Krishna Chali London 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna tries to save Radhe and Shukla

Krishna Chali London 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the goon telling Dadda that Gajanan and Triloki haven’t come. Dadda asks him to check for Radhe and Shukla. Krishna and Shuklain look on. They lift the veils. They follow the goons. They get stuck inside the car dicky. The goons check Radhe and Shukla. The goon says prepare the container, its time. The goon sends his aide to get the drugs from the car dickey. Matuk takes breakfast for Krishna. The goon informs Dadda that Gajanan and Triloki aren’t here. Dadda says I m coming to check there. Bela sees this and says everything will be known to him. She calls someone. Goon sees Krishna and Shuklain in the dickey. He catches their neck. Krishna throws the drugs on him. He faints down. Shuklain asks what happened.

Krishna says he fainted because of the drugs,

nothing happened to him, we have to put him in dickey. They put the goon in the dickey. They see many goons there and hide. Shuklain asks how will we find Radhe and Shukla, there are goons everywhere. Krishna says but we have to find them, come with me. Krishna stops her from sneezing. They see goons getting more people. The chief asks the goon to take everyone to the same room, where Shukla and Radhe are kept, their kidney will be sold. Krishna says its a big gang, their lives are in danger, Radhe and Shukla will be kept in that room. Krishna says we have to go to that room somehow. They hide and go. Chief gets the drugs bottles and asks the goons to guard well. Radhe and Shukla cry seeing the other people. Radhe thinks of Krishna’s words and takes Krishna’s name. Krishna and Shuklain look for them. Shukla coughs.

Shuklain feels him and says I have spent my life with him, he is here, he is coughing. Krishna says then Radhe will be with him, we shall go by that door. They see goons and hide. Triloki and Gajanan get dressed as doctor. They stop Dadda from going in. Dadda says I want to meet my bahu. Triloki says you can’t meet her. Gajanan says fine, you may meet her. Dadda goes to check Krishna. Gajanan gets scolding him. Dadda says its fine, I will go. He goes. Gajanan thanks for saving us, else it would have been a big trouble. Saajan’s wife Guddan smiles. She says Saajan has got for computer studies, I m here, I can do this for you, I have become Krishna’s duplicate even last time. Radhe asks the people why are they sitting quiet, they are more in number and should be brave, they should fight and not accept defeat. Krishna says we might get caught, we have to think well, we have to leave before anyone sees us. Shuklain says I won’t go without taking Shukla and my son. Krishna says we won’t be able to deal with them. Goons catch them.

Krishna and Shukla lift the veils. They get caught by goons. Radhe says we have to die, but we Indians are not coward to die without fighting. He inspires the people. Krishna and Shuklain are asked to fly back to India. Krishna thinks how to save Radhe and Shukla. Everyone chants Har har mahadev. Radhe smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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