Siam n lakshmila: Time machine travel (episode 10) *Last episode*

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The epi starts with with Urmi saying you’re not less great then your brother. Lakshman boasts himself and says ooh an I?? yes yes, I’m also great..Thank you. You’re also great, you always help you sis.. Hmm seems like everyone here is great, hehe. Siya tells Ram that she was always inspired by his greatness, waiting to meet him someday. Ram says greatness? But why greatness? What did i do? Lakshman says oh Ho bhaiyya, you’re the most great person ever. Ram says okay my great brother. Siya says I feel all my wishes seem to be fulfilled by meeting you.

I wish I got to see Devi Sita also.. Ram says who’s Sita? Lakshman says bhaiyya, I think she’s saying about the princess of mithila, sita. Ram says oh , but where is Vishwamitra ashram. Gurudev where’s Vishwamitra ashram?I forgot to ask since we landed up here in this forest? I mean why’re we here? Vishwamitra says yes yes, I’m going to take you there okay? Ram says finally.. And take these girls also with us, they want to meet the princesses of Mithila. Siya nods while urmi frowns slightly. What about my phone and skr? Siya says you’ll forget your skr once you see real sita ram. Urmi says no, I can’t.i love skr as I love sita ram. Vishwamitra thinks hows that possible? How can they meet their previous birth incarnations? But he couldn’t change the situation.
Off he took the sisters and ramlak to Vishwamitra ashram. Thankfully he didn’t speak the mantra wrong again.

After reaching the ashram
Siya runs down the luscious green gardens and turns to go to towards a hill when ram shouts no, not there! There’s the abode of Tadaka.. He goes behind her her to save her. Urmi says where’re we? Why re we here? Lakshman says ooh Ho stupid, we are here to kill Tadaka, okay? Urmi nods in excitement. And this time forgetting skr, you see ??..
Ram pulls off siya and says don’t go there. Tadaka and her demons come there frequently. But siya wasn’t listening to it at all. She was looking straight at ram’s face with a trillion dollar smile ?. Ram says did you listen?(shaking her) did you listen? Siya nods.. Eh

Lakshman says I’m hungry ?. Sita (Real one is sita, modern one is siya) comes there with a plate of delicacies. Urmi says are you Devi sita? Sita says yes, I’m sita, but Devi? Urmi falls at her feet and says you’re great. Lakshman scratches his head and says great!? What’s happened to the girl, from morning she’s buttering everyone calling them great.

Siya also comes on spot searching for her great?sister. But after coming on the spot she forgets it and smiles at seeing sita. She looks at urmi fallen at sita’s feet and sita’s puzzled face as well. Understanding the situation she says princess Sita! I’m glad to meet you. You’ve been my Role model throughout my life and taught me how to stay strong in tough situations. And you’re one of your kind. Sita says thank you very much, but who’re you? Lakshman opens his mouth to say something but Urmi interrupts in between, irritating him. Urmi-Actually she’s siya and I’m urmi we’re sisters. Sita says WOW same names, my sister name is Urmila and mine sita or siya.. But how come you here? Urmi says yes, umm we found them(ram lakshman) or they founded us..whatever,. We met each other when they were away from this ashram.

Lakshman says I was also going to say the same thing. And you interfered in very between. Urmi says yes. I did. What’s your problem then? And you wont understand why. There was a reas……. Lakshman says what reason? You…… Urmi says okay okay, I understand you won’t understand. And….. Siya says oh my god! Stop arguing Urmi. Sita says don’t worry prince Lakshman if she doesn’t want to fight why should you? I mean we should stop it right now, okay? Siya says that’s what I like the most about you. Sita smiles.

Vishwamitra calls siya urmi and tells them that it’s time for them to go home. Urmi says finally.! I’ll go to my pho…. She stops as she sees siya Looking pointedly at her. Urmila(past one) comes just then shouting at lakshman. Hey you can’t you do a single job without any mistake, look at this…… Urmila shows him a broken necklace. Lakshman says how did it happen?
Fb shows Lakshman stepping over the fallen necklace.
Lakshman says what’s it, a mere necklace of fifty pearls, join it. Urmila says yes yes, joining is a very easy job, isn’t it. Take these pearls, and I want my joined necklace till evening. Bye.
Everyone are chuckling.

Vishwamitra says the mantra in opposite order and siya urmi reach back in 21st century, waiting for Ram lakshman to take a new birth and come to marry them.
On the other hand Ram and Lakshman go to mithila and marry sita and Urmila along with Bharat marrying mandavi and Shatrughan marrying Shrutkirti..
Siya urmi wake from sleep.

Urmi says didi, you know I watched such a nice dream this night, you won’t believe.. Siya says what you saw, some fairy, meeting your favourite actress madirakshi and Yuktiikapoor or you saw you got a lottery? You’ll forget your dream when you hear my dream. I saw ra….
Urmi says what did you see? whatever you saw, you’ll forget after hearing what I saw. I saw lakshman in my dream. And that too real one. Siya says unbelievable.. I saw the same dream. Did you too..?
And they exchange the stories of the wonderful time machine journey, turned into a dream by Mahadev and Vishwamitra…

The end..

Thank you so much for your valuable support and comments. You’ve all encouraged me to write better always. Thanks to Amalina, joy da, Padmaja akka, Thanmati di, Piyali, Astra di, jayani, preethi, vaidehi(Suchi), Aman bro, Samarth bhaiyya, pragyashree, Zara di, inu, Varshu akka, Sara di, rani di, veena di and each and every single person who read this fanfic. Hope you liked it all.sorry for any mistakes I’ve committed and thanks as well ?
Bye will come soon with a new amazing one ?

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  1. oh wow , every one back in their original place . hahaha…siyamila thought it was all a dream .hope , the 21st century ram and lakshman will marry them soon , it was wonderfully written as always . loved it to the core . i am really sorry, i could not comment on the previous episodes , but i never missed to read , even one episode……… it was wonderfully and written in an awesome way . come back soon wid a new one cutie . keep writing , keep smiling , stay blessed . love u loads , will be eagerly waiting for the link of ur next ff .

    1. Vanshika

      Hmm thank you very much… Love you ? But no need to say sorry ha, I know u read them ? Will come back with new one soon and will give link to my dearest akka first of all.. Luv u very much n thanks for this swet comment which is equivalent to comments in all epi..

  2. Astra

    awesome…haha i laughed at urmi excitement. it was a happy ending. but sad I’m going to miss this ff a lot..!!! I just love this ff. thanks dear for writing this and entertaining us… from my part… for you.. ???????????????? keep smiling take care…?????☺

    1. Vanshika

      Hmm thank you very much… Love you ? Will come back with new one soon and I promise to make you smile, in next ff as well. Hmm chocolate ? and cake ? and candies ? thank u so much for these as well. ??❤????

  3. Amalina

    Today’s epi was superb! Urmila and lakshman always fighting and then the real urmila and lakshman fighting again????? happy that the ff ended on a happy note, but sad that I won’t something to read where I will laugh so badly that I fall off the sofa!????? plz do come back with a new ff!

    I have one question about the ff today!
    So did the past and modern Sitas and urmilas look similar?

    I’m amazed at how amazing your writings are??? keep it up dear!?????

    1. Jayani

      I c dat dese days u fall of d sofa which is safer dan falling down d staris nd chairs???

    2. Vanshika

      Thank u very very very very very much sweetie. No past and present siya urmi don’t look same just like ram-Krishna being incarnation of same Lord Vishnu don’t look same ? oh I’ve seen for the first time a person who wants to read something make fall from the sofa ??? don’t worry will write new one luv u very much dear.. So kip smiling always..

  4. Jayani

    Finally… It is said dat siya nd urmi saw d real ones… Is siya nd urmi’s last birth was d real sita nd urmila??? Nd if so, it is also posible for dem 2 meet each other coz even parshu nd ram meet (dey were d avtar of d same guy nd 1 after d other)… Dus siya nd urmi luk same as d real ones??? Den evn d other 6 (ram, bharath, lakhan, shathru, davu nd keerthu) wud luk same as d real ones r8??? Pls reply 2 my doubts… Nd as usual d epi was asum nd fantastic 2 d core!!! Happy coz dey got 2 meet d real ppl but sad coz dis was d last epi… Waiting for another fantastic ff of urs di…

    Jai Siya Ram

  5. Jayani

    Finally… It is said dat siya nd urmi saw d real ones… Is siya nd urmi’s last birth was d real sita nd urmila??? Nd if so, it is also posible for dem 2 meet each other coz even parshu nd ram meet (dey were d avtar of d same guy nd 1 after d other)… Dus siya nd urmi luk same as d real ones??? Den evn d other 6 (ram, bharath, lakhan, shathru, davu nd keerthu) wud luk same as d real ones r8??? Pls reply 2 my doubts… Nd as usual d epi was asum nd fantastic 2 d core!!! Happy coz dey got 2 meet d real ppl but sad coz dis was d last epi… Waiting for another fabulous ff of urs di…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Vanshika

      Thank u very very much dear. Aah sweet sis with sweet doubts, siya urmi’s last to last birth was real Sita Urmila, as last birth would be Radha(rukmini) and Revati(balram wife).
      And siya urmi didn’t look as real ones ??? I thought of this idea but dropped in just a minute cos it’ll result in big chaos.. And reason is same I told to Amalina, that Just lyk Ram and Krishna being incarnations of same Narayan lord looked different, they’ll also look different ? Love u kip smiling always ??? Because end is always beginning and new one comes after a last one ???? Thanks n luv u

    2. Jayani

      Thank u sooooo much for clearing my doubt di… Waiting for another ff… Nd I was watching friday’s epi of skr (in tamil) nd in dat it was lyk d scene where ram nd luv kush r having a war b/w dem nd sita cums nd stops dem… Dis just makes me think of d end which makes me 2 cry???… Dono weather I hav 2 laugh at myself or feel pity for myself… Nd wen it is dubbed, me nd my sis actually thought it was sooo familier but v cudn’t find but my sis finally found… U won’t believe whose voice it was… It was dat chota bheem’s voice in d tamil one not in d hindi one???…Nd till date my sis keeps laughing abt it wenever she hears him talk

  6. Piyali

    Awesome dear………sorry coudlnt’ comment on previous one………I just saw them now……feeling sad that you ended it but lovely………seriously you are amazing at write historical ff’s , yaar I love your works soooooooooo much………seriously you make me laugh , feel sad and smile in the same update………..lovely dear………love you a lot…….be happy………

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot my dear sweet sis.. Love you ? but don’t say sorry naa I’ll be angry ? will come back with new ones soon.. ??

  7. Inu

    Superb. Loved it. I hope i too had such a dream . Happy ending.

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot ?

  8. Pragyashree

    Thank you very much for this wonderful ff(without any mistakes). Love the sweet sour equation of laxmila( both present and past) and the matured relation of siam. Keep it up dear. Waiting for its sequel and some fantastic like this one. Happy ending with a surprise.

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot di ur sweet comment meant a lot ?? Thanks ? will write fantastic one soon

  9. NABANITA626

    You have forgotten my name.I am also a ardent reader of your fabrics………..
    So I am very much angry on you………….????

    Just kidding☺????
    Very nice ending……..keep writing and giving us such fantastic fanrics…..

    1. Vanshika

      OMG OMG IM REALLY SORRY ? PLZ plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz forgive me didi I forgot ur name sorry….
      Thanks for all your comments and support. ???

      1. NABANITA626

        Are I am just joking baba………….don’t get tension……….
        Love you ???

  10. Padmaja

    Wow such a awesome and lovely ff dearie…. I liked it sooooo much….. and the ff which made us laugh sooo much came to an end… I am soo sad that thia ff is ending…. I love this ff a lot ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥… a happy ending atlast… pls come back with r new one asap..m and sry for the late cmnt… love u loads ♥♥♥♥♥

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