Ek Deewana Tha 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhika and KK have an argument

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Ek Deewana Tha 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivani feels hurt and leaves. Rajan stares angrily at Akash. He apologizes to Rajan saying he doesn’t know why he talked to Shivani like that? He goes to convince her. Rajan asks Madhvi to control. She goes to Radhika and asks whether she is okay. Radhika says she is fine. Madhvi remembers Sharanya seeing Radhika. Radhika goes. Rajan tells her to control her emotions else it will cause problem for them. Madhvi says how she can forget? She treated Sharanya so badly, but she was the only one who cared for her. In war of madness, biggest loss was of Sharanya’s. She lost her love, her family, and her own life. She tells Rajan, all that happened because of them. Had they controlled Vyom, she would have been alive today. A shadow is shown. Rajan says she is right, but if she keeps going in past, then how they will save Shivani? Madhvi is worried too. Rajan says the way Akash behaved with her today, they can use that way. Madhvi is confused. Rajan says he will explain.

Akash asks Shivani to open the door. She asks him to go away. He says he didn’t mean what he said. Let him come in and he will explain. He talks to her through window, but she doesn’t want to listen. Akash comes in from a secret entrance. He hugs her from back and says sorry. He never talked to her like that until now, he doesn’t know what happened today. She says even her parents haven’t talked to her like that. He says he knows and says sorry. He praises her acting and says her movie was biggest grosser of the year and she is getting best debutant award. He asks she won’t give speech? She gets happy and gives her victory speech. She mentions everyone’s name except Akash. Akash says she said so much for everyone, and nothing for him? She says she came across many people in her life, but the one who always stood by her, fulfilled all her dreams is him. She hugs him. Akash gets romantic with her. Shivani stops him and asks how he got in the room? All windows and doors are closed. He points at mirror. Shivani recalls voice she heard and thinks it came behind the mirror, not from the wall. She is surprised to know there is a door behind mirror. She asks Akash how he knows about that door when she doesn’t know? He says, he doesn’t know. He was finding way to get in and found that door.

Radhika knocks KK’s door. He says he is not coming for shooting. Once he hears Radhika’s voice, he gets up fast and opens the door. He nicely says “Hi Radhika”. She says what? He says nothing and asks if she had any work. She says whole unit is here, lot of money is invested. Everyone is waiting for him and asks him to do the shoot if possible. KK says he told director he won’t do shooting today. They don’t understand? She says everyone knows he is not hurt that much. His body double is also there. He just needs to give few close ups. She knows he is arrogant, rude, but he’s good from heart. He looks on. She says he just shows rudeness and arrogance, but in reality, he is a good human being. That is why he helped her and saved her life. She asks why he shows himself bad? His image won’t spoil if he shows his goodness. All will start loving him more in fact. His rudeness and arrogance doesn’t know how big superstar he is, but it shows what his upbringing is. He now gets serious recalling flashbacks. He asks what she knows about his parents, his upbringing? Who she is to lecture him? A journalist? Many people like her run behind him every day. They can’t become something on their own, so they use his name. She says enough. She tells him same dialogue from their last life when they had fight that until now she used to think he’s just rude, but today he crossed all his limits. He just doesn’t like someone behaving nicely with him. That’s because he doesn’t have feelings. She leaves. He recalls her words and “Sharanya” name comes out of his mouth as he gets more flashbacks from his last life.

Precap: Akash and Shivani are searching for something. KK is also out there. Akash finds Suvarna and tells her not to worry. Someone hits him on his head with a rod.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Today episode treat is for shivik fans?

  2. Today episode is treat for shivik fans?

  3. Vyom is alive,so Akash can’t be his rebirth,he can’t get Flash backs either,Akash addressed Rajan as dad,that time clearly felt it was Vyom,that aspect will be explained in up coming episodes I guess,Rajan and Madhavi wondered how Akash looks like Vyom,they clearly know that Vyom is alive and is keeping an eye on them,but they might have warned him not to come in front of Shivani ,provided him everything,and left from there,may be promised they will convince her to marry him when she grows up,but master planner Vyom Bedi must have been impatient,took the disguise of Akash,went abroad,met Shivani who the trio thought as Sharanya, made him fall for her,did everything just like how he used to do anything for Sharanya,but couldn’t address her as Sharanya not even once,vented out that frustration by peeping through that wall (after removing mask,so we saw wrinkles),scratching on wall and uttering her name,how did Akash know about that secret passage to her room,how could shadow come inside and caress her face,so Akash is Vyom,now the aspect of Akash’s condition and madness after meeting Radhika,will be shown when it is revealed that Akash is Vyom,but two hints are, he waiting for Radhika in front of her room,apologising,dialogue,telling that he won’t let what is important to him go away or something like that,him getting angry on Shivani for pressurising Radhika,so Vyom inside of Akash has started planning,well,even if there are missing links in my comment,this is why I feel both Vyom and Akash are same,if this is not the case,I will be the happiest,because,Shivik will be there till the end.Evn if it is not there,will still try to watch for Shivik,loving Donal’s look as Radhika.

    1. If CVS do want to increase the trp, it will not happen. And if they want to show their creativity despite of the trp, it can happen. But I want only shivik to be together after all the twists and turns..

    2. Boring again the same sequence continues,his madness for sharanya

    3. Ok but if Akash and Vyom are the same person and he actually believed Shivani is Shivani’s then why did he arrange for KK to come…why would he take that risk??
      He clearly knew how kk looked naa..so he should have tried to keep them away not bring them near each other

      1. Yes…thats a point. Why vyom take the risk by inviting kk. And truly do not want Akaash to be vyom. Logically there is no possibility of being disguise. But in serials anything can happen.

      2. I do have one more theory though(supporting that Vyom is Akash)…
        1)Vyom did try to kill himself , he maybe shot himself but did not actually die, just got disfigured.
        2) Rajan and Madhavi promise him that they will get sharanya back so they ask odhni to get her back
        3) When odhni tells them about the rebirth of both shiv and sharanya..they get Shivani thinking it is sharanya
        4) It is shown that something always troubled Shivani in the house when she was a kid…that maybe Vyom, but he did not come in front of her cause Rajan and Madhavi had told him not to and that they would get her and Vyom together when she grows up.
        5) When she goes away to college abroad Vyom cannot tolerate it..and so he gets surgery (many people even in real life get surgery to look younger)..and goes there as Akash
        6) Remember that Vyom is an obsessed person and he may have thought he would have his dream what he wanted with sharanya..and fulfil that with Shivani..the dream of college love…being friends and falling in love and then getting married.
        7) That happens Shivani falls for him and his dream is fulfilled
        8)But that is just not enough…he needs to show Shiv that this birth sharanya fell for him. (Remember Vyom is show as a psychopath) .He has been keeping track of shiv’s rebirth also and so when opportunity comes he calls KK to do a film with Shivani..
        9) Vyom never loved Sharanya he was just obsessed with her…so he always failed to realise that Shivani is not sharanya..plus she was raised thinking she was sharanya so obviously some character traits will come in her.
        10) But then Radhika’s enterence…Akash/Vyom is shocked but he being a master planner realises that he has to take steps correctly and does not show it. He continues like how he planned as he does not want any sudden change to destroy his secret.
        11) I think at this point he may be a bit confused as he has actually developed feelings for Shivani but still has obsession in his head ..

        There are a few loopholes in this theory also but I thought I would share it anyways.

        I also know that shivik fans won’t be happy with this but trust me I would also be very happy if shivik and Domik be remain together

  4. Wowwwww my beautiful Shivik?? Interesting Precap.

  5. Todays episode was a package of emotional,funny,cute and romantic shivik..
    I’m tired by praising shivik but what to do they are compelling me each and every time to praise them..I’m helpless. But the same time namik is killing me.
    When he said…”Hi Radhika..” .How cute he was..
    Today’s episode was the most cutest episode in edt.

  6. ShiVik rocked today.remind me old days of Vitharv same love same chemistry.

  7. Love the episode because of shivik…….?

  8. When Shivani with vikram and vikram with shivani, they are so cool comfortable and powerful… And from there a natural flow of acting …flawless.???? They deserves more and more.

  9. Maybe I am the only one but I actually like both the pairs equally….Domik and shivik

    But it would be sad if Akash turns out to Vyom disguised…I mean poor Shivani finding out that the guy she fell for is over 50 years in reality…and not to mention it would be like getting in love with an adopted sister…(same parents naa) and that is kind weird.

    Rebirth makes more sense…maybe his craziness can be there but Shivani can make him realises that she is actually his true love .

  10. Like d serial ek duje ke vaaste…this serial doesn’t hold d audience and their pulse…I just read only d updates..it doesnt make me look forward to it…this new serial yeah pyar nahi thi kya hai is really interesting…u get glued hto it…c if u want a break from these serials

    1. It’s different for people…this is literally the only hindi serial I watch currently…yes it was supernatural but different so I enjoyed…in fact other serials don’t really interest me at all ..it’s just a matter of choice

      1. same here iam so seeing only this serial regularly

      2. Right. Edt is the only show I’m watching. Because it is different and out of the box. Moreover, free from any saas bahu drama.

  11. I think that is avni’s father in shadow form
    That’s why it was caressing shivani’s aka sharanya (by then)’s face

    1. That is what I thought too .but then why is he scratching the wall and calling sharanya .

  12. They are started the part2 with happy shivik. So definitely it is short term. They will separate them soon. Prateek sir never allow any couple to be happy for a long time. There is news that the marriage track of aakshi is coming soon. I don’t think the marriage will happen. Hope shivani will not suffer much. Even then its very much interesting. I’m very much eager to know how shivani’s life going to change with coming twists. I hope in this life krishika will not suffer much. Let them be so happy in this life as they suffered beyond the limit in last life. And I have no guesses regarding Akaash vyom confusion. Totally blank out of so much guesses. Let’s see what is in store,

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