Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun and Pinky save Nandu’s life

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 25th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Revati telling Paro that they have to think something surely. Pinky tells Paro about the fast which mothers keep for their child/children. She says you will be Nandu’s mother soon so you have to keep the fast too. She asks Paro to wear the chain and pendant. Nandu takes it and says only my choti Mamma will wear it. Arjun is talking on phone and the pest control guy asks him not to let anyone go to storeroom else they may come in contact with poisonous gas. Pinky asks Arjun to ask Nandu to give the pendant. Nandu says only my choti Maa will wear it. Arjun takes it and makes Paro wear it with his hand. Pinky gets sad. Nandu says I hate you Appa and runs to room. Arjun runs behind her. Pinky asks Nandu if crying is good often, no. Nandu says she dislikes Paro. Pinky says we had decided to give chance to her and asks her not to cry. She asks her to sit. Arjun brings burnt toast for her.

Nandu is upset and goes out. Pinky and Arjun come and sit with her. Pinky says Nandu is upset with us and asks her to talk to Appa, else she will not talk to her. Nandu asks them to feed her together. They feed her together. Paro looks at them from outside. Nandu asks Pinky to taste it. Pinky refuses and the sauce smears on her chin. Nandu says her chin is like tomato. Arjun wipes it from her chin. Nalini looks at them. Arjun realizes. Pinky goes inside with Nandu. Nalini comes to Arjun and reminds him. Arjun says I remember, you don’t let me forget. He assures that Ram will get his daughter. Antra tries to hear them. Arjun says I am getting married to Paro soon and asks her to stop the fast, as it doesn’t suit her.

Revati asks Paro to do as she says. Paro asks what I have to do. She asks Paro push Nandu to storeroom. Paro says it will be dangerous. Revati asks her to save Nandu then. Paro signs ok.

Nandu asks Paro about choti Mamma. Paro tells that she must be inside. She recalls Revati’s words and asks Nandu if she will play with her. Nandu says ok. Paro and Nandu play with each other. Paro throws ball in the storeroom. Nandu goes to get the ball. Paro locks the door. Nandu finds the door locked and calls for help. She asks Paro to open the door and tells that she can’t breathe. Paro finds the door locked and thinks if anything happens to Nandu then Arjun will take my life. She calls Arjun, Pinky and Revati. Nandu tells that she can’t breathe. Revati asks what happened? Paro says Nandu is locked inside. Arjun comes there and tells that he will open the door. He tries to break the door. Nandu asks him to hurry up. Arjun asks her to continue talking to him. Pinky brings pipe and puts it inside the door. She asks Nandu to keep her mouth in the pipe and close her nose, take breath from mouth. Arjun asks Nandu to do as Pinky said. Antra and Nalini come there. Nandu follows their advice. Arjun breaks the door and rescues Nandu. He makes her drink water and thanks Pinky for saving her life. He says because of you, she could breathe and hugs Pinky. Revati and Nalini looks on upset. Arjun thanks her. Paro gets upset. Antra says Pinky is real mother for Nandu, who keeps fast for her and saves her from trouble too.

Nandu hugs Pinky. Pinky asks are you fine? Nandu says yes. She tells that she couldn’t breathe inside and if Choti Mamma had not helped her then she would have gone to God. Arjun and Pinky ask her not to say that. He hugs Nandu and says I will not let anything happen to you. Antra tells that Pinky’s fast is completed today. Arjun asks how did you get lock inside? Paro gets tensed and drinks water. Pinky asks what are you doing and tells that today is your fast. Paro says I forgot. Antra says what kind of mother is she? Pinky says even she had kept fast with true heart. She takes Nandu to rest. Antra asks Arjun why is he lying? She says it was clear how much you love her, then why? What has happened to you. Arjun looks at Nalini and recalls their conversation. Antra says you said that you love Pinky and asks who is forcing you. Arjun says this is just my decision. Nalini says Arjun ji knows what is right and wrong, he has seen Ananya’s pain. Antra says that’s why I am surprised, the guy who can fight for his love is helpless today.

Antra says if you are doing this for my bhaiyya then you can’t pay for his rules and values. Nalini says she can’t hear anything against her husband. Arjun asks them not to argue and says it is my decision. Antra leaves. Nalini blesses Arjun to be happy for agreeing to her. Arjun says you have already taken away my happiness and tells that he doesn’t know how he will live without Pinky. Nandu gets scared seeing the cooker steam and asks Pinky to switch off the stove. Pinky switches it off and asks Nandu not to get scared, says she is with her.

Pinky draws a line with ketch up and asks Nandu how to make this line small without touching it. Nandu says this can’t happen. Pinky says I know and will tell you. She draws another big line and asks what to do to make it small. Nandu draws more big line. Pinky explains to her. Nandu says you have explained me everything easily and asks who will explain to me when you are not here.

Precap: Kalyani takes Pinky’s name behind the conspiracy. Arjun blames Pinky and tells that he will get her arrested. Pinky is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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