Siddhi Vinayak 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra dies

Siddhi Vinayak 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra is trying to find a chance to shoot Vin but someone or other keeps blocking his way. He finally manages to shoot Vin in the head. Vin touches the back of his head and is shocked to see blood. He falls down. Siddhi shouts his name in shock. Kundra family looks at Vin stunned.

A guy shakes Rudra to move. Rudra realises he has been dreaming. Vin is still dancing in front of him. He tries shooting Vin but someone keeps interrupting him. The bullet gets fired in the sky. Siddhi looks up in confusion because of the sound. She notices Rudra aiming gun at Vin and panics. She shouts after Rudra and Vinu turn by turn but to no use. She jumps over him and tries to get the gun out of his hand. Rudra and Siddhi get into a scuffle. A gunshot is heard. Siddhi looks at her bloodied hands. Rudra has

been shot in the duel. He falls down. Siddhi is holding the gun in shock.

Manjari asks about Siddhi. Vin says she would be around. They look around and notice Siddhi standing amongst a group of people. Everyone is stunned to see Rudra lying on the floor. Vin looks at them in disbelief. He rushes to Rudra’s side and asks Siddhi what happened to his brother. Manjari comes there looking for Rudra and is shocked to see his condition. She drops the puja thaal in shock. All her attempts to wake him go in vain. She shouts for ambulance. He lost so much blood. Vin lifts his brother and Rajvir makes way for them.

Manjari is heartbroken at her son’s condition. She lashes out at Siddhi and slaps her. Why did you do this? I wont spare you! She begins to beat her when Police intervenes. They take the gun from Siddhi and arrest her. She shouts repeatedly that she is innocent but they tell her they will find that out.

Vin keeps Rudra in the ambulance. He notices Police taking Siddhi and looks at the ambulance and police jeep in a fix. Police takes Siddhi away.

Doc checks Rudra. Rudra breathes his last. Vin requests doc to save his brother at any cost but Doc shares that Rudra is no more. Urvashi looks pleased. Vin holds Manjari who is about to pass out. She cries hear heart out. Urvashi is happy that Rudra wanted to throw her out of the house. Now he himself left! She pretends to be sad. Manjari blames Siddhi. Prachi wonders why Tai will do so. Rajvir too asks the same question. Vin replies that only Siddhi can answer that question.

Siddhi remembers her scuffle with Rudra. Vin calls out to her. She rushes to him. I knew you would come. I dint do anything. I don’t know how that gun fired! I dint kill Rudra. He calms her down. What aggravated things so much? She shares that Rudra wanted to kill him. He calls it her misunderstanding but she insists it isn’t a misunderstanding. I tried to shout after you and tried to stop him too but in vain. Vin asks her what he will gain by killing me. Siddhi takes her name. I wanted to tell you this since so long. Rudra liked me. He wanted to make me his at any cost. Vin denies. He loved Urvashi. He got married to her. He was happy too. Siddhi declines. Manjari Ma knows everything. Manjari Ma and I got him married to Urvashi. She knows everything. I wanted to tell you this since a long time now but we knew you wont believe us. We thought things will be fine but he tried killing you during visarjan. I tried to stop him but he dint! Don’t know how that happened. Please try to understand me. You trust me right? Vin continues looking at her in disbelief.

Precap: Siddhi is crying in the cell thinking she killed Rudra. I made Urvashi a widow! Urvashi acts all crazy in front of Vin. He tells her she doesn’t have to go anywhere. You are the DIL of this house. She holds him tight and cries.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. When I saw today episode I felt they were forcefully ended Rudra charcter to show some spicy scene of Vin and Urvashi…😬
    Don’t know how to get bail now?? I don’t think Vinu believe Siddhi…

  2. Now that Urvashi will show that video.Vinu Will think Siddhi and Rudra were in relationship… how can prove Siddhi is innocent??

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