Shubharambh 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Asha feels disgusted to see Rani and Mihir in hotel room

Shubharambh 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha knocking on the door. Mihir tells Rani that he shall not hear Raja’s name from her mouth again. Rani asks him not to open the door and tells that mummy ji can’t bear it. Mihir asks do you ever realize my feelings and tells that he had left everything so that he can ask her hand for marriage, but when he gets his degree, he found that she got married. He tells that what she is feeling today, is felt by him since all these years. He tells that he has crossed all the barriers to get her and loves her truly, and she is asking him to leave. He says not a single day passed when I didn’t think about you. He says I always wanted to get up and loves you truly and you want me to leave you. He asks her to tell where to go. Asha knocks on the door and asks Rani to open the door.

She says I know you are inside. Mihir tells Rani that ifs he ever thought why Shrinath ji gave Raja’s case to me, as he knows the power of my love and wants us to be united. He says you are refusing my love before and even now. He tells that he is fed up of this pain, says that either she will become his or Raja will die. He asks her to say. Asha asks Rani…are you inside? Mihir opens the door. Asha gets shocked to see Rani sitting on the bed. Mihir recalls knocking on Asha’s door so that she sees Rani and follow her. Rani cries and is about to take her dupatta, but Mihir picks it and he puts it around his neck. He asks Asha if her bahu haven’t told her that they knew each other since childhood. He says we were talking about childhood, touches Asha’s feet and says take care Princess, see you later. Asha asks Rani what is all this? Rani tells that she didn’t do anything wrong, came here for Raja. Asha asks her not to say anything more and tells that she doesn’t hope this from her. She says why didn’t you inform me and asks if your family knew about this. Rani says no. Asha says Raja’s life is in Mihir’s hands. Rani cries. Asha feels disgusted to what she saw and goes. Rani sits on the bed and cries.

Later, Rani thinks of Asha’s words and cries.Raja says you have done this to save my life and asks her not to take tension and come with him. He takes her to shrinath ji and tells that you will get every answer to your dilemma. Rani prays to Shrinath ji and asks him to show some light during this darkness. She finds a book of Shiv Mahima kept there and picks it. Jai jai shrinath ji plays…Mihir stops her and asks what is your decision, Raja’s life or….Rani tells that she is ready to save Raja and is ready to do anything. Mihir says then deal is final and forwards his hand. He handshakes with her forcibly, tells that he will do Raja’s operation on time and will give this address to hospital authorities. He says he wants her to come to him, dressed as a bride. He says he wants to see Asha and others shocked and tells that if she is thinking to break her promise then remember that if he can give him life then can take his life too. Rani says doctor like you can forget your swear to save people’s lives, but I don’t forget my promise. She goes to her room and cries.

Next day, Asha is furious and thinks of seeing them together. Darshana tells that she has taken the tiffin. Hitank tells that they have to reach the hospital as the operation will start at 10 am. Darshana says I will call Rani and knocks on the door. Rani is sitting behind the door. Darshana knocks on the door and comes to hall. She tells to Asha that Rani is not opening the door. Asha tells that they can’t figure out who is doing what and are unpredictable. She tells that she is going to hospital for Raja’s operation. Darshana thinks she can’t tell them about Mihir due to Rani’s promise. They all leave. Kirtida and Gunvant suspect Mihir’s hand in Rani’s changed behavior. Rani thinks Mihir haven’t seen her courage, if she is not of Raja, then she is not of anyone else.

Precap: Mihir calls Rani and asks her to come there before the operation is over. Rani gets dressed as a bride and tells that she will go with Mihir, but not alive.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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