Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 11)

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Chapter 12
The engagement rings !!

Naira along with Karthik and now a little sleeping Aaryan in her arms, all three of them entered into a pishposh looking jewelry store. Naira stared up wide eyed at the large golden chandeliers, each gracing an aisle.

Gold. Silver. Planitnum. And all kinds of pieces. Necklaces. Ear hangings. Rings. Bracelets.

“I’ll be right back.” Karthik whispered to her, turned around and left.

Naira stared at his disappearing back.

Weren’t they selecting the rings together ?!! She frowned and sighed still looking his way.

She turned when a tall grinning middle aged man lead her to a counter.

“Are you looking for anniversary jewelry, mam ?!!”He went on happily in a chatty mood, and putting boxes and boxes on the counter.

Naira stared surprised and completely out of depth here.

Anniversary jewellery ?!! What ?!! Her confused gaze slid on the sleeping Aaryan in her arms. Oh, he thinks they are married.

“Oh, we aren’t even married yet.”She smiled and looked up.

The man’s frowning gaze fell on Aaryan.

“He is not our kid. I’m baby sitting him.”She babbled on at the now bewildered looking blue suited man.

“Just show us the engagement rings. Simple ones.”She breathed flushed.

“Certainly, mam.”He agreed on right away, and went walking.

Naira sighed. God, how embarrassing. This was all bizzare. Her selecting rings of her engagement when only days ago, she was smiling about her freedom.

The man came back, bringing along three velvet boxes. He put them on the glass counter. Many rings brightened up at her face. Sparkling. Shining. Gleaming into her eyes.

Naira stared at the rings. A minute passed. Her eyes watered. What dreams did she see. Of how she would find a perfect person. A man who would understand her.A person she would understand about.Of having a cheesy dreamy proposal. All this now, the rings and her situation mocked and sneered up at her, reminding her of the cold hard business going on in her life…….

Karthik was over the phone, he had to take an urgent business call, his other hand in his pant pocket stared around, but his gaze stopped, as he looked inside from outside the swinging door of the store.

His gaze stayed locked on her figure. The porcelain skin of her shinned out. Her hair so long slid around in waves. The beautiful body of hers curved in that skin tight dress. Her arms holding the kid brought a picture to his mind. An image of the future. Her being pregnant, carrying their child and later in her arms, just like she is holding the kid, smiling up at him endearingly.

The picture was so vivid that he reeled back with the affect of it. Karthik shook his head, smiling at himself….

Naira was looking down at the rings in confusion, but she jumped as an arm slid around her waist, pulling her back into a hard warmth. He put his head on her shoulder and sighed. His body attaching to hers from behind as his arms circled her waist, as she held Aaryan up in her arms.

His breath falling on her neck,warm and hot. It affected her senses and crazed up her hormones.

“Did you select any ?!!”He whispered into her ear, his breath cool on her heated cheeks. His minty breath spreading all over her skin.

“I’m confused.”She stuttered looking down at the large box, and at a row of rings.

“Hmm, let me see.” His voice rumbled on her back.

He slid his hand on the counter from around her waist totally locking her up.

He took out a Topaz ring. It was a very beautiful one. A flower pattern. A large cut rectangular topaz in the centre, surrounded by small petal shaped little rubies. Encased in a platinum band.

It was not so grand but beautiful and elegant nonetheless.It was surprising, Naira’s choice was the same. She was surprised more,that he didn’t go for more pompous and heavy jewelry, showing off his wealth in an arrogant display. It was thoughtful. Like he was really thinking about her and her choice. Her heart melted a little at his concern.

With wild beating of her heart, she saw him remove her left hand from holding Aaryan. She caught him in another arm. Karthik spread her hand, and slid the ring in the second last finger. It sat on her finger, like it belonged there all the time.

The vein of the finger, connecting to her heart, skipped a beat, stuttering it in a repeat.

Naira stared up at his face. She blinked. He was looking down, caressing her finger with his.

“I chose yours too.”She hesitated, but muttered out strongly, gulping hard.

His body strung out alert at that. His eyes snapped to hers.

“You chose mine ?!!” He whispered asked, huskily.

Naira nodded her head and stared up at his face fascinated by the change of expression.

“Before selecting yours ?!! ”He asked, his voice turning into a deep hoarse.

She gulped, nodding again.

“Show me.” He whispered fiercely, his arms tightening on her waist.

“It’s nothing spectacular. Just a simple platinum band. Not like the heavy one you chose for me. I don’t know what your choice is.”She mumbled on insane.

Completely flustered and more out of depth, she took out a ring from a velvet pouch. Karthik snatched it from her hands and observed it closely for a breathless second.

“It’s fantastic.”He whispered down at her with feeling,his body vibrated with it.

“Put it on me.”He said, his voice a deep husky and still hoarse.

Naira took the ring. With a little shake in her hands, she slid ring on his ring finger. Spectacularly, it slid down into his finger just as amazingly. Her fingers moved away a little, but he grabbed her left hand and entwined his fingers with hers.

Hers pale and puny. His hand large and manly. Both of their new rings gleamed and shined out. Naira blinked down awestruck. For the first time in days, a slow smile creeped on her lips. Her back now leaned back into his arms.

She had started to like this place now. His arms !!

Pracap : A love bite !!
So here’s a long update for all of you. Hope you liked kaira’s ring shopping. There’s more to come in the upcoming Chapters so stay tunned. I hope you will love it.

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