Bigg Boss 12 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Megha and Rohit enters house

Bigg Boss 12 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 35
Anup says to Romil that its difficult to keep relations here. Romil says Sree talks about respect but he targets Surbhi and me, he was showing her finger in jail which is wrong after she called him unimportant. Anup says it was not nice. Jasleen and Deepak comes there. Romil says I wont let him win now.

Deepika asks Sree why he is miffed with her? Sree says you went to console Surbhi. Deepika says why? only you feel humanity? you felt Jasleen was right but I thought she was wrong, I have my point of view too, I dont understand you, Sree says you are right. Deepika says when you came in house, you said things about me to others but didnt say anything to me. Sree says I did tell you, Deepika says no you didnt. Sree says do what you want, I am not worth

it. Deepika says no, I am not worth it, she leaves from there.

Inmates see someone entering house. Surbhi says its Priyank, inmates are locked in house while they see Rohit entering and dancing with girls, all cheer for him. KV eyes him intently. Jasleen enjoys his dance and laughs with girls. Sree looks on. All hoot for him. Rohit greets everyone and goes to bow down to bigg boss house, he meets everyone and touches Anup’s feet, he hugs Shiv. Rohit says welcome to bigg boss. He goes in house and looks around. Saba says he is the hottest inmate till now, Somi says no. Bigg Boss welcomes Rohit. KV hints that must swing both ways, Sristy says no way. Shiv says 100%.

Rohit says to Deepak that you used to entertain people in start but its missing now, you are playing good. He hugs Romil and says what can I say about you, there is a guy inside, Romil says Sree? Rohit says yes, people are seeing him spiting, I was about to ask if he is still in house.
Surbhi says to girls that he is prettier than girls here. KV says no wonder Romil is there, all laugh.
Rohit says to Romil that Sree wont be in limits if nobody goes against him, Romil says they all go behind him, this Deepak keeps going back to him. Rohit says lets take him out.

Surbhi says to Deepak that Bigg boss keep sending more people in, Anup and Sree didnt do much after coming back. Surbhi says beatiful boy, he is fair and beautiful, Somi says I agree.

Jasleen says to Sree that Rohit said to Romil that they are one team now. Sristy says he has chosen his group. Rohit sits with Romil’s team and says their team includes KV, Sree and Sristy. Romil says let Sree be smart, it will benefit us.

Shiv says to Jasleen that I think he is on both sides, Jasleen says you think so? Sree says he showed his curves when he came in, he would run like girls. Jasleen laughs, Urvashi looks on.

Day 36
Inmates wake up to song tune maari entry yaar.. they all dance and enjoy. Jasleen hugs Anup. Shiv dances around Deepak.

Somi says to Surbhi that Rohit is handsome, Surbhi says he looks and talks nicely, he is most eligible guy of Bigg boss 12.

Romil says to Jasleen that you are looking good, we can smell your perfume, she thanks him. Surbhi says nice bracelet. Romil gave Sree’s bracelet back to him so Sree gave it to Jasleen. Romil says to Jasleen that you asked for this bracelet, Jasleen says I did but then he made me wear it, Romil gave it back to him. Surbhi says I dont like him so I dont like his things. Romil says I dont want to give this bracelet to my son when this person is a liar, I would die but never let this person’s shadow on my son.

Sristy says to Surbhi that Jasleen wants to be save on both sides. Surbhi says Jasleen thinks she is clever and running the game. Sristy says Jasleen wants to play safe, she doesnt want to strain relation with anyone, she doesnt want to get nominated, between KV, Deepika, Anup and Jasleen, I am just comfortable with KV and Sree, they supported me but call out when they are wrong. Surbhi says Sree showed a middle finger to me in jail, it was wrong. Sristy says when Sree raising broom in air and throwing dust at Surbhi, I told him it was not right, I liked when you called out to him. Surbhi says thanks for supporting me.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations of week, Shiv is captain and Rohit is new so they will be safe. He asks Deepak, Anup and Romil to come special room. They go.
In special room, Bigg Boss says you three mutually decide who two between you three are better for show and one person is weak and should be nominated today. On TV, they see a shadow of a celebrity. Bigg boss says she can see and give her suggestion, her decision will be final on who will be nominated or not, she can change your decision of nomination. Deepak says to Anup that me and Romil performed in all tasks. Anup says I can talk about promise. Anup says Romil has gone to jail so he has weaknesses. Romil says I sacrificed first time and second time all ganged up on me, Sree showed a finger to Surbhi but you didnt chide him. Deepak and Romil decide to nominate Anup. Celebrity says I feel Anup is image conscious and doesnt take stand, he wants to play safe so his personality is not shining out, I feel Deepak and Romil’s contribution to show is more than Anup so I select Anup for nominations. Bigg Boss asks Romil and Deepak to wear ‘Approved’ caps while Anup will wear ‘Rejected’ cap.

Deepak says to Anup that you gave love to Jasleen, she should respect, you gave her life in this show and went out, its your nature.

Somi, Surbhi and Urvashi are in special room. Somi says I take stand for right things, even if people go against me, I voice out my opinions. Surbhi says all want to shine in this house but I know how to outshine them, people call me unique, I am honest and I am brave. Urvashi says I call out to people on face, I dont backbite, if we can solve things then we dont have to get loud for camera. Surbhi says you have to come out sometime to voice out. Celebrity says to Urvashi that why didnt you take this stand last week? Urvashi says Bigg boss asked between Deepak or me, who is more entertaining so he entertain more, I entertain but cant compare to him. Surbhi says Urvashi is not natural. Celebrity says by shouting and raising voice, you think you will be listened? Surbhi says my voice is like that so I cant control it. Celebrity says but you can certainly control your words. Somi and Surbhi decide that Urvashi is weak and nominate her. Celebrity says Urvashi get influenced but I think Surbhi needs to balance more, she is my favorite but she should work on her language, I nominate Surbhi this week.

Surbhi wears rejected cap, Urvashi and Somi wears accepted cap.
Surbhi goes to luggage room and jerks clotes around.

Deepika, Sristy and Jasleen comes to special room. Sristy says I have taken stand for myself, I did a mistake last time for not standing up for myself in nominations, I dont like to argue without any reason. Jasleen says she avoids work, I dont think she has any input in house, she just gets ready and roam around. Deepika says I will come to point that Jasleen should be nominated, she gets confused in her opinions, Jasleen says why you think that? all have problems with you, I should take your name. Deepika says I Am famous if people have problem with me. Sristy says she says people dont have problems with me so that is an issue too. Deepika and Sristy nominates Jasleen, Jasleen nominates Sristy. Celebrity says I think Jasleen seems deserving to be in house so I nominate Sristy.

Saba, Sree and KV are in special room. Saba says I have played game more than you both, I have given my opinions. KV says I never shied away from going to jail. Saba says you are image conscious. KV says I am not image conscious. Sree says you both are strong, Saba’s strength is not enough alone without Somi. Saba says Sree is confusing, he wants to run then play game, if he wants to leave then nominate himself. Celebrity says to Saba that why didnt you point this last week? because it was your sister infront of you so you nominated yourself? Saba says have given 50-50% but I did a mistake so I took chance. Celebrity asks Sree if he wants to leave then nominate himself. Sree says that is my strategy, I dont want to leave. KV says I noted game first but now I have understood and I will play for myself. KV and Sree nominates Saba. Celebrity expert says I also feel Saba is weak when she is playing as single.

Saba says to inmates that Sree’s strategy is to say he doesnt want to play but he wants to play, Saba says I will show my real face now.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations are done. Nominated inmates are ANUP, SURBHI, SRISTY, and SABA. Sree says to Anup that Surbhi and Saba will do a lot now. Saba comes there and says you accepted that this is your strategy, we understood you, she mimics him beating on doors. Sree says I accepted it was a drama. Somi says if you are strong then come alone, you say rubbish. Somi says this KV and Sree have made alliance, idiots, we can take you both down. KV shouts to not go on family, do not threaten me. Romil asks him to calm down. KV says they are wrong. Saba says KV is a tail for Sree. Surbhi says to Sree that you are fake, you dont respect girls, you have a daughter and wife too. Sree says dont go there. Somi says we are girls too, I am someone’s daughter too. Saba says Sree has made everyone his tail. Deepika remains silent. Surbhi says to Sree that you say you played for India, you are black spot on cricket, you curse and insult girls, you are coward, loser, cheap, use filthy language. Sree says *****. Romil asks him to stop it. Saba says you must be missing family so go out. Sree says this is like India Vs. Pakistan. Sristy says to Deepika that Jasleen is gone, she says to KV that she said that I dont do anything, just get ready and sit throughout the day, she is a dumb girl.
Deepak asks KV why he is not stopping Sree from improper gestures? KV says I will talk to him later. Somi says he must show improper gestures behind girls too. KV asks her to mind her tongue, dont point fingers at his character. Deepika says to Saba that if this is Sree’s strategy then its good, I am not supporting his bad attitude, I did try to make him listen as much as I could.

Dhol starts playing, some dancers enter house. Inmates start dancing. Megha enters house and dances with KV. She greets everyone, Bigg Boss says we welcome today’s nominations expert and Marathi Bigg boss winner Megha.

Megha says to Surbhi that I like you a lot, dont be angry, I didnt say words with bad intention. Surbhi says anger is my color. Megha says people should show all colors, if you highlight one color then it defines you, I like people who respect this show, people who take this show forgranted, I dont like it, I see myself in you people, we have to do and give our best in this show to win. Surbhi nods.

Megha says to inmates that I didnt nominate people because I dont like them, I see positive vibes from all. Deepak says why did you nominate Saba? Megha says to Saba that your sister is your competition too, Somi shows competitiveness. Saba says this is my strategy. Megha says to Surbhi that you are too highlighted. Megha says I like you, everyone who takes game seriously is liked by me.

PRECAP- Megha says to Deepak that Jasleen keeps changing sides, Sristy is fading out. Megha says to Deepak that you are confused and Sree is a cry baby. Megha says Deepika is a controller.
In task, Deepika argue about hiding eggs with other team.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. why Romil suddenly wants respect from sree? wasn’t he enacting sree’s emotional meltdowns just two episodes ago?wasn’t he trying to provoke him?wasn’t he smirking when surbhi crossed limits with her verbal abuse to sree?like what the hell is he trying to do here? is it the victim card he’s trying to play is it that he’s really hurt from a reaction that was expected from the way he was dealing with sree what is it really someone explain me cause i surely am super confused?….
    moreover those rohit’s s*xuality jokes they ALL were passing around were super annoying and super degrading to watch seriously they all are of mature age and have no right to discuss anyones preference and salman should warn them all to not carry on with this pathetic attitude HOWEVER if someone from so called janta target one member over it then i honestly wont think it was out of concern but just needed a reason to corner him which i tell you is faux activism and they deserve blame as these HM does you can’t just pick a serious social topic to facilitate your need to went out your frustration over one contestant you know…
    what kind of bhootni takeover saba today?lol
    I don’t find the wildcards string at all the guy reminds me of priyank phuski

    1. Agreed from the core of my heart. ❤
      His s*xual preference isn’t a topic to make fun of.

    2. @Anonymous…
      Nice points 👍

      Actually romil ko laga tha now everyone is against of sree n deepika bhi sree k against ho jayegi and sab romil k control m h..
      But after that sultani akhada verbal rpund he get to know that uske support m bohot kam log h.. And romil ne mastermund tag ko bhi thoda seriously le liya tha…

      So, somewhere he is feeling like sab sree ko itna dislike kar rahe rhey bcz of his antics thwn y they all voted for sree, excluding 4 ppl…

      And for the forst time i really dont like kv’s that comment on rohit ‘s s*xuality… Atleast we expect some maturity from him.

      Sristy ka koi grp nhi bana bcz sristy kisi ek k bhi sath accha bond nhi bana payi.. And reason is she herself..

      And from the last 2 days.. I really liked dpka and sree’s sweet and sour relation… Khel khel m dono actual m close hogaye.. As bro sis relation..

      I knew it.. Surbhi saba again sree se footage lenge nominations m h.. Apna kuch ho nhi payega.. Wahin sab old strategies.. First provoke karo then wonen card play karo..
      U can call a person idiot mamy times u want.. U can use foul language but when a boy give it back.. Then u will play women card..
      Ya tph aap bhi decent bano ya fir jo language aap use karrahe ho wahin sunne k liye ready bhi raho…

      Nominations was very fair this time..

      And one last thing… Romil is upset bcz somewhere sree k points sahi lage but he cant show it…. And usey shauad yebhi laga ki sree usse zyada strong proveho raha h..

      1. sree kuch kam nai hai..bahot badmash hai woh..achha hua cricket se usako bann kar diya gaya hai..he deserves it

    3. sree wasn’t really joking about rohits s*xuality like others he was just carrying on the prevailing traditional thought that boys who are effeminate are to be made fun of which is equally wrong sigh

    4. “HOWEVER if someone from so called janta target one member over it then i honestly wont think it was out of concern but just needed a reason to corner him which i tell you is faux activism and they deserve blame as these HM does “//–that actually is happening RN every celeb who ever was against sree including vikas Gupta targeting only him for this matter, VG was so manipulative in his post he named others but blamed sree more than the one,kV, who started it all. I don’t understand why people feel it’s okay to hijack important issues to help their own ulterior motives smh

      1. Maybe cause shreesanth is the biggest celeb there and has biggest responsibility to be a good role model?….who am i kidding lol anup jalota has bigger responsibility to be even better role model than sree since he has padam bhushan and he was laughing too but vikas didn’t called him out he’s still stuck with BB games even in real world and trying to negativize someones image who embarrassed him on the expense of serious societal problem certain section of society live their whole life with smh..

  2. Any day Saba has more contribution to the show than KV. KV is image conscious, his body language when he regrets nominating himself shows off that he is not that giving by nature. I know many KV fans will disagree. Nominating Surbhi against Urvashi, big no no. Seems everything is scripted. If Saba got nominated for a given reason of nominating herself last time so should be Urvashi. There is no point asking contestants to tell their points if everything has been preplanned. But if voting is real thing, Anup or Srishty would be voted out. Anup is still doing idhar ka udhar. Srishty ka bad luck that KV and Urvashi are not nominated. By the way Urvashi had not voiced her opinion except for when she was playing in Zodi where they planned ek Zodi ke side ek single k. And now Urvashi just goes either to Sree bhaiya or Dipika di to say you are right. Basically Urvashi is playing too safe to be seen.
    And aaj bahut Chita Kasi Hui, won’t talk about that because basically unlogon ne ek dusre ko bol Kar score barabar Kiya hua hai already. but worst was commenting about someone’s s*xuality. That new guy who so ever he is, main serials nai dekhti so don’t know him. People commented about s*xuality of that kid aur would bhi sayad KV bhaiya, Mr. So rgt ne. Have just read updates. Will correct myself if I misunderstood what I read. But mostly Atiba you update without biasness.
    One thing I liked today that Sree accepted that it was strategy and whatever followed after that hahaha…. samnea se khelego danke ki choat par tab baki k tehzeeb k parde khulenge and your reaction will show your real personality. Yesterday he showed some real confidence ab dekhna interesting hai under pressure idhar ka match kitna sahi kehlta hai. Real game on. Dare to play in open. It is best opportunity for Sree, utilize karna aana chahiye bina sympathy card ke.
    I like cute response of these girls when this wild card who doesn’t seem to be wild came in. Enjoyed today. Bus nomination unfair hai but unfair situation brings out real character.

    1. Again agreed. Surbhi, Srishti should have been safe. We don’t get to watch clips what Srishti does – that doesn’t mean she doesn’t do anything.

    2. Megha was the winner.. So she knows very well kisko kaise hatana h.. Usey power mili and she used it very well… Deepika and jaleen eliminate nhi hote for sure.. So sristy was a good choice..
      Sree n kv bhi eliminate nhi hote so saba was good choice too..

      No doubt surbhi is strong.. If someow she get eliminate toh isse megha k chnces zyada honge to stay long..

    3. @Hope,
      May be it’s a scripted nomination to save Urvashi against Anupji.. bcz Surbhi and Saba r stronger and definitely will be safe.. About Urvashi , may b BB is not that much sure of getting more votes than Anupji..
      Possibility of Megha’ s game plan also can’t be rejected… She may know exactly what situations she wants inside..

      I disagree with Ur comment ” Srishty ka bad luck that KV and Urvashi are not nominated”
      Last week both KV and Shristy were nominated and KV got highest votes. Shristy too will be safe this week.

      Surbhi’s anger when she was nominated was worth watching for me..

    4. yes u r absolutely right,,bigg boss pata nai kya kar raha hai,,saba ,surbhi ko hattana chata hai ..dimaag hai ki nai pata nai..urvashi toh chor hai aur sree woh toh mental hai

  3. Sorry Mera written Hindi ka problem hai so that part can be difficult to understand. Dipika is lagging as she is thinking rest are talking about her and that is enough. Now when Sree has told he was playing that surely means lady you played lesser. Play less but consistent hone is Damm essential and play your part.

  4. Honestly romil is trying to find issues where there are none about shree khisyani billi khamba nocha perfectly apply on romil rn tbh sree showing middle finger to surbhi is ridiculous issue, bechara kuch to karagana itni sari bakwaas sunne ke baad? I just don’t understand why people are expecting him to remain all calm & collected in the ugly situation she puts him in and he IS controlling himself but I don’t think people should expect him not to show bit of anger in such a harmless way…besides people have started to use middle finger so much so that it has become common gesture of anger it has vulgur meaning but nobody thinks of it anymore

    1. Sorry but I would differ here no body expects Sree to be calm he has already used sister related slangs and much more and there is a reason such things are beeped on television and blurred. That simply means ki Bhai itna bhi common nai hai ye India mein on national channel. Especially if you say you respect women. Bina galli bahut chubhne wali baat ki ja sakti hai…Vikas Gupta was an example

      1. but he did that chubhne wali baat and people made an issue out of it as well lmao(talking about fees taunt) besides it may seem i’m repeating what others said earlier but to be like vikas gupta and to be as verbose as him and to pass snide remarks like him one has to have exceptional command on language which he doesn’t and he can’t speak in english either so he just rely on these sorts of gestures or tu tadak

    2. @sana… Agreed… 👍

  5. Everything is scripted. This time bigg boss has come up with quintals of shit wrapped.

  6. Srishty nomination seemed fair as I didn’t see her much last week..surbhi should have been safe..sabas is also fair as sree was everywhere..kv is not contributing much either…but why was Saba so crazy after sree…does she expect sree to sacrifice himself for these sisters every single kidnapping task sree nominated himself for them…then in jail task these 2 sisters started instigating sree by saying that he will touch or get physical with a girl to win(the girl again was somi)..and sree just let somi win without even seriously what’s wrong with these jodis man..romil Saba somi surbhi sab ke sab char ke aa rhe hai sree or kv pe…yes sree was wrong in showing his finger but did we hear all the filth surbhi was blabbering from her mouth..and again I saw in footage surbhi admitted to jasleen she smoked outside and smell is coming frm her pls surbhi mhanta dikhana band karo ke main such ke devi hun..
    I hope sree srishti dipika kv jasleen Deepak all stay strong and play wisely..otherwise even the wild card seem to be on jodis sides only…and somi was also badmouthing to kv..
    Seriously these girls surbhi somi saba pehle khud char ke aate hain bad language use karte hain aur samne wale ne agar gusse main ek bhi aisa word bol diya toh bas wahi highlight ho Jata hai aur yeh apna woman card play kar jati hain..this is totally unfair
    Kv and sree were discussing rohits s*xuality which is wrong..but why did rohit kise shiv on his cheek..he is asking for it..but still kv sree shouldn’t have done it
    But if Salman reprimend these 2 then somi and surbhi were also saying same stuff about him like he is a beautiful girl and so on which is along the same these 2 need equal class from shaman about rohits gender whatever if he is gona tell sree kv

    1. kv started the s*xuality discussion and all of them participated in it so i think blaming just him or sree for it is kinda wrong if bb/salman going to reprimand someone on that issue then it should be all of them

    2. i didn’t read your comment fully and replied the same thing you said in the last sorry i thought like people on twitter you’re blaming sree and kv only when whole house was part of it

      1. It’s ok np..all of them including Salman keep doing light comedy about such things anyways..yes wrong but it was kind of funny

  7. anup has show abroad on 27th or 26th october so if he gets eliminated this week like conveniently he was nominated then it’ll prove that this season is fully scripted some aspect of every season seemed scripted but this one takes the cake from ignoring real issues on wkw or bb himself nominating to supporting certain contestant it all seems rather fishy this time..

    1. anoop hi jayega yahi to chahta hai bb

  8. megha has already started the game. By buttering one strong group, which later she will takeover, and going against another.

  9. wah re bigg boss sree ka fun side dekhaya bhi to vo jo negative light mein portray karta hai unhein :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  10. last year shilpa arshi and akash were involved in same kind of controversy they passed even worse s*xuality comments about vikas and priyank yet it was ignored or warned without highlighting their name cause they were bbs favored contestants this year there will even be no warning cause all of them are involved but even if they are warned i won’t take it as a genuine effort considering everyone including host were just joking about “girl who was actually a man” last week kv seem to find homo/bis*xuality funny the most


    alright alright whats with the guy fing bro rohit whats so fit bout him that girls are bursting dey arse out every single girl in there r legit showing off shouting screeming all drama because rohit enterd erm fml hes a guy why so despo nd ya clamin hes fir cough cough as if b ya parents are watching wouldnt expect a daughter to do this going round in da house telling everyone that hes handsome gorgeous beautiful nd den on top your showing ya lame drama you girls out there only live for f**k boyz nowt else go for lucks telling da whole wide world about dis guy b concertrate on the game not on the guy hes prbz a f**kboiii ya girls acting like f**kgirls get a grip pls ya jerks fam surbhi saba somi screaming dey never seen a handsome lass before dmn ps wait wait wait…… wtf when sree got elminated everyone went against dipika because she elimniated him and you al cried for him begged so much for him to come back deepak sang a lame song dah made sree cry you were all sad cuz he was gone now when hes back your al like your fake dis and dah you disrespect a girl wanna go home balala what doesnt that show you being a two faced ya on the good side your perfectly fine bad side you chat bs bout sree are u for real your all fake man you f**kgyals only live for f**kboii thats what bb is bout entertaing f**kgyals you al eventually show your true fake arse face the only true ones are dipi kv shirsty sree urvashi rest go to hel luv you dipika stay strong we laveee you xx

  12. Abhishek Ganguly

    This match fixing jerk Sree should be kicked out.

    1. yes yaar..but bigg boss toh ussiko hi rakhega na jab ki sree biggboss ko bhi gaali deta hai

  13. These anti lgbtq comments are so gonna get discussed in wkw with kV and sree being the only one grilled or maybe later surbhi or romil will use this against both of them, hypocrisy is most of these HMs surname including bb

  14. this season is a mess

  15. I wonder what it has been like if sree had been part of season 11? Which group he would had leaned towards hinas or shilpas or vikas and if he wpuldve been as dominating as he is RN with all those strong contestants?

    1. he would be alone like he is now occasionally allying with hina(her more) and vikas plus he would’ve gravitated towards shilpa first but as soon as she started her shenanigans with vikas he would be the first one fighting with her i don’t think he could’ve tolerated the drama b/w vikas and shilpa he certainly called them out either ruining the whole entertainment that came with it or enhanced it, puneesh would’ve been like romil to him, luv and priyank like kv and shiv respectively

  16. bb u did wrong by nominating surbhi n saba,,aise karoge toh tumhara show nai chalega..dnt be fake yaar..kv karta kya hai..khali baithe rehta hai aur idhar ka udhar

  17. Bigg boss why so much of nimination drama??Just say it clearly that Jalota needs to be freed by 26th so that he can attend his show at California on 27th october…Audiences won’t mind u know😂😂

  18. I really don’t understand how can someone expect anyone to not say a word when they tagged by such insulting words. How can person stay quiet and not react. Especially what Somi said like that statement was so disgusting.

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