Siddhi Vinayak 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi gains consciousness

Siddhi Vinayak 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Advait crying for Siddhi. Aniket says Siddhi will come back. After nearly 12 months, Siddhi is seen recovering at a hospital, Aniket says we will welcome Siddhi when she comes. Savita hugs Siddhi’s pic and cries. She says my Siddhi was annoyed with you, you have to protect her. She does the aarti. Siddhi recalls the fire incident and gets conscious. Savita says I have taken her in arms for the first time, I wish I could see her again, she opens her eyes again. Siddhi struggles to get up. The lady who saved her, prays for her. She goes to see Siddhi.

She asks how are you now. Siddhi sees her. The lady says your wounds didn’t get healed, Lord gave you a new life. Siddhi asks who are you, how did I come here. The lady says I m doctor Pratima, you got conscious after many days. Siddhi recalls fire incident and Vin. The lady asks what’s your name, how did you reach there, did any incident happen, or did someone try to kill you. Siddhi says Vinayak Kundra.

Vin says I don’t think about past. He romances a girl and says I live in present, whatever happens is for good, if that girl didn’t go from my life, how would I get you. She asks who was that girl. He says Siddhi….. director says cut, why did you take Siddhi’s name instead Tanya. Vin says sorry, lets do one more. Director says its fine rockstar, lets take a break. The lady asks how do you do romantic scene so well, can I spend time with you. She flirts. He gets away and goes. Mannu looks on. He goes after Vin. The lady says what happened to Vin, he got angry, who is Siddhi.

Siddhi tells everything to Pratima. She cries. Pratima says you got conscious after many months. Siddhi gets shocked. She recalls her parents. Pratima says you said someone is trying to kill you, tell me. Siddhi tells her about Vin’s tortures. Pratima says but police got a dead body of some girl. Siddhi says that cottage care taker Mala, I tried to save her a lot, but it was fire around. Pratima says it means they declared you dead by seeing Mala dead. Siddhi says it means I m not alive even for Vin.

Vin sees Siddhi’s pic and says this life doesn’t seem to be a life. Tum mere ho…..plays…..He thinks of Siddhi. Mannu says Siddhi won’t come back, talk to co-actor well. Vin says I kept a PA to talk to others, I couldn’t see Siddhi burning in fire. Siddhi says Vin added petrol in the fire instead saving me, he tried to kill me, my fate was good, I got saved, don’t know how are my mum and dad, I have to go to them. Pratima holds her. Siddhi sees bandages on her face and asks her to open the bandage, she has to go. Pratima stops her. Siddhi cries. Pratima says just wait for some time, your bandages will be removed, I will meet your family and tell them about you. Siddhi asks will you really help me. Pratima says yes.

Siddhi’s bandages are removed. Siddhi says Vin will be shocked seeing my face.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. oh wow my favorite actress coming back farnaz 🙂 love you, welcome on board
    dnt know what will be the twist now

  2. thanks for the update Amena

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