Siddhi Vinayak 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi and Prachi don’t give food to Urvashi

Siddhi Vinayak 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi is completely dizzy and shaky. She sees double of everyone and everything. She runs and grabs peas from the servant. She asks Rajvir if it is a problem if she takes the bowl. Prachi and Siddhi hope he would say no but he ends up allowing Urvashi. Siddhi glares at Rajvir. Rajvir puts first plate in Shankar’s name. Urvashi drops a pea in the plate to determine if this is the right one or not. She very carefully steps in that thaal and smiles. Rajvir names the next plate after Manjari. Urvashi succeeds in stepping onto that one too. She manages to step onto all the thaali’s and is also eating peas simultaneously. In tension, she finishes off the entire bowl quickly than she realises. What should I do! Last plate is in Gauri’s name. Prachi thinks Gauri will now understand how difficult

it will become for her to support Urvashi. Urvashi trips and the water spills. Gauri is upset. Rajvir announces it to be inauspicious. It means their relation isn’t good for the family. Gauri will now have to help Urvashi in everything. They will stay outside in the garden together and complete all the rituals. Gauri shakes her head unhappily.

Gauri asks Urvashi if she couldn’t be careful. My life is spoiled. Urvashi says I made mistake in the last one only. What’s my fault? They hear Rajvir’s voice. Rajvir comes there with Manjari, Prachi and Siddhi. You do not have to cook food today. You will get your favourite food today. Siddhi stops Urvashi from taking the bowl. Listen to him properly. Rajvir adds that they wont get it too easily. You will have to beg this from every woman present in the family. Urvashi reminds him that she is the DIL of Kundra family. I don’t need to beg anyone. Siddhi reminds her that she is doing it for Vin only. Why be ashamed while begging your loved ones? Manjari seconds her. Rajvir advises the ladies to go inside. Don’t give it to them till the time they beg you.

Shankar comes there looking for Rajvir. Prachi acts clueless. Shankar decides to call him. Rajvir is worried that his ringtone might expose him in front of everyone. He takes out his phone from his pocket but it starts ringing just then. Rajvir excuses himself saying that it is Guru ji. He wants to discuss about the ritual. He starts talking without picking the call. Shankar says he is mad. He disappears whenever I need him. He ends the call and tells them to let him know when Rajvir is here. There was such a nice script. He could have become a hero! He goes. Rajvir glares at Siddhi and Prachi. I was about to become famous but here I am! He sends them inside. Let’s start the exam.

Siddhi and Prachi are happily eating Dahi-Vade. Gauri and Urvashi peek on at them. Gauri asks her not to act too smart. Keep your ego aside and beg for the food. Urvashi says I never begged in my entire life but where am I today! She walks up to Siddhi requesting to give her Dahi-Vade. Prachi shows her how to beg. She makes Urvashi practise many times. Siddhi hides her smile. Prachi winks at her sister. Siddhi recalls how she had once requested Urvashi to tell the truth to Vin and everyone but she had refused. She keeps the empty bowl in Urvashi’s hand. I ate your Dahi-Vade. Prachi tells the same to Gauri. She keeps that bowl in Urvashi’s jholi too. Urvashi asks them why they made her beg if she dint want to really give it. Siddhi reminds her of the incident. You dint do it but I dint take it to heart. Why do you feel so insulted Choti? Prachi pities Gauri. She is the elder DIL of the house yet she has to beg from us! This is what happens because of wrong company. She is also helpless. Siddhi asks Gauri to clean the bowl. She goes with Prachi. Urvashi is about to throw the bowls after them but Gauri stops her. We will ask Chachi ji.

Urvashi and Gauri fall in Manjari’s feet. Please give us Dahi-Vade in alms. We will eat from one plate only. Manjari tells him to be quiet. Listen to me first. Urvashi says we are in no condition to hear anything. Manjari shares that she had kept Dahi-Vade for them but Rajvir finished everything. She shows the empty bowls to them. Rajvir peeks at them from the window. I should go and change quickly. I hope I don’t get caught or I will indeed become Baba!

Urvashi and Gauri are unhappy with Rajvir. Rajvir comes there as Baba. Did you guys fail in getting alms? Urvashi tells Rajvir they haven’t eaten anything since morning. Help us. Rajvir replies that only Bholenath can save them now. Vin announces that he will give them food. Urvashi smiles in relief. Siddhi and Prachi get tensed.

Precap: Shankar asks Baba if they made a mistake. Urvashi says I made a mistake. Rajvir says what you did today was a sin. Siddhi shakes her head at him gesturing him against it. Vin notices her thus. Later, Rajvir, Prachi and Siddhi are discussing the next task for Urvashi. Vin is eavesdropping.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Loved the scene where they are begging for food and giving them empty bowl.. didn’t like Urvashi’s over acting…

  2. So finally Vinayak find out baba’s truth..😥

  3. Summer

    According to the precap, Vin eavesdrop…this means the story will round around in circles again before the truth is revealed. Dragging it out!!!

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