Shubharambh 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja’s customer is Gunvant

Shubharambh 25th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The host says we are now announcing our top 5 contestants. Raja and Rani are not selected. But then they see have scored higher than others. The host says Bharat will announce the new contest. Bharat says you have to sell your shoes now but we will choose your customers. He says Mehika will sell her shoes to her ex-boss. They give them tough customers who hate them. Kesha has to sell her shoes to Mukesh. Utsav is tensed and says how? She broke the marriage proposal of his son. The host says Raja and Rani have to sell their shoes to Gunvant and Kritida. Raja and Rani are shocked. Asha watches it and says what? Gunvant and Kritida laugh. Kritida says this is a dream come true. Gunvant says now we will hunt.

Kritida comes to Asha and smirks. They are waiting for Raja and Rani to come. Asha glares at her as she starts dancing around. She breaks Darshna’s phone too.

Bharat tells the contestants that we have selected people who can hurt you personally but you have to make money out of them, you have to make a video of selling those shoes and you have time till 8PM which is in 4 hours. Raja thinks how we will do it? Rani says this is a test.

Scene 2
Raja and Rani come home to see Gunvant sitting like a king. Kritida acts like begging him to buy shoes from him. Gunvant says I am the real Raja. He insults Raja and says you have to beg me to sell your shoes. He tells Raja that you can never sell those shoes to me so fall to my feet now. Raja glares at him. Kritida laughs at them.

Scene 3
Kesha dances around and thinks Raja and Rani will be out of the competition now. Utsav comes there and smiles, he says the next round is tough so don’t dance just yet, you will have to sell shoes to Mukesh. Kesha thinks yes I am happy but not because I got good scores.

Rani puts drops in Raja’s eyes and asks how is he? He says better. Rani says we can threaten them and sell the shoes. Raja says this round is about our skills, we have to sell the shoes to someone who doesn’t want to be our client. Asha and Darshna come dressed as Gunvant and Kritida. She says you can sell the shoes to us and they won’t know if we are real or not. Raja says this is wrong and we can be caught. Rani says you like nice in this disguise.. Raja says I have an idea, what if we disguise and sell our shoes?

Raja sees a statue and tells Rani that I wanted to get a statue that looks like you but this statue is so bad, you look ugly like this. Rani asks the man to take this doll away. We won’t buy it. The seller says you have to buy this now, this is of 3,000, give me the money. Kritida thinks that I can tease this doll and it looks like an ugly Rani so I like it. Kritida says if they don’t want to buy this doll then I will buy it, I will pay 3K for this. Raja and see look at the shoes that doll is wearing which is theirs. Kritida says I will slap this doll everyday. Rani thinks if Kritida buy this doll then she would have bought the shoes as well. Kritida is about to give the money to the seller but Gunvant comes there and says stop. Gunvant tells the man to take off the shoes, we don’t want to buy these. He tells the salesman to cut 1K from the cost and give this statue to us. Gunvant gives the shoes to Raja. Raja sighs. Gunvant takes status and leaves. Asha tells Raja that we have to do something else. Gunvant puts Rani’s statue in the lounge. Kritida says you can slap her anytime you want. Raja goes into the house and tells Gunvant that we tried selling you these shoes without telling you, I am sorry. This competition is important for us if we lose then.. tell me what we can do which will make you buy these shoes? Gunvant thinks now I have the control. He sits down and says I gave you time but you were egoistic. You can’t make me buy these shoes in any life. Raja says fine but I will sell these shoes to you and in this life only. He puts them in a box and says you will buy these shoes from me only, I am stubborn too. Gunvant smirks.

PRECAP – Raja tells Gunvant that Kritida bought the shoes. Rani tells Gunvant that selling that statue was part of the plan. Raja says I was running behind Gunvant all day so nobody focused on Kritida but she was our target.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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