Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anant plans a holiday trip

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Roshni asking Rehaan why does he look tensed, everything isn’t fine. Ahana says I m fine. Roshni says you have become Maasi today, did you had a fight. Ahana says no. Roshni says you can tell me if there is any problem. Anant comes and asks why did they sleep till now. Roshni says since Rehaan and Ahana came back from Goa, they got sleepless nights, their relation is so weird, they fight and become friends. Anant says I didn’t get you.

Yamini comes and says I have made something special, I will call Laila, we will dine together. Ahana says no, mum is sleeping. She sees Yamini’s pendant and asks her. Yamini says its nice right, Anant gave it. Anant asks when did I… Ahana says really, he gave me the same pendant. Rehaan sees Roshni smiling. Ahana says it suits you more, thanks Anant. Anant says I didn’t… she removes the pendant. He says please try to understand me. She asks him does he realize how she feels, he said this pendant is sign of his love, do Yamini and she hold the same value in his life. She argues and goes. Anant worries.

Roshni comes. Anant asks how dare you do this. Roshni says sorry, I didn’t know you ordered it for Ahana, I liked it in magazine and thought to gift it to Yamini. He asks why did you say I gifted Yamini. She says I thought she will feel good if I say you gifted it. He asks her to ask him before doing anything. She goes.

Rehaan comes to Rehaan and asks what are you doing, what’s same pendant doing with Yamini, stop this cheap game of hurting Ahana, shall I say this to Anant. She asks shall I tell dad about you, did your intentions change, to become a boyfriend from a friend, I can understand everything, look into your eyes, anyone can understand this, please control your emotions, you will hurt a lot of people. He asks what are you trying to say. She says it means everything and nothing, please leave, I m feeling sleepy. He goes.

Ahana thinks of Laila’s words. Rehaan comes and says I heard whatever Laila told you, trust me, I didn’t know Vyoma will do this. She says I want to sleep. He says how am I supposed to sleep, knowing you are upset, what do I do. She says you are asking a wrong person, I m going through a strange dilemma, you take good care of me, shall I get happy or scared by this. He says please I will explain Vyoma. She says don’t do please. He says trust me, I will set everything fine. She asks how, we already made a mistake, nothing can happen. He holds her. Anant looks on and comes to them. Rehaan gets away. Anant says I know everything, I know Ahana is lonely and annoyed with me. Ahana says no. Anant says I m trying my best to sort it, but its getting more complicated. She goes. Anant thanks Rehaan. He says you helped Ahana and took care of her, you have proved it that you have grown up, thanks for helping us. He goes. Rehaan thinks how to tell you, I can’t convince myself that Ahana is your wife.

Its morning, Rehaan comes for breakfast. He asks Laila how is she. She says fine, did you sleep well, I slept very well, if you hide emotions, you feel scared and can’t sleep, expressing things lightens the heart. Anant comes and says this is an insurance policy for Tarun and Saloni’s son so that his future is secure and he fulfills his dreams. Laila says 2 crores… I have never seen a man like you, I m lucky that my daughter chose you as life partner. Anant says its my duty, its a small thing. Laila thanks her. Anant says Ahana, I m fed up of office work, I have booked the tickets for Bahamas, just pack your bags, Laila and Rehaan are here, they will take care of children. Anant says please, don’t refuse. Rehaan coughs. Laila asks him not to hurry and have water. Ahana says fine, here’s your coffee. Anant says kids didn’t come for breakfast, I will tell them that we are going for a holiday. He goes. Laila says Ahana, you are lucky to get a good husband like Anant, he cares for everyone, he cares for you so much. Ahana sees Rehaan. He gets up. Laila says you haven’t finished yet, I need to talk to you, can we go to my room. Rehaan goes with Laila.

Roshni says when dad gets this letter, you will be gone from his life. Laila scolds Ahana. She says you proved you are my daughter. Anant gets shocked reading the letter. Rehaan says I love you a lot, I can’t live without you. Ahana says Anant is my husband, I love him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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