Shubharambh 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani receives divorce notice

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Shubharambh 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Utsav says they have considered marriage a joke. Virinda says you stay quit. Rani says everything is over. All hope is gone. Virinda says you met Raja. Did you tell him your truth? Did you try to find about him? She says no I just signed the papers. It’s useless to talk. Virinda says how long did you talk? She says how does it matter? Virinda says tell me. She says 10 minutes. Virinda says but he spoke to you for 10 minutes and didn’t show you the papers? He didn’t sign it in front of you. Rani says he didn’t sign them. Virinda says that means something is in his heart. Rani says then why did he bring those papers? Virinda says I have hope till Raja brings those papers himself.

The lawyer asks Raja to sign the papers. Gulvant says Raja. Raja takes the papers. He sees Rani’s signature. Gulvant says if your heart thinks this girl is more important than the family then don’t sign. Raja is about to sign. He goes to his room. Kirtida says he will sign. He will kick that maid out of his life.

Scene 2
Gulvant says where is everyone? Let’s fly kites. He says Raja are you okay? Start afresh. I will bring you all the happiness. Come let’s go. Asha says Raja, you haven’t eaten anything. Raja leaves. Kirtida says to Ash can you fix my slipper. I am going out. Fix it before I come. You must be crying inside right? Your son is gone out of hands too? He isn’t even eating.

Kirtida says to Raja would you come with me to distribute sweets in poor people? He says sure. She says, my good son. Asha says she planned all this and Raja is blaming me. How do I make him see the truth?

Scene 3
Rani looks out of the window. She recalls her moments with Raja. She recalls marrying him. Virinda says eat sweets. She says I don’t want to. Virinda says everything would be fine. Don’t give up. A neighbor comes and says Rani why are you here? Is everything okay? Virinda says yes, she only wanted to eat sweets I made so she came here. Popat is flying kites outside. Rani comes too. Popat asks the kids to bring his stuck kite. He snatches the kid’s kite. Rani says give it back to him. It’s his kid. I will bring yours. Return his kite. The kid says thank you sister.

Raja comes there with Kirtida. He sees a kite falling. He holds it. Rani holds it as well. They look at each other. Raja recalls tying her blouse. He recalls making meeting everyone with her. Then she cut her finger and raja suck it. Raja made her eat the sweets. Rani recalls she said it’s the other finger. Rana suck it. He recalls fixing the kites with her. Kirtida sees them and says this Rani isn’t even leaving you now. Don’t even look at her. Let’s go. She takes him from there. The kite falls.

Scene 4
Rani’s dad says you made sweets for everyone and forgot your son? He hasn’t eaten anything in a day. Virinda says I don’t care about him. He says she did it for Rani’s happiness. You also took money from Popat for her happiness and took money from him. He returned that money. Can’t he sing about his sister? He says Utsav come in. Virinda says if he comes in I will leave. Utsav says it’s okay papa, I will come when she asks. Postman comes and says there’s a letter for Rani. Virinda says what is it? She sees the letter. Utsav comes in and says what is it? He takes the paper from her. Rani comes in too. She says what is it? Her dad says court papers. Your divorce notice. You have to be in court at 11 after two days. Rani sees the paper. She says to keep them safe, we will have to take them to the court. I need food, I am hungry. I can’t let my life slip out of my hands so I have to take care of myself. I am eating.
No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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