Shubharambh 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mihir plays game with Rani

Shubharambh 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani praying to Shrinath ji and asks him to help her. Mihir asks what does she wants to do. Rani tells that after Raja’s operation, you will leave from here and that’s why I thought to spend sometime with you, like we all used to spend in our childhood. She says lets see picture. Mihir is shocked and agrees. He goes. Rani thinks your story is over tonight. She later goes to meet Raja and says hello. She asks how are you Raja and asks him to become fine. She says everyone is coming to meet him. She says once your surgery is done, we will talk a lot. She wishes to tell Mihir’s truth to him and thinks he will go away from our life by tomorrow.

Rani serves popcorn in the bowl. Darshana gives her a powder and asks her to mix it in the popcorn. Rani asks if I am doing right. Darshana tells that they have to give the answer in the same language, in which they are asked. She says if Raja was on your place then she would have done the same thing. Rani comes to Mihir with popcorn and pepsi. She sees him fixing the projector and thinks he is still the same. She thinks she still hates him even now and returns his watch to him. He wears it and thinks our good time starts. They sit down to watch the movie. Rani thinks you will end before this movie ends and gives him popcorn. They hold the pepsi bottle at the same time. Mihir says sorry and serves it to her. They drink. Mihir asks Rani to take the popcorn. Rani makes him have it. He gets surprised. Mihir falls down from the sofa. Rani calls him and asks what happened to you. She says you dream about me in an unconscious state and I will do my work. She searches for Raja’s files and finds a bag kept on the cupboard. She asks Shrinath not to make Mihir gains consciousness until she gets the file. She finally gets the file and says your game is over Dr. Mihir.

She finds Raja’s name on every files and thinks how did this happen? Mihir claps and gets up. He smiles and asks her to check at other sides too. He asks if she needs his help to get down and asks if her intentional night shift is over. He asks her why did she forget that he is Mihir Doshi, brain doctor/neurosurgeon. He shows the thrown popcorns behind the pillow on sofa. He says I had seen darshana in her room. He tells that he was playing game with her. He says now I am no. 1 neurologist of the city. Rani says I will save Raja from you. Mihir asks really? He asks if she can do anything to save her husband. Rani says yes. He says there is no difference between us. She says she loves Raja very much and says you don’t love me, I am just your stubbornness. Mihir pulls her hairs and says you have no right to insult my love and feelings. Rani slaps him hard. He looks angrily.

Precap: Mihir gives Raja’s file to Rani and tells that he will see her limits.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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