Should I confess ??? Ch 29

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A/N – Missed me? I know you guys didn’t! Okay.. just kidding.
Firstly, my heartiest sorry to all the ff and os writers for not commenting on them and may be I won’t do so for a few more days. But I read them all guys. I swear I do.
Now my second sorry for such a late post. May be, some of you know the reason behind. I am just too stuck in my studies and it’s hardly possible for me to even open TU. I just open for the PM’s and nothing else. SORRY AGAIN.

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SUMMARY from episode 1-28..

Twinkle and kunj land up in the same class in std 7. They slowly become good friends and start spending times together with kunj teasing Twinkle and their playful fights. For kunj, it was love at the first sight but for Twinkle, it was nothing. Kunj revealed this to Uv admitting that he loved Twinkle. Chinki circulated this message to Mahi and she decided to unite twinj. She made Twinkle realize how much kunj loved her. Kunj never proposed Twinkle as he was scared that he might end up in loosing the friendship. Slowly Twinkle also started falling for him and she did. In std 8, they don’t talk for 1st 3-4 months but slowly start texting each other. They used to have a long Convo. Until one day due to a misunderstanding Twinkle got angry on kunj and they both stopped talking. Twinkle sometimes made efforts to talk to him but he didn’t. The reason was that, whenever they talked, the students used to make fun of them which used to annoy Twinkle,so just that Twinkle doesn’t get hurt, he stopped talking to her. Twinkle thought that he wasn’t talking because of his ego and she started developing ill feelings for kunj and left the school without informing anyone. They tried but couldn’t contact her. ( I forgot to mention that yuhi were already bf nd gf ). After 10yrs leap, Twinkle became a successful doctor and kunj became a successful business man. One day some guys try to misbehave with Twinkle but kunj comes in time and saves her. They started spending time together and their parents decided to make them marry each other. They decided to go with their parents’ decision. On the wedding day, Twinkle came to know about kunj being the same old kunj of her. She cried a lot and finally decided and got married. Their first night was indeed a romantic one but only till the limits. They didn’t do anything offensive. Bebe arrives to the Sarna Mansion. Kunj comes to know about Twinkle being his Twinkle. Twinkle refuses to talk to him and Kunj vows to pacify her within 5 days. Kunj tries to apologize to Twinkle but she ignores him. Kunj decides a date for her but despite of him arranging such a cute date, she refuses to accept his apology. Kunj was about to tell her the truth when Leela called her and asked her to come urgently. When twinj reach Taneja Mansion, they meet yuhi. Yuhi decided and promised kunj to help him and they come up with a plan of couple date! Kunj tries very hard to pacify Twinkle for the date but she refuses and after much struggle agrees…

Episode 29

Kunj just tied the locket around her neck. He wanted to hug her and apologize but controlled himself. He took her hands in his and advanced to dance with her on the song ‘love story’. ( Won’t explain the dance, sorry)

As the song ended, their eyes were interlocked with each other and not ready to break it but it had to be broken.

Kunj was about to say something when the waiter by mistake poured some juice on his trousers. He excused himself saying he’d be back. Kunj just left.

It had been 25mins since kunj left and Twinkle was getting restless. “Where did he go? It has been more that 20mins since he left and isn’t back till now. Hope he’s fine!” Twinkle stood up and started moving to and forth.. Finally when he didn’t return after half an hour then she decided to go and check on him. She started heading towards the crowd and spotted kunj talking to a girl.

She couldn’t see the girl as her back was faced to him but still she could see kunj enjoying with her. She proceeded towards them and kunj saw her.

” Arre Twinkle you here?” Kunj asked. ” Vo actually you weren’t coming so I decided to check where are you but—” Twinkle was cut off by kunj’s words. ” Twinkle see who’s here!” Kunj said pointing towards the girl.

“Who’s she?” Twinkle was unknown that the girl was the wave before the cyclone. Kunj smiled,” Alisha.. she’s Alisha.” Alisha went forward and hugged Twinkle. Twinkle wore a fake smile and hugged her back.

” Long time Twinkle!” Alisha smiled. ” Yeah.. long time.” Twinkle replied.

They went towards the date table and kunj and Alisha started talking.


Kunj and twinkle’s text Convo…
T: Hiee
K: Hyy
T: kunj who’s the girl whom you love.
K: Twinkle I’ve already told you that I won’t tell anyone about her. Then why are you asking.
T: kunj plsss
K: No means no..
T: Kunj I’m soo cute kid n.. tell me!
K: No plss
T: okay.. give me some hint.
K: Twinkle…
T: plss kunj.
K: it has 6 characters.
( Twinkle started counting her name.)
T: kunj count once more. I think you made a mistake.
K: Twinkle is she my gf or your?
T: your ..
K: Then I’ll know the no. of letters n..
T: yeah…let me think who it can be.. mm 6 characters .. Alisha?
K: No yrr..
( Twinkle self talk,” If she is not the one then why isn’t he saying no nicely.. stupid. Whole day Alisha Alisha Alisha as if she’s the queen of somewhere”.

Kunj self talk,” Mm.. 6 Character. Not bad kunj.. “SQUEEN” S se Siyappa and queen. ” SQUEEN” smart kunj.”)
T: No I’m sure it’s Alisha.
K: No.. yrr Alisha isn’t the one.
T: Unless you tell me who the girl is, I’ll assume Alisha to be the one.
K: Arre but..
T: Byee
K: Twinkle , reply to me yrr.. if this girl.

Flashback ends..

” I was offered for the date and look who’s enjoying. She’s holding kunj’s hand as if he’s her bf,” Twinkle said mumbling.

They ate something more and went home leaving a fuming Twinkle behind..

Precap: Jealousy

Sorry if it was short. I’ll try to post another part before 3rd and then after 16 I hope I’ll post regularly. Hope you like it..
Love you all nd thank you for your comments.

Ignore mistakes..

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  1. Presha

    Hey adya missed u nd thanks for the summary the epi was too good loved it u came with a blast yaar
    Loved jealousy track too much

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous

  3. SidMin

    Missed you yaar Awesome episode……
    Loved the jealousy part and the flash back
    Waiting for the 3rd
    Love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. adu i missed u soo much yrrr….this was a cute epi and twinkle’s jealousy was hahaha loved it take ur time and post bcoz studies r more important love u

  5. Hey adya,
    who said, i missed soooo much babe, ☺☺ U knw 2day I’m in my class and thinking ki it hv been long seens u didn post ff thn I undrstn tht u hv ur stdy bt retrng home I ws hpng ki u pst ur ff sn, nd whn I saw ur ff I hv a big curve on my lips ???
    LOVE 2dys epi vry mch ???? nd prcps looks intrstng coz of jealsy trck ??? pst sn ☺☺ Love you ❤❤❤

  6. SidMin23

    It was wonderful and excited for jealously part and want to see how twinkle will jealous over Alisha

  7. Kruti

    Hey Adya
    Missed u so much yar
    Cute epi jealous twinkle Liked it
    Post d nxt one asap….eagerly waiting
    Loads of love ?

  8. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey addu missed u and ur ff sooooooo much… I can understand ur situation as I’m also sailing in a same boat… I too hardly get time to read ffs and comment… Addu I don’t know whether I’ll be able to comment on ur next so in advance I’m sorry if I don’t and plz add my comment… This would continue till Feb 27 my practical exam after that I’ll comment regularly on all ffs…

    Now coming to epi its awesome… Loved it… Very excited for the jealousy track…

    Love you?

  9. Aamna_2690

    Finally u r back…. missed u so much dear…. well about the episode…. it was just awsum…. loved it….. hope to see u soon….

  10. Sohi

    Iam angry ? with you adya
    You are so late I didn’t expected this from you
    Well leave it the episode was good
    Liked twinkles jealousy but plz end this jealousy track soon
    Do continue

  11. Chiku

    Finally u r back???!! Happy to see u. Lovely episode. Loved it.
    Ab jaldi post kar???
    I am waiting ??

  12. The episode was awesome dear
    Plz end this jealousy track soon
    Do continue

  13. Hey adya
    Hw r u?
    I really missed u
    N even ur ff but more u
    N episode was superb awesome amazing as usual
    Loved it
    Excited fr PRECAP
    All d best fr exams
    Love u keep smiling

  14. Simiyy

    Hey Adya
    glad to see you back after a long time
    the episode was good as usual
    take care
    loads of love

  15. Kritika14

    Hey Adya!

    Firstly, I’m really sorry for commenting so late … I’ve been really busy lately! But honestly, I’m so glad to see you and your ff back! The episode as usual, was amazing! Really hoping that you become regular in posting your ff! Looking forward to read the next chapter!

    Love you!

  16. Shalini15

    Hi Adu my drama company finally you posted your ff well main sorry nahi bolungi for late comment bcz you too are late??

    Any ways episode was superb nd mind blowing as always loved it post next ASAP ?????Sorry long comment nahi kar paungi bahot busy hun??????????

    Love you?????❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Baby

    ohhhhh god bacha loved it☺
    bechari twinkle huh how disgusting of kunj it was…….
    hahhaaa like srsly abhi tak voh twinkle ko mana rha tha n now suddenly
    well srsly very cute luvd it☺
    post nxt asap dear☺☺
    love u lods☺♥☺♥☺

  18. Aanya_pandey

    Ooh!!! Dear missed this ff of urs a lot in these days..
    N about thi part it was simply amazing.. just loved it.. would just love to read jealousy track of twinkle?

  19. Purvi128

    Hey Adya,
    Kya likhti hai yrr tu .. sorry first time comment ker rahi hun ..pehle kabhi nahi ker paayi …! Sorry maaf ker day …!
    Btw … epi was awesome .. Precap is interesting ….! I love jealousy tracks ….! Post next asap
    Love u.

  20. Aamu

    Dekh….gaur se dekh mene cmnt kiya..??
    Ha…ha bola tha ki 6 padhungi Lekin merit exams end ho gayi ab Monday ko computer hai to Usne thodi na learn karne ka hota hi..?..
    So aaj padhliya…
    It was awesome……
    Short tha….!..
    Lekin me samajhti hu studies ka tension…..
    Chal bahbye…
    Dusra post karne ko nahi bolungi kyuki ab me read nahi karpaungi..
    Lekin fir bhi..
    Post kardena…
    Baaki Sab to intezaar large hai na..!
    ?? u

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