this mess. He tells her to switch off the lights and sleep.

She does so and tells him to sleep all the time!

Vin is sleeping on the sofa. Siddhi wakes up in the middle of the night and is feeling uneasy. She shouts out to Vinu and tries reaching out to him but fails. Monitor beeps a dead beat. He wakes up with a start. It was such a scary dream. What if something had happened to you! Nurse comes running to check on him. He tells her that he saw a bad dream. She advises him to go home. You look really tired. Vin tells Siddhi it is court’s hearing and Rudra’s chautha tomorrow. I trust you and Bappa very much. Nothing will go wrong now. He requests nurse to take care of her. I will be back soon. She nods.

Manjari breaks all the photos of Siddhi. I will make sure none of her belongings are in this house. I will also do the same with that Vinayak. The guy who does not care about his brother has no space in this house! He breaks their stuff and lights them afire. I am still alive! Shankar tries to stop her but she tells him to let it be. Siddhi has already ended everything by killing my son! I am also ending ties with the relations which are no longer mine! Shankar points out that Vin is their son but she refuses. Our son was Rudra. He is no more. Vin showed his step behaviour already. He is trying his best to save my son’s murderer. Step son will remain a step son. I feel it is only you who will support me now! Now you have to decide who you will support – Rudra’s murderer or me! Shankar explains Siddhi’s stance. She taunts him back for sacrificing Rudra’s childhood to save Vin’s life. Today, you are supporting Rudra’s murderer instead of me and my son! Why? He insists that that was his mistake whereas we are here today because of the circumstances. She refuses to let Siddhi spend her life in peace. I have made up my mind already. You have to decide now. Urvashi and Gauri are standing outside the door. Urvashi decides to use this opportunity to her benefit. Gauri asks her what she is up to but Urvashi asks her if she is in a rush to find out everything.

Siddhi wakes up shouting dreaming about Rudra’s death. Nurse calms her down. You lost a lot of blood because of your injury. Your husband arranged for it. She is relieved to know that Vin was with her. I am fine till the time he is with me. He loves me very much. Manjari Ma might be wrong here but Vinu trusts me a lot. Lady Constable offers to take Siddhi with her to the court. Nurse goes to make discharge papers.

Manjari thinks of her last happy conversation with Rudra. You dint give your mother a chance to love you enough. You just left. Who does that? Urvashi also cries. She keeps her mangalsutra next to the kalash. We saw so many dreams together. What will I do now? Manjari holds her hand. You can shed these crocodile tears somewhere else. You are making fun of my son’s death! Get out of here! She pushes her on the floor. Urvashi calms herself down. You want to throw me out of the house as you think I am of no use to you but it is wrong. You want to punish Siddhi for her misdeed right? She has killed your son after all. Vin has lot of empathy with her. He can do anything for her. In court hearing, Siddhi might be imprisoned for life but she will always remain in Vin’s heart forever. I can do something to make Siddhi look bad in everyone’s eyes including Vin. Manjari asks her how she will do it. Urvashi smiles. Leave it on me. I guarantee you that Siddhi will neither stay in the house nor in anyone’s heart. The four walls of jail will be her only abode!

Precap: Vin and Siddhi return home. They are holding hands. Urvashi blames Siddhi for trying to lure Rudra in the past. He has told me everything. Vin counters that it was Rudra who was chasing Siddhi and not vice versa. Urvashi tells him to see something. You will then believe the truth. She plays the video of the first night when she was dancing for Rudra seductively (while still wearing Siddhi’s face mask). Vin is shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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