Shubharambh 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani somehow get to the next round

Shubharambh 21st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bharat tells Raja and Rani if they find out that they copied the idea then I will disqualify you. Rani says we lost our mother last night and we thought there should be a way to find her that’s why we got an idea to use GPS. Kesha thinks they might doubt me. Kesha says I was worried for my mother in law also, so I thought of this idea. Raja says there was no rule of people having the same ideas. We all were in the same situation so maybe we all thought of the same idea. Bharat says fair enough but we have to think about this, our decision will be final. The judges leave from there. Gunvant watches TV and smirks. Asha prays for Raja and Rani. Kesha says sorry to Raja and Rani and says I got this idea because of mom also. I feel bad for you both. Raja says it’s not your fault that we all got the same idea. The host says we have the results. She says the first is Mehika, 2nd is Aashish… she announces the top 7 teams and says now I will call the teams in the bottom and will 3 will be going home today. Raja-Rani and Kesha are at the bottom. She announces two teams eliminated. She says the last team eliminated is Raja.. Ram Panchaal.. Raja and Rani are surprised to know that they are still in the competition. The host says it was a tie between Raja-Rani and Kesha, their scores will be carried-forwarded to the next round.
Rani tells Raja that we are at the bottom. Raja says we will work hard. A judge Mina comes there and says the GPS idea was so nice and if it was the idea of one team then they would have gotten full numbers, Bharat thinks so too. Mehika brings juice for her and butters her up. She taunts Rani and says you both will be out of the competition soon.

The host says we will start the new round, you will find a box at your house for the next round. We will meet tomorrow. Rani thinks that Gunvant and Kritida can temper with the boxes. Rani calls Asha. Asha says don’t worry, I will stay at the door and won’t let Kritida or Gunvant get the box. She ends the call and sees Kritida sitting on the porch. She thinks I have to do something. She sees a fan nearby and gets an idea.

Scene 2
Rani tells Raja that we have to get that box. Raja says if we don’t find the box then.. Rani says we will lose the competition and then our relationship.. Raja asks her to not worry so much. He orders tea for her and asks her to calm down for a minute. She says we are getting late. Raja asks her to remain silent. She zips her lips and he smiles.

Asha turns off the fan and Kritida thinks that the electricity is gone again. I have to sit here because Gunvant wants me to receive Raja and Rani’s box. Asha takes the fan’s box and touches it with Kritida’s keys. Kritida gets shocked by the electricity and screams. The courier boy brings the box. Asha receives it and makes Kritida sign for it. She teases Kritida and leaves. Women’s cult is passing by. Asha says they come here every year to stay for some days and then move to another city. They can fight and get angry but they are very passionate and loyal. She jokes that we can sacrifice Kritida to them.

Raja and Rani find a riddle inside the box. Rani reads it and is confused.

Kesha tries to solve the riddle but is confused. Utsav brings juice for her and says thanks for worrying about my mom. She smiles and thinks I can’t tell him the truth. She thanks him. Utsav says I will go and meet a friend for a job. He leaves. Father comes there and asks for the next round. Kesha says I have to solve a riddle. Mother says you should take father’s help. Kesha thinks I can’t let Raja and Rani talk to him. Father reads it and says I got the answer, I will call Rani. Kesha says if you tell her then she will win but it’s fine, you can tell her and I will try to solve on my own. He says you both are the same for me.

Raja and Rani are trying to solve the riddle. Her father calls and says did you get the answer? She says it’s difficult but we don’t want your help, we will solve it on our own. He says I knew it, let me know if you need help, he ends the call. Raja is trying to focus. Asha comes there and asks Rani to help her open the jar. Rani opens it and Asha tells her that I feel Kesha is planning something, I know Kesha well, she is a duffer so she can never get an idea of GPS so there is something wrong. Rani thinks she might be right.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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