Bigg Boss 12 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: KV, Sristy and others nominated

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Bigg Boss 12 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 28
Urvashi says to Deepika that I cant accept that Deepika denied food to anyone as Surbhi said. Deepika says to Surbhi that I wont make an issue but I didnt say that, I clearly said that I will prefer vegetarians as they dont have eggs, I didnt say that I will make sure no one gets food. Surbhi says I heard you say it. Deepika says I make food from heart and make others eat from heart. Surbhi says your intentions can be good but I was not wrong and I am not lying, you said it so I am telling it, I wont put allegations without any reason.

In secret room, Anup says to Sree that Deepika is a doubtful character now, she will be judged for everything.
Somi says to Jasleen that Deepika was worrying for Sree so much, crying in camera, she faked it, she is doing

fake things for most time, she took Urvashi’s name as weak but when Urvashi had an argument with me, she asked her to not talk.
Anup says to Sree that people will know she is not doing things from heart but have motives for camera.

Urvashi says to Deepak that someone threw my frock from my bed and took it too. Jasleen says Urvashi is pointing at Deepak, they have cute love story. Urvashi says no. Deepika says she is blushing, Urvashi laughs. Jasleen says Deepak gets miffed like a boyfriend, he orders Urvashi around like she his wife. Deepika says exactly. Urvashi blushes. Deepak comes there. Deepika says Urvashi can handle your moods. Deepak blushes. All laugh.
Sree says to Anup that Deepika did wrong, Urvashi is a nice girl, her family and friends must be watching, they are disrespecting their relation.

Surbhi asks Deepak if he likes Urvashi? He says no, I promise.

Day 29
Inmates wake up to song ankhiyan laranain. All dance and enjoy.
In secret room, Anup says to Sree that song was about our lives.

Sourabh says to Jasleen that I liked your photo. Anup hears it and says he keeps trying to impress her.
Sree says to Anup that our team was thanked when we won world cup but my name was not taken, host said that Sree was part of world cup too, he says to camera that I am sorry if I said anything wrong, I want to thank Sachin too, they didnt give me any credit for playing for 11 years, it felt bad, I am sorry if my behaviour was not right in dressing room, it felt bad, I did so much to win that world cup, I won it but its okay, I will try again, I will work harder. He starts crying. Anup asks him to not cry, you have supporters, they follow you and love you.

Bigg boss says to inmates that this season started with singles and pairs entering house, when we enter a new place, we think if we could present ourselves better and would people understand me? what decisions would be right or wrong? in that, we need partner who know us well.. in 4 weeks, you have known each other well and you must be confident to play alone without your partner, so before you start following your partner, start losing your personality and only go in direction where your partner is going.. we are ending pairs. He says all are individuals now, they will play for themselves only, all will be against each other, but before pairs ending, pairs have to take decision which will be told in activity area. He calls Deepak and Urvashi first. All are excited. Shiv says I am free now. Romil hugs Surbhi. Saba says congrats to Somi.

Deepak and Urvashi comes to activity area. Bigg boss says as pair, your last decision would be who will be nominated between you both, you have to decide that on basis of who entertains audience more. Urvashi looks at Deepak. Deepak says as per that basis, Urvashi is weak on that. Urvashi says I was targeted a lot, you were seen more. Deepak says Urvashi was less entertaining so she will be nominated, Urvashi says I have given my 100% in tasks. Bigg boss thanks them. Deepak tries to console Urvashi but she pushes him away. Deepak says I dont like when you show attitude like this.

Saba and Somi comes to activity area. Bigg boss asks them to decide who will be nominated. Somi says I think I should stay, I have been involved in game. Saba is in tears. Somi says dont cry, I feel like I should stay as I can make place in people’s heart. Saba starts crying, they both get emotional. Saba says an issue was raised because of my mistake, I shouldnt have done that, you kept your cool so I take my name. Saba says I am nominating myself.

Shiv and Sourabh comes to activity area. Sourabh says to Shiv that you have been entertaining. Shiv says you played too, you can provide more entertainment. Sourabh says yes I will be more focused. Shiv nominates himself.

Romil and Surbhi comes in activity area, Bigg boss says pairs were asked to nominate one from themselves but you are captains so you are safe. Bigg boss says URVASHI, SABA and SHIV are nominated. You guys have to tell if you agree with that or want to change it? Romil says I dont agree with Shiv’s decision, he is entertaining, he keeps talking or fighting, Sourabh doesnt show hsi colors, he should be nominated. Bigg boss says as captains, you have to decide who will be captain between you both? as pairs are ending so one will remain captain. Romil says Surbhi said that she would want to be captain again, its her goodness that she told me that she loves it so she should remain captain.

Saba says to Somi that now competition between us is on too.
Jasleen says to Deepika that we cant do anything between Somi and Saba. Deepika says I dont feel good but we cant do anything.

Bigg boss says nominated inmates are Saba, Urvashi and Shiv. He says as captains, Romil and Surbhi decided to nominated Sourabh instead of Shiv so now URVASHI, SABA, SOURABH ARE NOMINATED. He tells them that Romil and Surbhi decided that Surbhi will be captain now and Romil wont. He asks Deepika, Sristy, KV and Jasleen to mutually decide who three people between them was less involved in show and should be nominated.

Sristy says to her team that I did all tasks, KV says out of four, I and Deepika were involved in everything. Sristy says when was I not involved? Deepika says sometimes you go missing. Sree hears it and says shut up Deepika. KV says to Jasleen that you play safe.
Urvashi cries for being nominated, Deepak tries to console her.
Sristy says to KV that Deepika is becoming targeted so her name comes up, her involvement is less too after Sree and Neha left. Sree says to Anup that Sristy should be safe, she went to jail too, if they have humanity then they should save Sristy but they dont. Deepika says to KV that you reacted to some situations which you shouldnt have reacted too. KV says to Deepika that I think my maturity level is more than yours in thinking.
Romil says to Shiv that Jasleen should be safe.
KV asks his team if they have mutually decided? they all nod.

All come in lounge, Deepika says we have mutually decided that KV, Sristy and Jasleen are nominated. Bigg boss says nominated inmates for this week are URVASHI, SABA, SOURABH, KARANVIR, SRISTY and JASLEEN.

Sristy says to Jasleen and Sourabh that Deepika doesnt talk to me so it doesnt mean I dont talk to anyone.
Romil says to Shiv that we had to take decision as humans too.
Sourabh says to Jasleen that Romil have nominated me for personal grudge, I will break him and show him who I am.

Romil says to Jasleen that why did you let Deepika think she is more than you both? Sristy says we deserve to be nominated for that. Romil says I would have fought with her but I wouldnt have let her take my name.
Deepika says to KV that now game is difficult, their bond wont break and now Sristy will go to their side.
Sourabh says to Jasleen that you fought with Deepika, you were shown more. Jasleen says she had more fights, I felt she became more popular in negative light, all are against her.

Urvashi is crying. Deepika hugs her. Saba and Deepak comes there too. Deepak says if you want to look good for truth then say truth everytime, its the truth that she was shown less, heart wants her to stay more. Urvashi starts leaving from there. Deepak says to Saba that she accepted that she is less in entertainment factor.
Urvashi says to Deepak that if he knows that Urvashi was less then why he is justifying? cant I cry alone? why he is talking now? As soon as he took my name, he was trying to hold my hand, he started shouting at me, he should know how to talk to a girl, not all girls are same.

Bigg boss says to Sree and Anup that its time to go back to house, they can think of a story when they go back in to tell to inmates. Sree says to Anup that lets make a story when we go back home. He says that I will say I went out, I met their families, Anup says its a good story. Sree says to Bigg boss that we are ready. Bigg boss says Anup will go in house first. Sree touches his feet.

Jasleen is singing, suddenly they start hearing Anup singing bachna ae haseeno.. lo mei aa gya. Jasleen and others are excited. They all find him coming from confession room. Shiv runs and hugs him. Jasleen is jumping up and down. She hugs him tightly and says oh my God, I cant believe it. Anup sits in garden, all gather around him. Anup says I was in guest house and watching everyone, I left Jasleen to become stronger, why did you think yourself as weak? she cant push you down, I didnt leave you to make you weak. KV and Deepika comes there. Anup says I met Sree, he was crying and saying that Deepika hurt him, he couldnt digest what she did. They hear song zindagani, Sree enters house, Deepak hugs him and cries. All meet him, KV gives him fist bump. Deepika stands in back, Sree hugs KV. He hugs Sristy and asks her to be strong. He compliments Surbhi. He shakes hands with Deepika and says how are you? Sree says to Deepak that you know complete game.

Deepak asks where was he? Sree says I was living in Khandala with my family and I was watching everything, I know everyone’s game.
Deepika cries and goes to washroom.
Sree says to Deepak that it was elimination and Deepika didnt think once, she took my name. Then when she knew that I might comeback, she was tensed, if she loves me so much then why so much worry? He says to KV that Deepika is crying now, I was angry on her.
Anup says to Jasleen that Deepika is playing complete game, she is trying to remove everyone, she removed Sree.
Sree says to Shiv that you are smart, you knew what she could do.

Jasleen asks Anup who is most poisonous? He says Deepika. She asks who is naive to come in others talks? He says you. KV asks to tell about us? Anup asks KV to not be too loyal to Deepika, she made you nominate yourself. Jasleen says KV was a fool to take his name. Anup asks him to be careful. Jasleen says we have to stand for ourselves, we have to expose her, you are showing that she can do anything and you will stand by her. KV says I am sending wrong message unintentionally. Anup asks them to save themselves.

KV is tensed and says to camera that I am sorry if I am sending this message that I support wrong, he cries and gets angry.

PRECAP- Anup says to Jasleen that you were giving him massage, you never gave massage to me, he is enjoying your closeness. Jasleen is stunned. Sourabh says its not like that. Anup says to KV that Sourabh did say that he is enjoying her attention. KV nods, Jasleen says I call him my brother.
Sree says to Shiv and Deepak that Deepika is playing her game, she is eliminating people as per her plan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. here Deepika shows who she is the most profounded villian of d house … to hell with Deepika

    1. Mind ur words sanders

    2. Deepika Devil , rhyming words.

  2. I am so happy that Anup and Sree are back
    Deepikas excuse for eliminating sree was stupid. yes he had anger issues and he wanted to go home but later on he started to understand the game. the secret room task was a good refresher for sree and hopefully now he plays better. i feel that deepika did not go to the bathroom because sree is mad at her… i think she went to the bathroom bc it was a slap across the face, she knows what she did was wrong and she also knows that she is in danger zone now

    1. Mansi ,,, deepika agr neha k nam leti toh sb kehte neha se insecure hai bla bla,, kv k nam leti tb bhi use yhi sunna padta …ye toh deepika k sath hona hi tha agr woh teeno m se kisi k bhi nam leti

      1. @Swati yaar,2mlog ek he baat kyu bolte rehto hai? Kvb k saath itni wo close nahi thi jitni Sree k saath thi. But ok naam liya. Thats her choice. But always crying n giving lame excuses..y? He wasn’t so close to her na? Unko family ki yaad me tarapte hue dekha hai and all…what nonsense.

      2. I know usne reason stupid hi dia hai maybe her game plan …. but KV se bhi woh close thi kyki kv & deepika ki soch same hi hoti thi kv k nam leti toh kv fans bahar troll krte
        and gharwale toh wse bhi sunate jaise abi shree k lie sunna pad rha hai use

        ap yesterday epsiode m dekho kal jb nominate hona tha toh deepikane toh forcefully teeno k nhi bola ki ap teeno nomiate ho jao apni advice di aur teeno man gye fir sb kuch hone k bad deepika k apna nam ek bar bhi lia agr suppose deepika apna nam de bhi deti ki woh nominate ho bhi jati hai tb sare gharwlae k muh par yhi bat rehti ki deepika ko overconfident ho gyi hai fans bacha lege

  3. I neither like or dislike Dipika. But seriously why couldn’t she give her own name for nomination for once? She is turning out to be more negative in the Bb house day by day. I can’t think of a single task that she completed. Always took an easy way out. Then why can’t ppl point out her those aa weak points. And even Neha..she didn’t even try to prove to Jodis how she was the strong one in singles who performed each physical task successfully. And out of all ppl the most hostile person is rewarded with captaincy and no nomination. Seriously BB. Have you forgotten that she hit someone and was disqualified by yourself. Yet reward her by keeping her safe yet another week. I hope audience eliminate her the first chance she gets nominated.

    1. agar deepika apna nomination m nam le leti toh sare gharwale use over confident bola jata ki fans toh bacha hi lege ,,,, deepika nomination jasi chiz ko light kyu le

    2. deepika agar apna nam nomination m leti ,,, toh sab gharwale kehte ki over confident hai fans bach lege ………….deepeika nomination ko lightly kyu le

    3. @Sandeep…
      completely agree..
      deepika is looking more negative due to her own nature….
      jail jana ho toh baaki celebrities ko bhejo nominations hote h tab bhi baaki sab ko daal do .. aur fir baad m justify karte raho aur rote raho..

      in sree’s case she was right… but the reason what she gave and her justification was looking fake…

      on the other hand srisrty and kv are looking more genuine… and positive ppls..

  4. Zabardastii usko villain mat bnao…wat wrong she did..i fail to understand

  5. I’m very much happy to see shiv and Saurabh their true friends now they’re single but I love them both and I like shiv more now??? today I feel their not perfect but good to watch

  6. bichari deepika really feeling bad for her. itni bhi buri nahi hai ki sab logg target kare and sree aur anup ke wajah se toh kuch jyada hai corner kardiya. deepkika is trying to be vikas but woh hina ki jitni bhi nahi hai. sirf rone aur kitchen mei rehene se kuch nahi hoga and bossy nature kam karna hoga.
    jo bhi ho aakhir jitne wali yei hai i m sure but hoping ki shristy jeet jaye.
    shrity apne liye stand lerahi hai achha hai abb jhagde ko chodkar entertainment pe dhyaan de toh subhan allah bahut maja aajayega.
    kv mahaan banne ke chakker mei ekdum fool bann raha hai
    urvashi sava nominate hoye ho out nahi pher kyn rona dona thik hai kuch drama toh chaiye honge
    shiv sachha dost hai yaar lekin sourabh ka pata nahi
    sabse napasand logg deepak surbhi and romil
    jasleen ka pata nahi
    anup ek toh sree ki harr baat pe haan milarahe hain and dusri baat jo bhi ho jaise bhi ho unse toh achhi deepika hai so he sholdnot say anything about her atlest look at urself before saying anything to others.
    and sree apne aap ko bahut achha player samaj raha hai bahut attitude aagaya hai bahut bura fasega. reason sahi nahi thi lekin decision deepika ka ekdum sahi tha usne ek galti karr diya ki baar baar expalnation diya. kuch task toh tumse nahi ho pati bass ghussa karo chillao khatam aise nahi chalega bhai
    p.s not a deepika fan

    guys anyone from NEPAL then plz reply ok

    1. Anonymousaa

      Even I feel sree is exaggerating things. Anup and Sree both weren’t any VIPs to get the advantage, but sadly got that and now they will misuse it to manipulate and brainwash people against deepika. Deepika isn’t that great villain. Its I think human tendency that if someone you hate makes plans, you call it plotting and when someone you like makes plans, its called strategy. The presence of Sree is now getting too irritating. I feel Srishty and KV are the most vulnerable ones to get manipulated.Unless they get stronger, I don’t see any competition to win this season. As far as I see Deepika and Romil are the capable ones.
      P.S: Am from Nepal

      1. Shristy will win, mark my words. She marked her position the moment Salman Khan showed bias towards Khan sisters.

      2. Anonymousaa from which place?

      3. Anonymousaa

        Anu I am from Pokhara. And you?

      4. Anonymousaa

        @abhisek I don’t think anything can be said yet. Lets wait for WKV and see what Salman has to say about this plotting. Salman is always biased every season no wonder. Lets see if he supports Sree this time or points Sree’s conspiracy.
        Anyway this season, Salman favours Khan sisters and Surbhi ,doesn’t mean everybody else will be winners. But there’s one thing I dread, its the ‘another Shilpa Shinde in making’. Just as last season, Shilpa got fans just so like a debris flow, this season Srishty is getting popular. But I must say, still there will be a tough competition.

    2. I completely agree with u
      Not a deepika fan but sree has a narrow thinking and same he has poisoned in everyone’s mind.
      He is plying a dirty game
      Till he got eliminated and even in secret room, he just kept crying and getting angry
      Thats all he has done
      Deepika hs played much better than sree and anup
      Anup is a BS!!

    3. RANdomfANCreationz its ok we are biggboss fan and this is enough.
      i just wanted to know if anyone just like me from nepal comments here or not.

    4. @Anu…

      completely agree with ur each and every word….

    5. Anonymousaa


  7. This Sree can’t digest that how he got defeated so trying to get sympathy by targeting Dips. If he had been the real player than her would have use this instead of doing such things. N KV ll b KV bus Anupji told k u r looking like a spineless man th he trusted him. Kv don’t u trust yourself instead of getting trapped in others words.
    Koi nhi ji this will make Dips again the talk of the Town giving her an advantage.
    All can’t digest that she can play the game so smrtly so all r targeting.
    Hope k KV Don’t get into Sree or Anupji words else he will lose his identity and will again play as per sree’s instructions by considering him as a “bhratashree”

    1. Sakshi maheshwari

      Dipika di you are playing very well . No need to worry about all housemates are against you . Sree is just trying to instigate everyone against you as he wanted to make you lose but be strong .anup ji why are talking shit about dipika di as what she has done to you . Stop provoking everyone against her as she is playing very well and stop targetting her all the times .I also agree with neha di about her views on anup and sreesanth . Dipika di love you so much .play well you are not alone we all are with you bcoz bb means playing game for getting trophy . All housemates are very much tensed that how a simple looking girl can play such a smart game so they are targetting for every small things .

    2. U just said my mind .totally agreed

    3. @Cutie Pie, exactly ! That’s the way things are. Agreed word by word.❤
      One thing for sure – people hate potential. And the best leader has the most number of haters.

      @Sakshi, I am so happy to see there are people who didn’t judge Deepika like others are doing. Thank you so much.

      1. @Arohi…

        “One thing for sure – people hate potential. And the best leader has the most number of haters.”

        APJ abdul kalam ajad had much more potential than dpka… and he had not a single hater…

        bdw , deepika is playing good as per the show’s requirement

        and waise bhi bb m jo jitna zyada negative dikhta h whain der tak bb house m rehta h… so it is good for dpka… and she knew it very well too…

  8. I had one brother, one sister and a best friend. I was asked to kill one person. Duty comes before beauty. I tried to understand who is the weakest? My best friend was a sorted man, my sister was mature enough, my brother was too emotional.
    Was saving my brother to make him a better person a correct decision I should have looked up to?
    Won’t that be unjust to my best friend?
    Won’t that be wrong to my sister’s hard work?
    I couldn’t decide, I cried. I killed my brother like Brutus killed Caeser. I backstabbed him, yet, I wanted to justify to him that I loved him.

    I didn’t want to justify to God, I wanted my brother to forgive me. I cried. I told him he would have been happy to go.
    I knew from inside he would blame me. But brother, was there any other option?

    Soon, my sister left me. And my brother came. He introduced himself as I am none to him.

    When we are scared of someone, we sweat, we don’t cry.

    When we have nothing to lose anymore, already lost, we cry.

    I did that. Because, brother, u couldn’t understand me. I kept u in a shell because I can’t keep down my leadership qualities.
    Main aisa hi hun ! I wanted to protect you and u snatched away everything from me. Everything.

    Affected? That best friend who never tried to judge who is better and who is not. Who played like a man, will die like a soldier.
    Another Pritam will quit one day.

    That sister who is getting the punishment of being mature ~ Another Rochelle Rao left the show.

    Thank you if u read it. Much love.

    1. I loved Rochelle so much, she is still my best BB contestant ever.

      1. I loved Rochelle too. And the story I said above ~ it’s from Deepika’s viewpoint.
        I compared Neha to Rochelle as both were mature and sorted women in the house.

    2. Aww…. Aarohi well said!!! I love you yaar….

      1. Eeeee ? Much love to you. @Chan

    3. Your silver lining

      @ aarohi…
      I dont know about others but i never targeted her for taking sree’s name… But the excuse that she gave was so lame… She could have straightaway said that he did not play, not perform tasks but saying that he wanted to go home and so she voted him out is not digestable.
      Plus, crying all the time in front of camera looked totally melodramatic and drama…looked like we were watching a daily soap…
      P.s- l like dipika… She is the the only one using her brain ang playing smartly.. But she shoukd do it openly without manipulating others

      1. @Your Silver Lining,
        Yeah.. You are correct. But the insiders in the house are constantly targetting her for taking Sree’s name. Why?
        And Dipika’s excuse was lame I know but for a person whom I consider my brother, I wouldn’t tell directly You were bad…maybe, that is a flaw ! But I won’t hurt like Surbhi (yeah, she is straightforward) That was just an emotion which went completely wrong.
        Okay, I agree to some extent that the excuse wasn’t accurate.
        But her tears are not fake. If u put yourself in the situation, u will realise why she cries.

        Her first cry after Sree left was out of guilt where she felt what Sree will think.

        Yesterday she cried because she now saw a completely changed Sree who hates Dipika and not the one he considered his sister. She was alone in the house.
        Her tears were not MELODRAMA !

      2. @Your Silver Lining,

        totally agree with u on sree dpka matter..
        nice explanation…

    4. Arohi , many viewers even understood why Dipika said sree’s name… It’s himself who couldn’t understand it yet..and Jodis ; surely their aim is to manipulate sree and target Dipika… yet Nobody including Dipika asked others ,whom should she had to vote out among those 3 if it wasn’t Sree?? Neha & KV are obviously more close to her, more sporty ,more smart ,more tolerant than Sree..!
      If Sree thinks he s close with Dipika than Neha , it’s not necessary that Sree is important to Dipika than Neha.. I find him as emotional fool who is good for nothing in BB only.. hate him from the core..
      Dipika’s decision was right but she shouldn’t have to justify it by crying whole day.. and she s wrong for me in Srishty – Saba fight.. I know Arohi has different view abt it.. 😉
      This time Anup and Sree is targeting her for no reason… The most funny part is , Sree was considering Anupji as someone who likes Sree.. but it was Anupji who said Sree wasted one seat..!! :-D:-D

      1. @Ezra, yeah I found that Lol too >,,<
        Interesting fact is that Anupji had nothing to tell in the first two days, and he changed all of a sudden in Sree's favour as soon as he entered.
        And thank you for understanding my view.

  9. Sakshi maheshwari

    Dipika di be strong we aal are with you

  10. I have lost my respect for anup jalota coz he’s just instigating d whole house against deepika thereby fuelling shree who is always ready to be enraged .sorry ,I like shree but I just don’t like the way he’s tackling this issue for crying out loud how many people cld deepika possibly save,she chose neha obviously coz they are closer ,I just wasnt happy with d reason she gave that he wanted to go home but I don’t see a big deal in that .that’s d game.And now the whole house is against deepika ,b*t*hing about her n seriously,I was really shocked to see how easily influenced KV can be as if he doesn’t have a mind of his own .I’m dissapointed with KV .And anup jalota seriously? Tot u being an elder wld see things from both perspectives .They don’t know that them targeting deepika will only make people love her n that wld make her stronger while they keep following d crowd.Does big boss centre solely on shree? Mind u I like shree in fact more than deepika but just not happy with what’s going on .Can u imagine. kV accepting that deepika is better than him .I want KV to pull up his socks n not follow people blindly .

  11. Omg! Deepika kitne negative jari hai.she is my mom’s favourite but muje to wo ab bilkul bi acchi ni lagti hai..but i m sure wo hi bigg boss 12 winner hai…fixed show!

  12. Agree with almost every one’s comment except a few..yes everyone is targeting Deepika as they think she is very smart and stronger than other contestants and plays they kinda trying to to put her in bad light by pointing out every random things.
    Also surbhi towards the beginning said to romil that Deepika is very strong and they need to concentrate on her and as a result all of shouting n all .. claiming herself to be a real person and Deepika as fake..but if that’s the case..on one side we understand that it’s a to create drama they do need to fight cry and play even if it’s unnatural. So if surbhi is like that in real life who gets on nerve Everytime.. shouting on top of her voice with assumption that she’s superior, using foul languages on national TV, not letting others talk etc etc, does she think that these are the qualities to boast for.
    Is that her real characters that she takes pride in…and also Deepika might be wrong in some cases..but why would she be questioned for every action. Once they say she’s not showing her emotions..again they have a problem when she cries, she is fake again..again they say she’s isn’t a Caring person actually..but Again when she cares they say it’s fake. So what do they want from her..
    Also.. every one shows that they love Sri..too much…so where were their love before..and why would Deepika try to eliminate srisanth when he was not even her competitor…to be honest was he playing so strong. If others say that dips tried to keep Sri on her side as her strength then why would she try to get rid of him.
    Also isn’t Sri double faced.. when he was showing aggression.. getting high BP n all .dipika did care about him..if they say.. thats fake.then it’s nonsense.. anybody with high BP..needs to be calmed down at any cost.
    .and dips was helping him…she also told him to take it easy as it’s game..also..she tried to calm their team doesn’t loose any point because of his aggression…and one name ..she took .all his .love ..sister..this that ..gone…apart from his own issue with her he is also making sure that other also don’t have good terms with her. Also..some player claim that Sri told them that he wanted to stay…then why in front of dipika..he always said he want to leave .I mean ok he missed his family… Everyone does…but why does he have to say always…Bigg boss mujhe Ghar Jana hai…and Ghar Jane ki baat ho…toh nahi mujhe rehna hai…logon ki conspiracy hai mujhe hatane ka.. Matlab kuch bhi..
    Also srishty herself started having trust issues on dipika…and kept distance from her.
    Now if everyone is correct as they are playing game on their side..then what’s wrong in case of Deepika.. shes also playing from her side be her decisions intentional or unintentional.I mean even if ..she took some name …it’s her choice.
    So moral of the story is…ppl are actually scared about her as she was playing really well…so they are trying to Target her.
    Also.. Deepika should stop supporting Sri.. because that is actually bringing her down..fight with him if necessary pointing out his flaws…and not consider herself weak or left out..

    1. You are absolutely spot on and I feel Sree is getting special treatment, the other time they let his wife talk to him. I wish they will let Deepika’s husband say something to her. I just pray all this things don’t weaken are spirit because right now everyone is against her.

    2. I agree..I dont think Sree and Anup were playing a great game to have the privileges they were given if they are so capable then they should focus on their own game and let Dipika play hers. I feel they are scared of Dipika as they know she is the strongest competitor so trying to weaken her by ganging up. There are some decisions that I dont like which Dipika took but she is a strong and balanced individual.

    3. Thanks coz u have said it all.what double standards they exhibit.its a shame how all house target just one single insecure is that.deepika wasn’t my fav from onset but she’s now.U go gal .

    4. This is the best thing said by at least someone.
      Mary, I do love you. You have just said the most accurate thing in the easiest words as possible. I totally agree with you to this.
      It’s on point and in fire.

      1. ???… thank you Aarohi.. love u too..?

  13. Mujhe sree par bahot gussa aa Raha he kuch zyada hi attitude aa gaya he or achha hua Jodi toot gayi fake people saale or sree most irritating contenstent ever

  14. All are against deepika stay strong deepika ye Buddha jalota or bhaghoda sree sab ko deepika ke against kar rahe he or kv ko bhi seriously me kv ko mature samjha tha but vo fool hi he kitna easily Anup or sree ki baato me aa gaya

    1. Your silver lining

      Kv is the biggest fool… Vo sbki baaton m aa jata h… During saba srishti fight, kv said both were wrong…dipika said no srishty was wrong. Kv-yes srishty was wrong
      For kal kothri- i nominate srishty saba somi
      Dipika- shiv sourabh shud go
      Kv- yes they shud go… I change my vote.

      Kv be like dipika ji ap mature ho mjse jada so mje nominate hona chahiye…
      Like seriously!! I guess he’s too good and naive for this game

      1. @Your Silver Lining..

        wo din door nhi jab kv bhi neha k jaisa eliminate ho jayega due to his own mistakes..
        he is my fav.
        but in game he is zero… he is not using his brain even 1% …
        and uski toh only insult hi hoti rehti h sara time….koi bhi aa k insult kar k chala jata h…

        he needs to be strong on his words

      2. Although I like Kvb I can’t disagree with you two regarding his game plan is foolish.
        .. I really want him to show atleast half of Vikas’ intelligence
        But sadly not happening yet….

  15. I am beginning to dislike sree very much. Both Jasleen and Dipika talked about Urvashi and Deepak but he only picked Dipika’s own and him and Anup are just b*t*hing about her. The only thing he has ever done is to get angry and I hope Anup leaves soon, I’m not sure he can even perform a task completely and he would be given too much respect. I just pity my sweet Dipika hope she goes far.

  16. KV is the most gullible n vulnerable .He’s got no mind of his own.How can u believe what people say all of a sudden n quickly act on foolish is that.its d whole bb house against one now n deepika is gonna come out stronger .That’s all shree wants ,he can get all d attention he wants from the whole can people not think sad

  17. Anup jalota is really a “tharki buddha” the way he was accusing jasleen of being intimate with saurabh or saurabh taking advantage of her was such a cheap move furthermore him lying to karanvir about his wife was downright cruel and extremely manipulative. Why did they even bother having him back? moreover shreeshanth is a true “bailbuddhi” he keep regurgitating that he understands the game but the irony is he’s just an instrument first used by singles and now by (broken)jodis, his judgments are always muddled by his emotions and easily get influenced…deepak is such a conniving and irritating person i swear if I had the power i would’ve thrown him outside already how anyone finds him entertaining? or have sympathy for him? i’m sorry but he isn’t truly as simple as he shows himself to be besides urvashi wasn’t upset that he named her for nomination it was because he went overboard with his reasoning which could be rather upsetting for anyone she wouldn’t have expected him to start lining up the cards against her for future already last but not the least karanvir bohra might be the biggest disappointment I thought he would be cool and intelligent but he really is a bimbo or maybe could’ve been discouraged by salman’s continuous digs at him and became unsure?……Shrishthy is the only one who seems smart and fair to me now…oh oh and the look deepika has while anup and others were chattering & she came there with her mug and biscuit was truly hilarious..

    1. Sakshi maheshwari

      Totally agreed with you tharki buddha kahi ka

  18. I truly felt bad for urvashi today the way deepak turned so fast on her after jodi breakup was so…expected? lol he is of no one when it comes to the game and he is certainly playing sreeshanth and that too with ease he has him wrapped around his fingers and biggest joke of it all is sreeshanth thinks he’s the mastermind lmao however I kinda do feel bad for shree he seems like a genuine guy

  19. Anup jalota is really a tharki buddha the way he was accusing jasleen of being intimate with saurabh or saurabh taking advantage of her was such a cheap move furthermore him lying to karanvir about his wife was downright cruel and extremely manipulative. Why did they even bother having him back? moreover shreeshanth is a true bailbuddhi he keep regurgitating that he understands the game but the irony is he’s just an instrument first used by singles and now by (broken)jodis, his judgments are always muddled by his emotions and easily get influenced…deepak is such a conniving and irritating person i swear if I had the power i would’ve thrown him outside already how anyone finds him entertaining? or have sympathy for him? i’m sorry but he isn’t truly as simple as he shows himself to be besides urvashi wasn’t upset that he named her for nomination it was because he went overboard with his reasoning which could be rather upsetting for anyone she wouldn’t have expected him to start lining up the cards against her for future already last but not the least karanvir bohra might be the biggest disappointment I thought he would be cool and intelligent but he really is a bimbo or maybe could’ve been discouraged by salman’s continuous digs at him and became unsure?……Shrishthy is the only one who seems smart and fair to me now…oh oh and the look deepika has while anup and others were chattering & she came there with her mug and biscuit was truly hilarious..

  20. I am waiting when Sree will reveal that BCCI put banned him because Deepika asked them to do so. This secret room has proved that he is a fool of first order. He believed everything that was shown to him thinking it was unedited.

    1. Anonymousaa

      This one’s hilarious??

  21. I get to see episode late and haven’t seen it yet but I do believe in one thing,,, if people gang up against you or talk behind your back….you did something right. So Dipika played it right, she is cunning. Next comes Sree, Last promo that I saw, showed him coming to main house with pride and attitude. Dude you didn’t deserve the next chance and if you took 1 month to understand the game or to start playing……….life never gives second chance in real world. It’s Bigg Boss so you got 1.
    KV don’t make promises to camera, let your action speak. He gets instigated by each one because has no opinion. He gets angry everytime after taking his own name or approving his name for nomination and jail. Housemates who ask why Dipika didn’t nominate herself should rather ask why others in singles don’t say that they are not ok with nominating themselves and why don’t others in sinles take Dipika’s name. Even if she is dominating question is you need people you can dominate. So if others are followers she will be leader. Ganging up doesn’t give result, only strong people can make better gang. In every season, we saw few good friendship too. This season we have too many pretentious good people but not good friendship.

  22. Felt really bad for Urvashi. Deepak did behave rudely. He is overconfident. But Anup…man Jasleen is your partner not wife, let her play her game.

  23. My opinion on Deepika is you sow what you reap. Since the frst week, with Neha by her side she’s cornering Shristy. She never talked to commoners, never made an effort to bond with them. Now what do you expect? N wats up with people saying Deepika was the one who took care of Sree. Noone noticed how she never let anyone come near him whenever he had a breakdown? If dipak ya other commoners usko shant karane jaate tab v wo sabko dur bhejti thi usko akele me Sree ko sambhalna hota tha. Noone asked her to do that not even Sree. Now see how people r using that thing against him. Sree also fought with everyone 4 her, went to jail, slept outside when she was in jail. So stop this double standard.She said mera koi bhai nahi hai,maine aapko bhai bola he nahi but mana v hai. Aftr all these she evicted him. Ok good. But y crying n giving justification in front of 150 cameras in d house? She herslf admittd dt she was doing it 4 d cameras so dt sree usko dekh sake. Yeah right more like audience usko dekh sake. Instead of running inside d bathroom like a guilty person, she should’ve faced Sree.
    N people r having problem with dipak not taking his name but how abt dipika? She knew she had a strong fan following. She could’ve save someone. But once again manipulated others to take their name. Dipika is playing good no doubt but as a person she’s really selfish n manipulative. Now playing victim card I mean it’s the 12th season people r still getting fooled by this? Loved how Shristy stood 4 herself n realised her mistake. How she said dt Kvb ko apni weakness nahi batani chahiye coz aage log usi weakness ko uske against use karenge. Hope she play like this in d future.

    1. @ABC..

      According to me sree and dpka both are wrong…

      If dpka knew it that sree has anger problem and he is emotionally that weak so he can’t understand any situation then y she always took his side? to took side of a wrong person is wrong too…

      on the other hand sree’s reactions are too much.. apko bhi toh jana hi tha na..

      and one more thing… i dont understand how dpka’s all the time rona is genuine and sristy’s rona was to play victim card?

  24. Sakshi maheshwari

    Dipika di the way you are playing is very nice and it is actual way of playing in reality show like bb . Yaar mujhe koi yeh baat batao ko sab log dipika di ko sree ka naam nominate karne ke liye kyu target kar rahe hai .she only say his name not she kicked him out of the house . Mujhe ab regret ho raha hai ki maine pehle post mein anup jalota ko anup ji kyu bola sala tharki buddha jalota sirf instigate karne ke alawa usko kuch aata nahi hai nonsense . Last episode shows jalota and sree real faces too that how they are insecure with dipp di and plaaning and plotting against .sree agar thodi si buddhi hai toh soch kar dekh dippi di ne har baar teri help ki hai .aarohi mujhe aapka thought bhi bahut aacha laga about agood leader . Sirf dipika di hi accha khel rahi hai apne mond se bina kisi se influence hue. Great going dippi di love you. plz read it once and like it

    1. totally agreed

  25. most of the ppl are saying dpka is playing smart its true ..
    but romil is much more smarter than her…
    usey pata h kahan kitna bolna h kaise logo ko manipulate kar apna kaam nikalna h…. aur acche bhi bane rehna h..

  26. For me it was funny to see Somi outrightly telling that she deserves to stay in the house because she is more visible. The look on Saba’s face was ‘behan ek baar poonch to leti’. Yahan Saba khud ko defend nahin kar payi jab ki WKW mein saara bill Srishty per already phat chuka tha. Bahar aa kar Jasleen aur Srishty se keh rahi hai apna naam kaun deta hai nomination mein. If Deepika’s reason for eliminating Sree was not justified then was Deepak going overboard in nominating Urvashi justified? Then he says अरे नॉमिनेट ही तो किए हैं, but if she gets eliminated then who will be responsible?

  27. Agree with u @ XYZ exactly only this 2 are playing baki all are th groupism wale h. Tht insecure Sree is behaving as if dips has taken his property by using him. Lol sree.. Hope kv plays smartly by analysing the situation n not getting into the words of sree.
    Coming to nomination if she would have given her name than all will b like jz to show her fake guilt to audience she has given her name for nomination. If all are agnst that she didn’t gave her name than they are themselves showing that they are fool. If someone shows that they are fool than obviously in the game the opponent will use it na.
    All back b*t*hers…….

  28. For me Deepak not nominating him is not bad but after he gave Urvashi’s name he stated about her not being good at task. Good that she interrupted, because she did well in task and has no enemies. They have that innocent cute friendship indeed, at least from her side. He should not have been loud after that, humko tumhara ye acha nai lagta and all was not good. Ppl who were bond from outside should do it with dignity, like shiv sourav, Saba somi did. And when Romil can leave captaincy for Surbhi. Deepak and Urvashi have been friends. There is nothing in this world which is more important to friendship. For game, he should save himself but he knows he should not be rude. Relationships made in BB can be volatile. Both Sree and Dipika proved thier vurnability. I told that miss last season’s friendship-reason was luv overreacted in last season and got angry to Hina. Hina had ego issues with others but went to luv and even went beyond her limit to save her friendship. If either of them, Sree or Dipika would have done that…..matter solved. Walk to the person and hug it out. No need to go in flash back untill they want to use it for game and let others use it.

  29. Had dipika nominated herself,d house wld have been against her that she wants to be mahaan n is fake n is doing that for camera.I’m glad she didn’t nominate herself coz she’s stronger than all 3 of them.Its sad how people have double standards.Whatever the rest do ,its OK but one thing dipika does .all pounce at her .so silly.And shree if not careful will loose support of many people with this attitude he came back with n Anup will surely drag him n KV down for sure since that’s his motive now common guys ,where are ur senses ?

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