Sibling by heart… Oberoi Heirs! ch 15

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Shivaay was driving and in the passenger seat, Anika was sitting. Shivaay was literally fuming and fire smoke was coming out of his ears…
He was still sceptical about Shagy and not happy with the fact that Prinku have a crush and he was coming to his house… the protective brother in him wanted to take his siblings far away from this evil world and hide him.
Om, left his car in the gallery and hitched the ride from Shivaay… so he was in back seat with Shagy.
Om was still irked by the fact that Shagy and Maan shares a same flat and they were close. Maan mentioned how he was going to Oberoi Mansion for his assignment work and Shagy started crib saying how she don’t want stay alone in the flat. Aadhira smiled and said she could spend time with everyone in Oberoi Mansion till Maan was done with his assignment. But Om was happy thinking he could get an opportunity to get more close.
Om was confused and irritated but there was a little happiness as the girl who caught his attention was sitting next to him and coming to his house.
Ridra was driving his car and at the back seat, both his sisters were sitting.
Rudra felt cheated because how his Suma was coming in bike with that Maan Singh Rathore.
Smile was pasted on Anika’s face as she will get a chance to spend time with her sister and get to know her. She really hope that happens…
Aadhira was busy tecting someone in her phone..
Priyanka was dreaming about Maan and excited as he was going to come to his house for the first time.
All reached OM…
Soumya: I think we can do the assignment in my room.
Maan: You sure? If you mind or anyone minds we can actually sit in the hall. I am cool with it.
Om gave an impressed smile at that statement.
Aadhira: Sit in the room and do the work without any disturbance with the drama…
Om went to his room and Rudra followed him.
Aadhira and Shagy went to meet Jaanvi.
Anika went to her room and Shivaay followed her.

Shivika’s room:
The moment Shivaay entered the room he locked the door.
Anika: SHivaay, I am worried about our family. What are we going to do? I am worried about SHagy as well…
Shivaay: I will not anything to my family… Shagy is your sister, I will try my best to save her. Don’t worry…
He hugged her from behind.
He murmered burying his face in the crook of her neck. His hot breath evoked feeling in her…
Anika’s heartbeat increased. She thought it might jump out of her chest any time.
Shivaay placed a kiss on her neck and Anika shivered.
Shivaay smirked at that and started kissing her neck slowly and he slowly ran his nose over her neck inhaling her divine smell.
Anika pulled herself away from his clutch as the sweet torture was making her feel many new emotions.
Shivaay turned her towards him and looked at her red blushy face. He smile at how she was not looking at him and how she was breathing heavily.
He tugged her hair behind her ears.
She looked at him in his eyes. Those capitivating eyes were commanding her and she gave in… She hugged him as tight as she can.
Shivaay enjoyed having her in his arm and he felt as if he has achieved everything in this world.
After a long time both of them looked at each others eyes. They were not doing anything consciously but they were doing what they felt like…
The distance between their lips reduced very slowly and the moment their lips touched it was like some beast woke up in them
SHivaay demanded for more and dominated and whereas Anika was trying to follow his lead. Both of them were lost in the heat…
Soon they were making out till the door was knocked heavy enough to annoy them.

At the same time in Om’s room:
Om was smiling and Rudra was grumpy.
“I don’t like this Maan.” Rudra told to himself.
“Me too but I think he is a good guy. Lets see.” Om said thinking.
Om: Rudra, what kind of gift should I give to impress Shagy?
Om wanted to get a good impression from her and blinded by his feelings he asked advise from the duffer Oberoi.
Rudra: You like her so much huh… okay baba, I will help you… Jewels or clothes O…
Om: She is unique Rudra. She is not a person who will go for the materialistic gifts… She is different and pure…
Rudra: Don’t forget what she did with Svetlana’s brother Om.
Om: I will not. What did Svetlana’s brother did to her that she did such things to him and her?
Rudra: Love is blinding your sense I guess…
Both of them looked at each other after the statement.
Rudra: Are you in love with her?
Om: Yeah! I think so…
He was smiling stupidly.
Rudra was worried about it…

There was a knock on the door and Shagy stood there smilingly.
Looking at her Om’s smile just brighten up.
Om: Come in Shagy.
Shagy: Sorry, We were talking with Jaanvi maa and minty slept in her lap. It was awkward and thought I would talk with my new friend and her brother, if they don’t mind…
She asked them casually and Om asked her to come and sit in the bed.
Rudra figured Om was not happy with Maan Singh Rathore living with Shagy and he took it in his hands, afterall his brothers happiness matters.
Rudra: How do you know Dhiru di?
Shagy: We met in an accident and became friends. Then I went to her school only.
Rudra: Di studied in the expensive boarding school… I mean sorry to ask but how did you…
Om: Shut up Rudrs. What are you asking?
Shagy: Om, it is okay. He is just curious and worried about his sister. (She turned towards Rudra with a smile…) in the same accident I met Maan’s brother and he took me to his house. His family took me in and I share Rakhi bond with Maan and his brother…
Om: Means Maan is like younger brother to you…
Shagy: Annoying younger brother actually.
There was a silence in the room for few minutes.
Shagy: I need a help from you all but I don’t want Aadhira to know about it yet. Please. Can you? It is regarding finding the relationship between Rumi and Ranveer.
Om and Rudy agreed.
Maan and Prinku whereas Shagy went to call Shivika.
Om started jumping up and down in happiness.
He looked at mirror and adjusted his dress and hair with a smile.

Shivika’s room:
Shivaay opened the room with annoyance.
Shagy: Sorry to disturb you but can you both come to Om’s room?
Shivaay: Yeah… *he said it with annoyance*
Shagy smirked at that.
Shagy: And Anikaji, cover your neck with your hair or scarf… those hickeys were pretty visible… and many notice that before anything naturally…
With that she left and Anika’s eyes widen in surprise… SHivaay’s moutn was hung open at the girls audicacy…

Om’s room:
Anika was avoiding Shagy and Shivaay…
She sat in between Rudra and Maan…
Shagy: We have to find the relationship between Rumi and Ranveer as there is a chance of them targeting Aadhira soon. She will be worried about us so that is why I don’t want her to know. This plan can help us or we will not get anything.
Soumya: Lets see whether it is worth a shot.
Maan: Hope you don’t come with something irrational like always.
She glared at him.
Shagy: Svetlana, Rumi and Ranveer live in their own flats individually and Tia lives with her mother…
Rudra: Home is the safe place where we are whom we are…*he said looking at Soumya remembering how he used to avoid her in college…*
Anika: Matlab we might find something in their house.
Shagy: Exactly…
Prinku: but how are we going there?
Maan: Sneak in or break in!
Shagy: Exactly…
Maan: We have to go to 4 house and we are 8 in number. So we can divide among our self in to pairs and go.
Shagy: And to someones house whom we knew and have problem with more than other three… So that we will be able to identify something that helps us…
Shivaay: This is madness and can get us arrested and media will spoil the family name.
Shagy: Back of if you want. *she snapped at him*
Shivaay: This is stupidity. I will not let anyone do it.
Shagy: It is not. You are not hurting anyone. You are just finding a way to save your family Mr.Oberoi…
Both of them had a glaring contest…
Rudra thought she is really Anika bhabhi’s sister. The same fire when she fights for what she wants and same determination… WOW!
Om: She is right Shivaay. I am in for the plan Shagy.’
Maan: I am in too
Rumya & Prinku: I am in!
Anika: I am in but I will be in your team SHagy.
Shagy looked surprise.
Shivaay: Why would you be in her team? You should be in mine.
SHagy: We thought you are not coming and Anika will be in my team.
Shivaay: I am coming and she will be in my team.
Shagy: Excuse me, even if you come she chose me first so she will be in my team.
Shagy: That is true… I am no one to say that…
Shagy said it silently and without any emotions but all felt the pain. Anika eyes nearly became teary but she blinked it away…
Maan: I think we should pair in away there is 1 male and 1 female in the team. So that in all the team there will be one smart one and strong one.
Rudra: Fine. Then bhai and bhabhi together to Kapoor’s mansion and Soumay and I can go to Rumi’s house as both of us know her.
Shagy: I will be going to Svetlana’s flat…
Om: I will be going with you there…
Maan: So the remaining is me and Priyanka to Ranveer’s house.
Prinku smiled shyly and nod her head.
Three brothers looked at that worriedly.
Prinku’s phone rang and she left to speak to her classmate who was asking doubts.
Shagy: Maan, I know you have crush on her for like an year. Hope you don’t think of this as an opportunity…
Obro’s, ANika and Soumya looked at them in shock.
Maan: I never did and never will. As much as I like her, I respect her and I value my life. Aadhira and my brother will have my head if I become an opportunist. And you should not say that in front of the brother.
Shagy: Just a warning and also I want them to know that you like her so that they will take care their family girl in your presence.
Maan: Well I am not blessed with awesome siblings…

Prinku crying in Maan’s arm
Rumya found nothing but Rudra explained everything happened again in Rumi’s house and Soumya hugs him…
Both realise their love but don’t confess it…
Shagy got panick attack…
Shagy sharing her truth to OM

Author note:
I am sorry for not posting these many days. Was busy with my masters dissertation. Can you all tell me whether you guys want small chapter everyday or long chapter once in two days?
And also comment on how was this episode?

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