Siddhi Vinayak 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjiri frames Rajbeer

Siddhi Vinayak 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajbeer’s car tyre getting shot. The car stops. They argue over car tyre change. They open the dickey and get shocked seeing Laxmi dead. Someone records the video. Rajbeer asks what is this dead body doing in my car, I m not mad to do this. The goon sends pictures to Manjiri. Manjiri smiles. Siddhi goes to Reena. Manjiri thinks I will not leave Vin, first I will see Rajbeer. Reena leaves. Vin says I got tired. Siddhi says you worked hard. He removes the cap and bandage. She scolds him. He says call any nurse for dressing. She says I can also do this, I m a doctor’s granddaughter. Manjiri asks goon to keep an eye on Rajbeer and Prachi and send pics of their actions. She says commissioner will find Laxmi, then Rajbeer can save me.

Prachi says I m going. Rajbeer stops her. Prachi says you killed Laxmi. He says shut up, else I will kill you too. He asks her to help in tyre change. He says I didn’t kill Laxmi, we have to dump the dead body. She says I won’t come. He says if I get caught, you will be caught up too. They change the car tyre and leave. Siddhi does the aid. Vin moves her hair off her face. Music plays. He gets Reena’s call. She asks him to check pics, there is a surprise. He says fine, send it. Vin asks Siddhi about press meeting questions. Siddhi argues. He asks why are you angry. He sees Reena and his pics. He smiles. Siddhi does the dressing to his wound. He says be careful, if the wound gets fresh… She says don’t worry, that reporter…. Reena…

He says she is my good friend. She says yes, who am I, tell me. He says you are my personal assistant, what else. She says yes, point noted, I will send you press meet questions. She goes. He says is she my PA or my best friend…. Rajbeer and Prachi dump Laxmi’s dead body in the garbage. The man clicks their pics. Rajbeer looks around. They leave in the car. Its morning, Siddhi gets ready and kisses her mangalsutra. She gets shocked seeing Vin. He says you apply my name sindoor and hide from me. She turns and he disappears. She says I have to hide this that I m your wife, I m helpless. Shankar and Manjiri come to her. Manjiri asks her to hide mangalsutra. Siddhi says sorry, I will hide it. Shankar says we should be sorry to not give you bahu’s status. He gives her shagun as she kept fast for Vin. Siddhi smiles.

Manjiri makes Siddhi wear the bangle. She evil eyes Siddhi. She acts of headache. Shankar asks what happened. Siddhi makes her sit and gives water. Manjiri says I m getting dizzy. Siddhi says I will call doctor. Manjiri asks Shankar to be with Vin, Riddhi will take her to hospital. Siddhi says but there is Vin’s tv interview. Manjiri says take tomorrow’s appointment. Shankar says Manbir and I will manage everything. Vin comes and asks what’s the matter, even Shankar is here with Riddhi, can I talk to Riddhi if you are done. Manjiri says why not. They go. Vin taunts her on her magic. She gives him press meet questions and says I m not coming with you today.

He asks won’t you come. She says I m sorry, I have much work. He says I m your boss, you aren’t my boss. She asks him to leave for interview. He goes. She gets a call. Someone tells her that Vin’s life’s enemy is his will. She asks who are you… hello…… The call ends. She calls back. Gauri says don’t know Rajbeer and Prachi didn’t come back. Manjiri asks what, call them fast. Gauri says their phones are switched off. Siddhi comes there and sees Gauri.

Manjiri thinks Riddhi got the phone call, poor girl she is so worried. Riddhi says I got a call. Manjiri sees Rajbeer and Prachi coming and questions them. Rajbeer says we went on long drive with friends. Prachi says yes, we went to have coffee. Gauri asks why do you look scared. Rajbeer says we will change and come. Manjiri asks Prachi about blood stain on her saree. Rajbeer laughs and lies that its ketchup. They go to their room. Manjiri says I think they are hiding something from us. She gets a call and says you forgot the file, fine I will send it. She asks Siddhi to take locker keys and get Vin’s new film contract file, send it to Shankar’s office. Siddhi goes. Gauri thinks Manjiri didn’t give us keys till now. Manjiri thinks go Riddhi, open the cupboard and check the will.

Siddhi checks files. She sees the will. Manjiri says Riddhi will come to me to cry, I will take her test today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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