Shubharambh 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja meets Rani as someone else

Shubharambh 22nd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kritika is tensed that Raja won’t spare her after Rani tells him everything. Raja comes home and doesn’t greet them. Kritika tells Gunvant that he is going to kill us, Rani must have told him that she fell from the stairs because of me. Raja takes a knife and angrily stabs a table. Gunvant gets scared and asks Kritika to say sorry to him. Kritika is about to cry and apologize but Asha comes there and asks how is Rani? Raja tells her that Rani has lost her memory, she doesn’t remember the last 6 months. He leaves from there. Kritika and Gunvant thank God for saving.

Raja comes to Utsav and asks how is Rani? Utsav says she is sleeping, I don’t know how this happened, she went to your house, I don’t trust your aunt and uncle, we have to find out what happened to her. The doctor said we brought her late to the hospital, you wanted her to everything and see how she has forgotten everything now. He leaves. Raja thinks no power can separate me from Rani.

Scene 2
In the morning, Utsav and Chukki tell Rani that she has lost her memory, she doesn’t remember her last six months. Rani says what? What happened in these months? A neighbor comes to the door. Chukki tells Utsav to tell her about Raja. Utsav says let’s wait for Raja. Rani sees Raja coming to the door. She is surprised to see him. They share an eye lock. Raja asks how are you Rani? Rani says you know me? Chukki says I was about to tell you that he is.. Raja says I am Hemant (the guy who wanted to marry Rani before Raja). Chukki says what are you saying? Raja says don’t forget, he tells Rani that I should have met you six months ago but I went to Mumbai for a job. Rani asks Utsav what’s going on? Utsav says he is just back. Rani says how did she come back today only. Chukki says he is Hemant, we are just surprised to see him. Rani says I am meeting him for the first time? Raja says but it doesn’t feel like that, I am here for a fresh start, I will never break your heart and leave like I did before.. for the job I mean. Rani says I need time. She takes Chukki aside and says he was staring at me, I don’t like him, he waited six months for me? There is something fishy.
Utsav asks Raja what he is doing? Raja says Rani said that she won’t give me a chance till she forgets everything, God has given me this chance. Utsav says then win her as Raja. Raja says Rani doesn’t want a rich Raja, I want to meet her as she wants me to be this time, I will make sure to win her heart and be with her in every situation. Utsav says will you be able to win her over? Raja says she has done a lot for me, I want to make her fall in love with me this time.
Rani tells Chukki that I don’t find this guy fine, he came to this day only and talked like he knows me well, he is very pestering. Chukki says give him a chance. Rani says I will see about that.
Raja tells Utsav that Rani just remembers Hemant’s name, it doesn’t matter what’s my name, once she falls in love then I will tell her everything, she won’t know anything beforehand, we will be careful. Utsav says I will handle everything but we have to handle one person.

Raja and Utsav meet Popat and ask him to not tell truth to Rani. Popat says Hemant is my friend and I can’t lie to Rani like this. Raja says if you help me then I can get a good job for you but if you don’t want to help then.. Popat says stop, I am ready to help, tell me what to do. Raja says it’s time to play a new game. Just be ready.
Raja says the house roof is leaking, Rani come and check once. Rani asks him not to call again. Bhabhi asks her to go and ask Raja, give him a chance. Rani goes to help Raja. She says I m helping as we are neighbors, I m not that kind of girl. Raja says I want to know your type.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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