Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura and Omkar got married

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 21st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayura says I will be safe in there with you. Omkar says as you wish. Mayura says okay then. We will be in the plastic mandap and di will be in the floral one. Surekha says let’s go. Mayura and Megha do the arti together. They recall their moments together. They light candles in the temple.

Mayura’s cousins go upstairs to pick stuff. Omkar recalls that they picked Mayura. He electrocutes the floor. Manjali sees this happening but she stays silent. She stands in front of the window. Omkar is inside. The guys fall down and faint. Mayura and Megha place the candles everywhere. Manjali says what did you do? He says why did they touch her? Manjali says they’re her brothers. Omkar says brothers don’t pick their sisters like that. She gives him medicine and says calm down.

Ashu comes to the room looking for Omkar. He sees someone screaming in pain. Monu and Riku are burned there. They ask them what happened. He says someone came here. Piyush says I will give them first aid. You go out. Ashu says are you okay?

Scene 2
Omkar and Mayura go inside the temple. Sanjay makes Megha wear the mangalsutra. Megha’s hairline is filled. Omkar wipes Mayura’s tears. Omkar picks Mayura in the rounds. He says I will always protect my wife. I will always keep her with me. He says in heart I will take care of your health because sickness can affect your beauty. It’s my responsibility to take care of your beauty. You look pretty when you smile so you will have to always smile. The rounds are completed.

Manjali gives mangalsutra to Omkar. He makes Mayura wear it. Omkar fills the hairline. Ashu comes to stop it but the wedding is done. He stops. He recalls what Monu said. Piyush says you’re hashtag Mayukar now.

Scene 3
Megha cries and hugs Ashu at the bidai. He says don’t cry. Your father is always here for you. This will always be your home. Mayura hugs Megha. Megha says I am really mad at you. But I don’t want to ruin your big life with my anger. The out house Sanjay and I will live in is near Omkar’s house. Mayura cries. Ashu is about to hug her. Omkar tries to stop her. Ashu sees it. Omkar stops. Mayura hugs Ashu. He says don’t cry my daughter. I will always pray for you. This house will always be yours. If you ever feel upset come to your papa.

Mayura and Megha sit in the cars and leave. Mayura is crying. Omkar wipes Mayura’s tears. The car stops. Omkar says welcome to your new house. Mayura says new house, new family. She comes out. Manjali and everyone is at the gate. Omkar picks Mayura. Manjali says to Shankar you didn’t pick me. He says I would have died. Omkar brings Mayura inside the house.

Mayura kicks the kalash and enters the house. Piyush says I wish someone picked me like this as well. Manjali sprinkles flowers on them. She does their arti. Mayura enters the house. A girl says to other I used to live in Mayura’s neighborhood. Guys used to climb walls so see her happiness. Now they will peek in this house to look at her beauty. Mayura goes inside. Omkar takes off his Sherwani and goes outside.

Manjali says you have to pick coins from the bowl and put in the other. The more you pick, the more love you will get and the less noise, the less problems you would have. Piysuh says come on Mayura. She tries to pick the coins as much as she can.

Omkar builds a fence outside the house. Everyone claps for Mayura. Piyush trips, all the coins fall from her hands on the floor with noise. Mayura stands up worried. Shankar says this had to happen. Omkar has built a wire fence outside the house and says I won’t let anyone look at my wife. Manjali shoves Piyush and says how dare you ruin our rituals.

Mayura looks outside and sees the fence around the house. Mayura says how did it come here? It wasn’t here when I came.

Precap-Mayura and Omkar touch Manjali’s feet. Omkar says how did this scar come on your neck? She says from the jewelry. Omkar screams call the doctor. Mayura says it’s a scar. It will be fine. He breaks the mirror in anger and says your beauty can’t have a scar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. oh my God can’t stop laughing so much madness this man is really sick (mentally sick), what were those pills given to him he is a phsycho
    so now that mayura’s father has hugged her is he gonna punish him also like he did to her brothers

  2. Omg this Omkar’s psychoness is of another level only! He can’t even see her with her cousin brothers? He can’t evenn see a small scar on her body? Wth. What will he do when she would want to get , uhm , pregnant? Guess, he might try to harm the child as well!!

  3. Omg….. Omkar is very crazy for mayura beauty,I love this series, everybody is giving justice to the role given to them….. Lot of love from Africa…. The film is really popular here

  4. Omkar is mental HE is uneducated only has money

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