Anshuman : Pakhi!!

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Pakhi : Haan Anshu , I really loves you , not from today right from that day when you came at night and give me the Gudiya telling that I should never feel alone . That day was one of the worst day of my life when I cursed myself for being a girl. You was the only one person who looked me as a human being .

Anshuman : Pakhi!! I wasn’t aware of what was happening with you at that day but through Teacher Ji only I came to know about that you have just undergone a biological change in your body and it’s part of every one’s life. Boys also undergoes various biological changes. I realized how girls are ill treated in this village and I wasn’t able to do anything as I was so small. Your Bawuji insulted Teacher Ji in this panchayat itself and his people beated her brutally. They send her away from here and I don’t know now where is she. But before leaving Teacher Ji told me to save you and I understand it’s depth when I grow up. Pakhi I too love you from that day when you was restricted to play with me . Only that day I understood that without you my life has no meaning at all .

Pakhi : Anshu!!

Ratan : Enough!!! We are not assembled here to overhear your saga of love sickness . You both did a crime and this panchayat is going to punish you both so that this sickness of love should be fired in flames. You both will be burned in fire before the whole village. Whoever breaks the norms will now fear to break it again.

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{ At this portion I am using the same to same dialogues of original movie as I felt there is no replacement for them . }

Pakhi : Bawuji Agar Aap Hamare Prem Ko Prem Rog Kaa Naam dena chahte hein toh humein woh Mansoor hein.

Anshuman ; Agar Aap Isse Gunaah Kehkar Saza dena chahte hein toh zarur deejiye , Lekin ek baat iss prem rog kaa koi Ilaaj nahi.

Pakhi ; Prem karne walon ko sadiyon se Alag Alag wajah ke bahane mein bereham maut diye jaate hein . Aap humein bhi jalakar raakh bana sakte hein, Magar hamare prem ko nahi .

Anshuman : Kyunki pyaar karne waalon Ko Sadiyon tak Duniya yaad rakhenge . Unn mein hamare naam bhi jud jaayenge toh humein iss par garv hein.

Pakhi : Prem Rog mein Sab kuch Samarpit hote hein aur isske baad iss rog se khud premi bhi mukthi nahi paate . Aapke bane banaye reeti -riwaz se aage hein sacche pyaar kee taaqat joh Anshu mujhse aur mein Anshu se karti hoon.

Anshuman : Aap humein zinda jala toh sakte hein magar hamare prem ko nahi hein. Maana kee ek din ke liye sahi Hamare prem kee taaqat ne Pakhi ko uss narak se bachaya hein . Aur maut ko hum donon khushi se gale laga denge .

Pakhi : Joh azaadi prem mein mujhe mili hein uske liye mein naa jaane kabse tapdi hun. Bawuji aap ek baar insaaniyat kee nazar se dekhiye sirf ek baar.

Ratan ;  Bas!!! Gaonwalon, Tie them both in pillar and pour kerosene on them .

Anshuman : I am sorry Pakhi I was able to save you from the pain, but I never expected that your own father will order to burn us. At least he should have thought about you.

Pakhi : Anshu  , You bought me that happiness of freedom which I waited for long. And at the jungle when we were together I enjoyed life again. And don’t bother about me , we both are getting punishment for sickness of love. I am worried that your life is in trouble because of me. You tried to save me from the unwanted marriage but got severely beated . Today you was succeeded in saving from a hell like life . I don’t care what these villagers say, what my father says . What I really cares is you only .You are with me at the last moment of my life, What else I need ?

Anshuman : I feel so much fortunate to hear that you got freedom because of me. Pakhi , this sickness of love will never gets cured and until the last flame burn our bodies we will look each other . So that we could feel the sickness of love severely . Only our bodies are burned , not our love.

Villagers started pouring kerosene on them. Ratan came with a match box and before he could lit the fire suddenly some one screamed ……Ratan!!!

Ratan turned back and gets surprised to see his mother , wife and Anshu’s dad

Roopvathi : Beta stop it.

Ratan : Maayi!!

Roopvathi : She is your daughter, my grand daughter. Don’t do this to her.

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Ratan : But Maayi !! She is a sin. Being a widow she kept an affair with Anshuman , Their communities are different .

Kesar : Enough. Till now I obeyed each and everything said by you . But today I won’t listen you any more. What’s Pakhi’s mistake ? We only made her to marry a man who is double of her age , we only killed our daughter’s dreams .

Ratan : Kesar you forgot that you are Thakurayin, and why you came at panchayat ?You know naa Haweli’s women are not supposed to come out.

Roopvathi  : I bought her here. Why are you blaming her only ?I am also woman of that same haweli, beta.

Ratan ; What happened to you both ?You both are breaking traditions .

Meanwhile Ratan’s brothers and their wives also came infront .

“Bas bhai saab, abb aur nahi . Don’t kill your daughter with your own hands . ”

Ratan : Why you all are questioning me ?

Kesar : Because you are wrong Thakur Ji. Traditions are good and we need to follow it. But none of the tradition should be a barrier to any one’s liberty. These customs, rituals and practices are for reforming man not for destroying man. Pakhi faced the worst thing in shekhawat niwas.


Ratan : What ?

Gireesh : Shekhawat ji’s son Kripesh tried to molest Pakhi bitiya . Every day those family’s elders tortured our Pakhi bitiya, Bade saab.

Ratan’s brother Shambu : Bhaiya Shekhawat Ji’s wife is alive, she isn’t dead. He had hidden her somewhere and lied to us . Police had informed this about to me . Our sisters who got married in Shekawat niwas were ill treated by the shekhawat family. Their death were not natural , it ‘s all done by them. Till now we believed  it happened naturally , shekhawat family bribed the ploice to mislead the case . But I got the information now as I went to meet the commissoner for seeking his help on a land registration. I was about to tell you but soon I came to know that Pakhi was missing from there and  near the jungle villagers find her with Anshuman . It’s high time we should rectify our mistakes. Bhaiya we forcefully made our sisters to get married at that family and we lost them. We did very much worst sin by making Pakhi to marry with a man who is much elder than her.

Roopvathi : I wasn’t able to save my daughters, but I will certainly save my granddaughter. For saving her I will break all the barriers.

Kesar : I was literally a bad mother who never took a stand for her daughter . That day when Anshu stopped me for not spoiling Pakhi’s life I would have listened him. But I haven’t done that . I have broken all the so called rules and regulations and also had bought all women of our home outside the four walls. We are here for saving our daughter, not Just Pakhi but for saving girls of this entire village. Ghungat is good until you wears it in head but when you start covering your face inside it and fears to unveil it it’s nothing just a ban to your identity. I feel proud that Pakhi was brave to deal with Kripesh who tried to molest her .

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Ratan became speechless. He bend at his own knees and burst out his pain in tears.

Giresh ; Bade saab!!

Ratan : Gireesh, I am a big failure as a father . Gaon walon , Maayi, Kesar , Pakhi, Anshu ……..Forgive this sinful man . Forgive me….. Gireesh our children should never be in any sort of constraints, they should get a peaceful life . Let’s do it.

Gireesh nodded his head. Ratan and Gireesh opened the ropes .

Pakhi : Bawuji

Pakhi came forward to hug him

Ratan : Naa beti naa , This man doesn’t deserve your warm hug, you are sacred girl and I am a big garbage which is filled with unwanted negativity.

Anshuman : Bade saab , Your sins are already cleared with the pure tears of love for your daughter. You loves your daughter and she also loves you , don’t separate yourself from it.

Ratan touched Pakhi’s cheek and looked her

Pakhi : Bawuji

Ratan : Beti !! Why I wasn’t able to read your heart earlier ? Forgive me beti,I am really sorry .

Pakhi : Bawuji, today you win my heart by removing the constraints.My respect and love towards you have increased much.

Ratan and Pakhi hugged each other.

Ratan : Anshu, what kind of feeling is this ?

Anshuman : It’s called sickness of love , Bawuji . Whoever feels this sickness will never be cured . Sorry I called you Bawuji

Ratan : You should call me always that , beta.

Kesar : Pakhi , I am so sorry .

Roopvathi : Beti I am also sorry.

Pakhi hugged both of them

Pakhi : Whatever you said on behalf of girls and women I feel proud on you both. I have a wish Bawuji

Bawuji : Tell it bitiya.

Pakhi : From now onwards all girls should be allowed to go schools and colleges . Education is necessary for bringing a change.

Bawuji : Sure beti . I am granting the permission for it.

Anshuman ; I have one more wish . We want to meet our Teacher Ji again who poured the light of knowledge towards us.

Bawuji : That will also be done.

Gireesh : Bade saab !!

Ratan : Now onwards you should call me Ratan only. We both are Sambdhan now .

Gireesh : Ji!!

Anshuman : Haan baaba  . You always wished to see Pakhi with me ,but feared a lot to say it. Hey naa ?

Gireesh : Haan Anshu. Pakhi bitiya  I have bought this to you.

Gireesh gives gudiya to Pakhi.

Pakhi : Yeh gudiya toh ….

Anshuman  : Even though I given a gudiya to you , you always love to have much more. My baaba used to make lots of gudiyas and that day you was playing with one of them only, Pakhi.

Gireesh : If you didn’t like this gudiya then I will make another one

Pakhi : Baaba , I liked it very much and I want to have more and more gudiyas. Will you make it for me ?

Gireesh : For my son’s pyaari gudiya rani , I am ready to make thousands of gudiyas.

Pakhi : Thank you Baaba.

After some months 

Pakhi and Anshu started classes for educating girls and it was a marvellous change in village.

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Haweli’s women were allowed to go out and the old teacher ji was appointed again at the village’s school. As everything was cleared Pakhi and Anshu got ready for their marriage. Kesar was looking Pakhi . She started singing

Yeh galliyan yeh chaubara

Yahan aana tum dobara ……

Pakhi : Maayi!!

Kesar : Yahan aana naa dobara …you was singing like that only . But today I have changed the lyrics . You have to come again .

Pakhi : Maayi , Yeh bhi koi kehane kee baat hein..

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Pakhi emotionally hugged her .

Anshuman : A mother’s love is same for her daughter always doesn’t matter how much she grows up.

After a while Pakhi and Anshuman got married happily. They receievd blessings from elders. Pakhi had an emotional good bye from haweli members.

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Pakhi and Anshu reached Anshu’s home.

Gireesh welcomed them with aarti.

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Gireesh : Bitiya you already knows my wife passed away in young age . So I am only here as your mother and father.

Anshuman ; Baaba now Pakhi bitiya has arrived and she will take care off us just like Maa. Hey naa ?

Pakhi : Yes Anshu.

Anshu bought Pakhi to his room . Pakhi finds the bangle boxes.

Pakhi : So much bangle boxes are here , why ?

Anshu : Actually those years when I wasn’t able to see you properly I made an assumption may be this or that bangle will be right fit for your hand.

Pakhi smiles and says :You are so cute Anshu

Anshuman ; You too , Pakhi .

Pakhi ; I never thought this day will also come in my life.  I am so lucky to have you

Anshuman : Pakhi let’s forget all those past things. Now we both are happy and it’s time for us to getting

Pakhi : What ?

Anshuman : Sickness of Love , else what ?

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Pakhi : I love you deeply Anshu

Anshuman : I love you too Pakhi

They both underwent the sickness of love passionately at their beautiful wedding night.


  1. Jasminerahul

    Ankhi love confession was lovely.shocking that ratan decides to burn them alive.anshuman saying that love sickness have no treatment n pakhi saying that their love can’t be burnt waa nice.surprising that roopvathi n kesar stopped ratan from killing kesar said they were the ones at fault.the truth of how pakhi was ill-treated n shekawat’s wife was alive but hidden…sisters were killed in that house getting revealed before ratan was nice.why were the sisters killed?ratan realising his mistakes…apologizing n saying that he doesn’t deserve pakhi’s hug was emotional. Glad that ankhi succeeded in convincing to send all girls to school n ankhi teaching them in school.glad that ankhi got married .the last scene was very romantic. Loved the bangle box part n their romantic dialogues. Perfect pics.

    What are the differences you made in this story?

    1. Revu

      Shekhawat family always I’ll treated women in name of unnecessary things and when women show protests they will do domestic violence and eventually kill them later. Thakur family and Shekhawat family has a custom that girls of thakur haweli should be married in Shekhawat niwas only. They cruelly tried to molest Pakhi in original here I didn’t show that much harsh way. This was shown in movie which is very hard to write and watch. Another change is the climax, in original Anshu’s father gets burned in fire as he came forward to save them. Though in movie Rishi and Padmini got saved from fire , Burning of gireesh was so painful to watch. . Only after gireesh’s death Kesar and other ladies show courage to protest against Thakur and Thakur realised his mistakes. They didn’t show marriage of Pakhi and Anshu , here I showed that. There was also an allegation against Pakhi that being a widow she visited temple near the jungle with Anshu who belongs to another community. I don’t want to get deep into those cast and communal issues , so avoided it . Thanks a lot as you liked it

  2. Jasminerahul

    How you added padmini’s music video song was surprising n nice.

    1. Revu

      I liked this new version also very much in Padmini’s voice . Old one was sung by Lata Mangeshkar . I was always thinking where I should add and this place was so apt

  3. Ishita zoy was really very emotional and beautiful. I got emotional when ratan decided to burn them. Kesar and roopvathi did good work. Anshu and pakhi confessing their love was so emotional and beautiful. Last scene was so romantic and nice.. amazing story. Actually which movie is this?

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot . Original movie name is Prem Rog – Rishi Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapuri film

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