Bigg Boss 13 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sid wants to leave the show after beating Asim

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Bigg Boss 13 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 114
7:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells Asim and Sid that you both want to win but you shouldn’t be physical at all, you should remain in limits. Asim says yes.

7:45 PM
Rashami is cooking. Asim says you have made rabri? They are all going to finish it. Mahira tells Vishal that you made halwa without asking us? Sid says Vishal didn’t win the luxury budget. Mahira says Vishal can at least tell us that he was making it. Rashami says we can all eat it, it’s a small thing. Vishal you should give it back. Asim teases Mahira. Mahira says Asim is deliberately doing this. Asim says you people were against Rashami stealing that pasta. Mahira says Vishal took the ingredients when it was not his. Paras says Mahira’s concern is that he could have asked. Asim says right. Sid asks Asim to not talk to him, you don’t have to tell me everything. Asim says I am agreeing with you. Sid charges at him. Asim says give a smile, you can adjust, I am just telling you that you were right, take some breaths. Take it easy, you can control it. Sid says trust me I wouldn’t spare you, you wouldn’t want to see it. Asim says I will meet you after the show. Here you can control. Asim laughs at Sid. Sid says Asim will support me now? Asim asks him to relax. Sid says you are not my brother, stay away from me. Asim says you can just smile. Rashami asks Asim to come from there. Asim leaves with Rashami.

8 PM
Rashami tells Asim that Sid is already frustrated. Asim says I swear on my sister, I won’t fight. Asim comes to the bedroom. Mahira says he is back to fight, he wants to be seen again so he will fight with Sid. Let’s start counting. Asim smiles at them. Sid says he skips counting too. Asim says you can do the whole counting. Paras says Asim is thinking how to fight. Sid says now he will gain sympathy that he was hurt. Mahira says he will say that he is targeted then he will decide who is getting footage and who is not. Asim keeps smiling at them.

9 PM
The doorbell rings. Bigg Boss says it’s time to choose the next member of the elite club. Hina Khan enters the house again. She hugs everyone. Sana tells Hina that I left everything you said, I am keeping my self-respect up. Bigg Boss tells Hina that Arti, Mahira, and Rashami have the membership, you have to talk to them and cancel one membership.

Hina asks Arti why you? Arti says I might get stuck somewhere so I need it. Hina says why not Mahira? Arti says Paras supports her. Hina says why not Rashami? Arti says her confidence has gone up un-naturally. Hina says if you have to choose between Rashami and Mahira? Arti says Rashami.

Hina talks to Mahira and says why you deserve it? Mahira says I have more involvement in the game, she just talks behind other’s backs. Arti talks in others’ matters only. Hina says your mom asked you to talk on your behalf, I agree that friends support each other, I am watching and it is evident that Paras is taking your decisions. It has come from your mother so take your decisions.

Hina asks Rashami why not Mahira and Arti? Rashami says Mahira does need a person to take a stand for her, she likes to provoke others, she needs pampering like a child. Hina says why not Arti? Rashami says she calls herself a friend but she doesn’t take a stand. Hina says who would you choose as a competitor? She says I would say Arti.

9:30 PM
Hina tells the inmates that I talked to all three of them. Rashami and Arti have more involvement than Mahira. Mahira should take her stand that’s why I am canceling her membership.
Shefali reads the task for Rashami and Arti. All the inmates will give the tasks to Rashami and Arti. If they decide to decline it then they will get thumbs down, the person who has more thumbs down will lose the membership. Hina will be a referee.

10 PM
Shefali tells Paras and Sid that we should use chilies and stuff.
Vishal tells Asim that let’s use the trimmer.

Mahira cries and says I have given my everything to this game, why they keep tagging me that I don’t take a stand, they keep saying that Paras is doing everything for me. I don’t take a stand for myself? I won’t do this task. Sid asks Mahira to calm down and don’t cry.
Hina asks if Mahira is upset? what to do. She asks Rashami and Arti to give their everything. Paras says my first task is for Rashami to trim her eyebrows. Hina says this is too much. Paras says then asks her to make three lines on her hairline. Sana asks Rashami to do it. Rashami says I agree. Vishal makes three lines on her hairline. Paras says I can’t see met. Hina says she has done it.
Vishal says I want Arti to trim my hair. Arti says I will do it. Sana says this is hatred. Asim says I don’t agree. Sid laughs at him. Mahira says they want girls to cut their hair. Asim tells Sid to calm down, what is happening to you? You are angry at me? Keep counting. Sid glares at him. Asim says we will talk later. Sid charges at Asim and says I told you to stop it. Asim asks him to move back. Bigg Boss asks them to move back. Asim says respect Hina. Mahira asks Sid to leave him. Asim asks Sid to not cry, Sid says you poke others. Asim says sit down, don’t do it. You came to me, respect her. Sid says you are a ******, you are talking about respect? Bigg Boss asks them to move away. Asim says he charged at me. Sana asks them to stop it. Sid says you are a ******. Asim says you are nothing, you are beating me. Sid says I will beat you. Bigg Boss asks Sid to calm down. Vishal moves Asim away. Asim says you can just bark only, respect her, Hina is here. Don’t abuse. Sid says you are a *****. Paras asks Asim to go inside. Asim says I didn’t poke him. Paras says you are just a loser. Asim says now followers are talking. Asim asks Sid to get lost. Mahira says now Asim will cry. Mahira says Asim kept poking Sid. Paras says I can’t see lines in Rashami’s hair. Sana says Hina accepted it.

Bigg Boss calls Asim and Sid in the confession room. He asks what they want to do? Don’t hurt each other, have patience. Sid will be in the bedroom and Asim will be in the elite room, Asim can leave. Sid says what will happen if I beat him? I want to do it. Asim is outside and says I should get a chance to talk too. Sid asks Asim to come inside. He brings him in. Sid says he should get a chance too, bark now. Asim says Sid should get therapy. Bigg Boss says you don’t have to tell us that, we will call you later. Sid says you can talk to them first. Asim leaves. Sid says I want to beat him and leave the show. Bigg Boss asks Asim to leave. He leaves. Sid sighs in anger. Bigg Boss asks what is this? Sid says he is poking me to no end. I can’t control it anymore.
Bigg Boss tells Hina that continue the task without Sid and Asim.
Sid tells Bigg Boss that this guy is poking me, I am looking like a mad man, he has been poking me, he was shouting at me. The way he talks push me down. He touches me and I can’t take it, nobody does this with me, he keeps blabbering and then takes sympathy. He keeps poking and then he is sorry. He talks crap and I have let it go but I am done. Bigg Boss says you have to keep patience. Sid says the way he talks doesn’t go down well with me.
Hina asks Vishal. Vishal says I want her to shorten her hair length. Arti agrees. Mahira goes and trims her hair. Hina says you are looking pretty. Sana cheers for her.

10 PM
Mahira asks Rashami to apply heena on her face for 10 minutes. Sana says to do it. Rashami says yes. Mahira says she should remove her makeup. Hina says you didn’t say it before. Rashami applies heena on her face. Hina says she has done her task. Bigg Boss says only 5 minutes are left. Shefali gives 20 chilies to Arti to eat. Arti starts eating. Hina asks her to eat calmly. Arti eats 20 chilies. Hina says they have done the tasks. Rashami says they have spoiled my face, I did it sportingly. Hina says they both have done the tasks. Bigg Boss says now Hina will decide who should be the winner. Arti says Hina everyone is watching, I have cut my hair. Rashami says my face is spoiled. Hina says I am not giving it to anybody as it would be unfair, they both did it well. Bigg Boss asks Hina to leave. Sana hugs Hina. Hina leaves.

Sid tells Bigg Boss that the problem is that he goes 0-10 in a second. He doesn’t let me calm down. Bigg Boss says you will go out and will not talk to Asim at all for tonight at least. Sid says okay, I am sorry. He leaves.

10:30 PM
Mahira tells Paras that I don’t want anything from this show, I put my opinions, I don’t take anyone’s shit like this then why they are saying all that? Paras says you survived here without me, you know the truth so leave it. Mahira says I am not here for myself.

Rashami asks Asim how it started? Asim says I just asked him to calm down and he charged at me.
Mahira tells Shefali that I am giving my everything to this show and they think that if you talk behind backs of everyone then you are involved in the show?

1 AM
Sana tells Asim and Rashami that Sid always supports Arti. Asim says you can play with us, we will support you. Sid doesn’t let you put your point of view, you can play for yourself. You need to play tasks. He hugs her and says this happened with me too when I was with Sid. Rashami says you gave a higher place to Sid so you are hurt but chill and do for yourself.

Day 115
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dum dum.. They all dance.

11 AM
Sana tells Vishal that I want to see Rashami in the top 3. I hear so much about Rashami, that she is bad and all that, I tried to keep my space from her as they called her fake but I have an attachment with Rashami. She brings out the truth of everyone in front of Salman. Arti wants Rashami to take her side but she doesn’t take a stand for Rashami at all. Rashami says now Arti is saying that she wanted me to win. Sana says Rashami is a softie, she lets go things. Rashami says I let things go but when I want things done then I don’t spare anyone. I told Arti to not butter me.

3 PM
Shefali tells Arti that Sana must be doing this for a reason. Arti says I want to stay away.
Sana eyes Sid and laughs at him. Sana says you are angry with me? She laughs in front of him and says you can talk to me. Sid says no, I am done. Sana says I want to laugh. You will be like this now? You won’t talk to me? I won’t come again, you have more attitude now? She hugs him and says you sit with people so I sit with people too so I don’t know what’s the issue is. Sid moves away. Sana says you are not going to talk? Sid says I have learned one thing in life that if someone is not loyal to her parents then she can’t be loyal to anyone so I want to stay away from people like you. I let go of a lot of things you did, you are smart but I want to stay away now. He leaves. Sana wipes her tears.

4 PM
Sana comes to Sid and says how do you know that I am not loyal to my parents? Sid says I don’t want to invest more time on you. Sana says I just want to hear how you think I am not loyal to my family? This is messing me up, if you don’t know anything then don’t say all these things. She leaves from there.
Sana goes to her bed and cries. Sid comes there and says your story can be anything, you have your own person outside.

4:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for the nominations. We want to ask Asim if he wants to use immunity? Asim says no. Paras reads the task, in a task, there are pawns of every inmate on a board in the garden. After some moves, the pawns can enter the safe zone. There will be 5 buzzers and inmates will move pawns of another inmate with a reason. You will move the pawns whom you want to save in the nominations.

5 PM
Vishal tells Asim that we will save each other. Asim asks Sana if she wants to play? Sana says I want to save Sid. Asim says don’t waste it, you can save Rashami and I will save you. Sana tells Asim that Sid will save Arti. Asim says if you come on our side then their game will be weakened. Sana says I will do what my mind says at that time. You don’t tell me the game, she leaves.
Sana tells Arti that I want to see what Sid does. Arti says Shefali said that she will save me.
Paras tells Sana that all will be nominated in this task, don’t save Vishal. Sana says I want to nominate him, you know me. I saved him last time and he didn’t care about it. Paras says Arti will save you? Sana says no, she will save Shefali.

5:15 PM
The buzzer plays. Sid goes to the board first. Sid says I don’t have a friend here, I want to save Arti. Asim says told you Sana. Sid says you are smart. Mahira comes next and moves Paras’s pawn, she says I want to save him.

5:30 PM
Sana tells Paras that this was the same when Paras saved Mahira in the first week, she cries. Paras and Mahira hug her. Paras says it’s okay. Sana wipes her tears. Paras says he wanted to save you first, he said that to me. Sana says it just hurt me a lot, I care for him so much.

PRECAP- Sid saves Arti again. Sana tells Sid shame on you. Arti tells Sana that you act like I am coming in between you and Sid. Sana says you have to talk in every matter, you are a ****. Arti says you are jealous.
Rashami tells Asim that Sid is Sana’s game, she needs him.
Paras asks Sana if she wants to destroy #SidNaaz? Sana says it’s already destroyed, I don’t want fake people in the house.
Mahira tells Rashami that we have made the lunch so dinner won’t be made. Rashami says I will make it, you can eat or not. Rashami says you are an immature kid in the house. Mahira says who the hell is Rashami? Rashami says shut up, you are noose without any use.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. One clarification i would like to give, rest is your understanding. Take it as favouring somebody or nobody or everybody. Never mind.

    Whenever an argument occurs or physical violence happens inside the house, we only see from our fav HM’s POV only and never cares the reality. And we see only which is telecasted and will just judge for that situation only and takes side of respective HM,
    but the makers will have the whole footage with them and repeatedly sees it to perfection and finally comes for a conclusion and then delivers the verdict.
    There will be many minute things, intentions, strategies and willingness. So don’t blame makers as biased. They never takes side, but only wants TRP and gives negative hints, misleading promos, certain camera angle only while physical happening. Don’t become fooled with these stunts, they just mentally prepare you to see the episode in certain way only. You never catches reality with such a prefixed notion.
    If you have any doubt in this, watch any argument entire sequence for second time and you will have more positive points towards your fav HM and more negative points about the opponent to showcase your stronger view. You will self realise this. It’s all misleading only for TRP.
    Bottom line is,”be in reality, don’t go by the promos.” If you are not satisfied with makers judgement, watch it twice with open mind.
    Since everyone here are taking it too seriously in the comments section, thought of giving a suggestion to have strong arguments here 🙂

    1. Rajjo

      That is the thing right people will watch what is shown it is just like that whether its edited angle is different or etc… but we make scenario in our thought process by just watching that one hr episode its quite natural. It will take a lot of courage to think about the both side if any situation which everybody can’t do…
      Although m not favoring anyone n I even don’t like that some people are continuously attacking other contestant for making their own contestant look good. Just show your favourite ones positive side in a way that others gets mesmerized and start liking them.

  2. Dear all, peace. It’s over.
    Sorry for over reacting yesterday all of a sudden. Was witnessing a lot of criticism towards one particular contestant and couldn’t tolerate it.
    My only intention behind it was, to show how Mahira feels the same in her mind and what all she is trying to explain. Just for once, step into her shoes and see what is she dealing with in the house. She is younger dude, that doesn’t mean she is not wise enough but not experienced enough. And when you are dealing with such experienced persons, you look like bully even though have a point to prove.
    My sincere request is don’t bully the younger ones, you don’t need to encourage her but atleast don’t discourage her. She doesn’t have much following outside and it’s not like you can publish whatever you want like free and no resistance. You are degrading her to the core mentally n physically. It’s a game and there is life beyond the bigg boss.
    Have some respect, and promote your fav contestant to any extent but don’t promote negativity against others.
    Once again peace !!

    1. Most dearest, there was no hated for Mahira, and every 9 people in a conversation, from 10 is saying the same thing. And that is Mahira bullies and she cant take anything to her. Paras is using her for the game and she is playing FOR paras but with Paras, there is a way difference here.
      why always,it is and issue when the youngest is bullied , why cant we stand when elder people are bullied by the younger one. Bully is Bully no matter the age.
      and yes Mahira has a problem with everything be it a leaf falling on her, she have a problem, she has grudge in her a lot, which might Destroy her career, a lot Big to Small, famous to commoners. have spoiled the career due to behavior at the house and some have made it a place, where it is hard for anyone to pull socks, (Gauhar, Hina, Nitiba ) names which will come to anyone mind just like this.
      so, Mahira disrespecting, a senior and most establish TV star in the Industry, this leads to explain her personality well enough.
      like, you said much peace

      1. Very true. She irritates others to d core be it Sid(at d beginning),asim,sana,rashmi,himanshi or shefali,she bullied them like anything still does and if the same thing happens with her she cant bear it.her sarcastic laughs on the HMs and her irritating voice is just unbearable😠

    2. this little girl is not a kid she is impolite ,irritating to the core especially her voice and i will never vote for that mahira and just want to see her eliminate from the house….she has not achieve 1/4th of rashmi’s success and rashmi never talks behind her …she only with her irritating voice do phus phus about rashmi.she is bully no 1 ,i dont even knw her big boss 13 ,heard she did a mini role in nagin as a witch ….

    3. oww please she has a mouth and shes very disrepectful dont side with disrepectable people
      i cant stand Mahira , Mahira , Shefali and Paras dont deserve to be in the house

  3. I expect many people had got their frustration at peaks while reading my comments everywhere which is quite irritating, but Asim is also just behaving the same way inside the house. He doesn’t matter his own business, he wants get in everybody’s business which is quite unnecessary and will be irritating. If somebody wants you to react on something and then prove their point only right, will be like stupidity right ! The opponent needs a lot of patience to deal with such behaviour and Sid is killing it, but everything will have a limit.
    Now don’t compare my views with Asim’s blabber, i have wrote down my real views only with brain. And happy that I proved two points simultaneously.

    1. agreed, he is the same way.
      mahira needs footage…
      Asim and Paras needs footage too….

      what i am saying, dont tell anyone that they needs footage, because, in that house most Footage is given to certain people, but there is one who dint get footage yet nation loves.

      i am very clear I support Sid and Rashami followed by Sana and Arti
      so, the rest doesnt matter.

      but, mahir saying Asim needs footage is wrong because she is the person who keeps talking more abiut footage for others and promoting others.

      1. Dear Sasha,
        Your views are so interesting, and clear enough. I have no issues with Mahira being wrong or right. Don’t discourage her that’s it. And who is the one, whom nation loves without getting much footage ? It’s such a big statement yar. Don’t say like that. Nation is seeing it everyday, who are capable of what and whom they love to see. Makers follow the public pulse only, and its proven every WKW. What’s worth will only be shown n discussed basing on majority public interest.

  4. Simple thing is when we personally know that we cannot defeat a person straight in game face to face, then we will try to make that person disqualify by hook or crook. So that we can move ahead easily and win the race. Looser attitude.

    1. @well said Noel.. this boy asim has little body with no guts… he knew that he cant fight Sid so he keeps provoking Sid knowing that he has temperament issue and will bash him so that he can kicked out and he can beat him with his crooked act… shameless disgusting abuser…. longed to see his exit… painful it is…. i feel sorry for Sid who has to tolerate two nagging characters one abuser and one kiddish character…. 🙂

      Regarding Mahira, though she is not my in favourites list, i feel sorry for her too, bec she is getting bulllied all the time… she is just a young girl, but loose talks a lot too….

      1. U feel sorry for Mahira bcaz she is with Sid now… And if Sid has so much temper problem then he should not interfere. and if he is interfering then he have to take the consequences

      2. I said you to be humane. Not to support or oppose Mahira. It’s your take, what your are understanding from my comments. I dont need to clear your imaginations. I am on my words and similarly the same in the house also. Shukla says on some thing in one way and they derive 💯 meanings from those and start arguments.
        At the end of the day, He is SHUKLA. He never entertains such crap getting with him.

  5. Mahira keeps saying they back bite, meaning Rashmi, Asim and Vishal but infact she is back bitting everyone in the house. She can only scream and I can’t stand her voice. Asim is logical, Sid says he is poking but what does Sid do….trying to rule the roost and stay above everyone, never knows to say sorry. He needs therapy, rightly suggested. Sid found his match – Asim. As long as Sid was destroying Rashmi it was okay, he said so much to her and now he cannot compete with Asim. So what goes around comes around. Sid is on a sympathy trip and trying to make Asim look bad. I like Sid don’t get me wrong but he needs to think what he did to Rashmi and now he treats Vishal with no respect….which is so wrong. Vishal is a nice guy but Sid puts him down always.

    1. @Sonya well said… i appreciate your recommendations… yea true that Sid requires a counselling for how to control his temperament while the mad dog keeps following, barking and trying to bite all the time and how to keep himself calm and composed at that time… similarly you being the Abuser asim fan please take him to Vet hospital to administer him a mad dog injection as he is showing all the symptoms of the same… hope you had watched him yesterday that he was putting his complete tonque out and barkingly screaming and chasing Sid all the time… Pls do take care of him… We Sher Sid supporters will take care of him too… 🙂

      1. I agree with you and sid is behave completely nonsense even Paras, Mahira and sefali are targeting to Asim.

    2. If shukla decides to destroy you, that will be on another level like what Asim is doing now, it will be 10 times more effective & logical than that.
      Anyway shukla never tries to destroy or build anybody, he only answers or responses to them in their way only.

    3. This is exactly my point, sid can’t stand asim…

  6. Enjoyed the episode alot…. sidhararth is getting a taste of his own medicine
    Goes around accusing Asim that he gets emotional for sympathy
    And what were you doing sir today ??
    What a crybaby lol
    And he was calling Asim a snake but what he did to Sana lol ?
    And people defending him will say that that’s him being emotional
    Well if asim’s emotions are not considered as emotions then why should sidhararth the nagging crybaby get this privilege ?
    Someone please cut 5ors for his overacting lol

    And mahira
    Karwa li bezati ???
    Ab side ho ja
    She toh irritates me to no end
    Lol and why was she acting like a cry baby and trying to get sympathy after what Hina said ????
    What masala she had
    As far as Asim is concerned
    He has nothing to lose lol
    He will anyway get bashed at the weekend (even if he stays out of the house for a week and comes directly on Saturday still he will be bashed)
    So give them a reason na
    Give them a taste of their own medicine mere sheerrrrr

    1. Asim is sick and mentally challanged… he really needs treatment. None of the fights are of him…. but just poking. What else he can offer, true nature

      1. I think it’s sidhararth who needs a treatment….like Asim suggested lol

    2. Lick ashim when he is out

      1. Lol you are a pakka sidhararth fan…hope you get a opportunity to lick sidhararth as soon as he comes out of the house but be aware he doesn’t shower for days

      2. Yea… your Asim noticed it while fd by HM… thats why still screaming…

    3. the medicine badly needed is for Abuser asim pls organise an injection for him to behave… he is a pain in the show… i dont know what is so pleasing in him for you people to watch in him…. sorry buddy … no offence intended… 🙂

      Sher Sid you have millions of followers and only handful of haters… go for glory champ… we are with you… 🙂

      1. And same I feel when I see people all praises for sidhararth.
        He disgusts me to no end
        But you do you buddy

    4. Its good if your parents had noo kiya…. you will not be out

      1. Who are you
        And why are you bro ???
        And what are you writing ??

  7. Salman Sir should open the door for Sid and ask him to hit Asim and leave. Then we would know his true colours. Everyone sees and hears Asim only but as a matter of fact Sid makes it a point to come from wherever he is and open his mouth when it does not concern him. He only starts if it is Asim so I would say it is Sid who is provoking Asim. On the other hand Sid took a lot of footage because of Sana and now he is playing a game….it was Sana who brought the best in him and the funny side other than that he has nothing to offer in this show besides fighting and like Aarti getting into peoples fights to show he is a macho man, be macho but bringing about peace and not making the fight even bigger and out of proportion. Really Salman Sir he can leave the show after hitting Asim if he has the guts to do it ….Big Boss should open the door for him ….the needs a reality check. All he does is eats, sleeps and fights. He is very ‘Jealous’ of Asim.

    1. Started cry babies to impose their own original tags to others and set themselves tag free lol.
      Think of something new other than always following Shukla and his antics.
      Yes, Asim has nothing to lose. That’s why he is unaffected as he already lost it by his antics and gol gappas.

    2. Hi Sonya! Are you watching big boss ? if so then you are misjudging sid actions he is straight and to the point, that barking abuser dog do’nt hv any kind of game plan other then poking sid baseless creature, what would you do if the same goes with you after being for almost 4month in the house?? itna sab matter huwa hai phele rashmi aisi ladki ka topic lekar baith gai fir sana ko taqlif na ho isliye sid is reacting so that he does not care for her anymore, but if you would have seen previous episode sid clearly said sana that yaha par kuch nahi bhaki bahar baat kareinge it means he has feelings for sana..may be it is game plan of sid & sana to show sidnaaz is over but inside its otherwise. salman sir has asked sid to kip distance from her and so he is been forced to do so…..but this creapy faltu avara pagal choda huwa dog asim ko fobia hogaya hai sid ko poke karne ka bcoz he knows their is no other way to stop sid win the show. yes i am sid fan i have never followed sid before this but after looking into his nature type he is very helpful and genuin guy…..i will urge every single one to support sid only with sana in top 2…thank you


        Honestly, bigg boss is all about provocation and how much a person is able to tolerate, keep calm, keep their dignity, and move past it being stronger. Sid is not able to do that. Even when he isn’t being poked, he tends to vent his frustrations on Asim. It cannot be said enough, violence can’t be justified. If it wasn’t to be broadcasted on TV, he would have gotten really violent beyond comprehension towards Asim. If a person like that wins Bigg Boss, it only goes to show that if someone talks shit to you, pick up a stone and hit them with it. Also, get away with the crimes. It’s absurd.

      2. What this clip shows is just one side of the picture… compiled by Assmholz followers…. this type of crap you will get for all HM’s.

      3. If that is the case, find video evidence of Asim pushing Shukla the way he is being pushed around. You won’t find any because there aren’t any. He pushes Shukla with his shoulder slightly to tell him to move back and to not get this close. Shukla on other hand, is something else. 🙏

    3. @sonya… pls have reality check.. i think you are in a fantasy world with abuser asim who is worth nothing, but shameless fellow flaunting bare body all the time, his hand actions etc to show all his muscles. pathetic it is.. he is no comparison to Sid who is strong, muscular and handsome… this abuser is doggy faced with filthy body language is a disgusting to watch among the lot… Pls have this doggy abuser asim removed from the show bec not only Sid have issues to control his anger but we are too… 🙂

  8. Amal

    I agree with Sid on what he said about Sana not being loyal to her parents , it’s true tho. She was still talking to Paras after he bad mouthed about her father 😏😏😏 I think Arti likes Sid 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. It looks like Paras and Mahira want to torture Rashami. Paras actually has a malevolent personality. I pity anyone that ends up with him. Such a disgusting man.

    I loved Hina in this episode. She was probably the only reasonable person there.

    1. Rajjo

      I will love to see how Rashmi gives it back to them…

  10. Get Mahima and Paras out please, please

  11. Mahira is not just an ugly person (interms of personality not looks)she’s dumb as s*** on top. If everyone is telling her the same thing surely she should take it on board especially as she’s getting the outsiders perspective but no she can’t seem to comprehend that.

    It’s bad enough that Sid and Asim were at each others throats but then to have Paras come and also shout in Asims face he should be reprimanded and Mahiras annoying commentary in the background. My first time watching Bigg Boss and I can’t believe how much Bigg Boss allows bullying to go on openly.
    It’s become 4 to 1 and this is difficult to watch especially as I’m a Sid fan and not Asims but I can’t justify Sids behaviour. Asim has too many people barking at his face. If the issue is between Sid and Asim the others unless are going to help the situation should really butt out instead of fanning the flames.
    As much as I like Sid you can see him exploding and he should be allowed to leave before something terrible happens

  12. Loved Hina and her Sanchalan. Girl took good stand and fair decision. Liked Rashmi when she told ki charity mein mat do. Paras was yesterday like, he lets people show their personality. Paras really helped Hina nad Rashmi show their strong personality and his own level….like seriously you are asking to shave off eyebrow and trimming mein mujhe nai dikh raha. Same with Mahira makeup haata kar karo. I don’t understand Mahira, sach mein grey matter kum hai when paras said to shave eyebrow and all toh chup thi aur vishal ke time mein hatred dikha rahe ho. Girl when you speak up for one girl and not for other though task for Rashmi was difficult there then you are showing real hatred. Kuch acha expect nai karte hum Mahira se but be wise dono time chup reh leti.
    SS, I don’t know whether he was really hurt by fact that Sana so called disrespected her father but that is her family equation and no one should point out it to her in a way that some how puts her down as a female. Ek family equation personal matter hota hai. The girl was hurt by that. And moreover coming from Shukla, it seems to be……….not so good. Everytime SS abuses someones parents it is equivalent to disrespecting own parents as all say parents ne ye hi sikhaya hai?
    Elite task, khel gayi Aarti. She thought Rashmi ke saath khelo, majority toh Rashmi ko vote karegi nai, target karegi and I will be winner. Good that Rashmi spoke for herself and Mahira should know ki isko kehte hai stand lena. Har koi ushe bol kar jata hai aur wo Rashmi ke pichea bill farti hai. She must understand it’s not Rashmi’s problem but Paras and her problem that she looks weak. I don’t like her that much but felt bad when she told dance karti, tez bolti hai taki koi dikhea. Someone tell her tez mat bolo, apne chaar doston mein ro ro kar mat dikhao, apna khelo. Aur Paras ko bolo na bole ki 1 week kly she managed alone. Actually that one week showed that she was backed up by Sana and Vishal and ditched them as soon as Paras was back and she was favored from secret room. Secret room se captaincy ka bhi faisla hua tha tabhi, BB ne kaha tha task k basis par karne aur SS ne logic diya tha Vikas acha chalayega ghar as ladai nai hai uski kishi se. Agar wahan apni marzi chalayi dono ne aaj Asim ne chala li. This is full circle.

    1. OMG!
      Pure one sided narration and one sided judgement.
      First point is if you want to narrate a incident, do it fully without skipping in between actions & reactions. Read your narration again, if you don’t get your mistakes then watch the episode again.
      Second point is Shehnaz herself defamed her parents and she is the one who constantly asked for a reason even though shukla is avoiding. And he never mocked her on that issue, he just gave her a clarification. There is difference between mocking and giving clarity and aligning a tag and defaming. All are different aspects and intentions. Don’t mix them.
      Promote your fav HM how much ever you want, nobody will oppose you but don’t spread false judgements on others.
      And don’t compare every situation with others and justify yours. There is huge difference between every situation and it’s intention and the background for it.
      Anyway, at the end of the day it’s your view and you have full freedom to say whatever you feel. I am just giving you a suggestion, take it if it’s meaningful and if you think it’s in otherway, then i am really sorry. Be in that state of mind only.

  13. The bastard needs to get a grip on himself. The fellow is provoking, but you have to keep your calm, the fellow is abusing, but you have to keep your calm, the fellow is spreading lies, but still you have to keep your calm, but then that fellow is nothing to you but everything to someone else, and still you need to keep your calm.

  14. Is asim gay? His attitude seems like girly. He kept things inside his mind for many days n try to take revenge.

    1. hahahahahahahahaha chu**ya hai Asim, usko bol himanshi ka soch abhi sid se itna pyaar kara toh himanshi ki sath jho uska rishta judh ne walla hai woh b khatam hojayega …..

  15. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    Sid or Asim…Whoever wins…Doesn’t matter…
    A wrong message will go out for viewers and youths after Feb 15…
    that Aggression, Impatience, Provocation, Stubbornness, and Instigation may lead to fame…
    Do you think it’s advisable?
    BB13 is well admired by the public and celebs.
    Every day we face new challenges… If the public follows either of them… the way Sid and Asim face difficulties… the moral value of society will do down drastically…

    1. For the first time you talked something sensitive. None or less should be appreciated for that thought really.
      Some are opposing Sid for the one particular reason and supporting Asim for the same reason too. That’s pathetic.
      Get in detail, what i am saying.

    2. Rajjo

      Perfect thing you have said… its true that whoever wins this bb season will be completely different from others… now I am thinking what type of thing they will show in next season ????

  16. Is asim gay? His attitude makes me doubt. He acts like girly type. Keeps things in mind for long time n try to take revenge

  17. Asim is full of c**p…like one previous comment was that he looks like a mouse wen he fights n yells…he looks like a piece of white chalk…from which angle does he look handsome…i used to like him in d beginning but now he always has such a scowl on his face…even during WKW…Sid shud seriously bash him up n leave d show…

    1. Well said Priya… cant agree more… 🙂

  18. Sid saw Sana’s real face. I’m glad

  19. Artifromiran

    I’m glad Sidnaz is over

    1. Souryabrata Mohapatra

      Me too… You have to pass IAS level test to enter his life… with mental trauma…
      Good to see Sana moving away from him…
      No wonder she rumored having so many GFs…

      1. Souryabrata Mohapatra


      2. Yeah, you said absolutely correct. That’s why the game and the HM’s always revolve around him only. So, as per your speculation i think there is a problem with every HM too since they are going near a mentally sick person even after knowing he is like that.
        And really a bigger problem for millions of fanbase outside too.
        And biggest question is that, nobody except one ex GF of him is saying against him. That’s a miracle to understand and may be it’s rocket science.
        Where is the nation going ? Too difficult to analyse all this yar.

    2. Souryabrata Mohapatra

      Me too… You have to pass IAS level test to enter his life… with mental trauma…
      Good to see Sana moving away from him…
      No wonder he rumored having so many GFs…

      1. it is million times better to be Sid’s friend than the filthy abuser’s friend… 🙂

      2. Now you are a filthy abuser here. For gods sake, stop demeaning ppl who are supporting their favourite cobtestants. If you don’t like someone then stop speaking shit about them. Peace out dude

  20. I am waiting to see WKW par Salman mafi mangwa bhi pata hai ki nai SS se. Asim se mangwaya tha. Maa baap zinda ho ya marea they command respect and no mention in anyone’s fight. And ushe se bhi jyada ho baat Sana ko bola SS ne that was insulting and way beyond personal. He should have had told her sorry. Asim se gusha and gali ek baar chalega bhi but Sana ke character par ek tareh se bol Diya. I am more pissed off with Sana now, ushke dad ne bola Paras se nai baat Karne. I say ki game itna jaruri nai hota, Sana should not talk ever to Shukla. Uski family se iska equation uska look out hai. Wo kaisi beti hai, he can’t judge.

  21. When paras did wrong in train task everyone criticised him now Asim ne b Wahi Kiya to wo sahi kaise ho gya …… How can people support him if paras was wrong Asim was wrong 2 idk why everyone is defending him 🤔

  22. People are supporting Asim because of his body only ow he have nothing . It’s Siddarth who gave him content nai to uska show m koi contribution nai h. One of d weekest contestant but highly overrated..

    1. blo*dy truth spoken out.
      It’s a deadly realisation which is hard to believe but astonishingly true to the core. Over rated guy realy.

  23. This review is written while watching the episode

    While Sid and Asim was arguing why Paras had to come between who needs to Footage?
    Mahira is getting too much footage
    Hahah who wants footage
    And look who is talking about the Footage; which one should go out and etc
    So much obsessed for footage
    Oh now the creative team in the problem
    Girl everything is evident
    Oh Mahira girl is hurt and now for Mahira is Hina Khan worst, like look at HINA and girl you can never reach ever she have been, I don’t think anyone at home can ever reach ever she have been
    Haha seriously When Rashami was asked to trim there is no Shram Really people
    Is there any volume button is mute Mahira like please
    Who wants sympathy Mahira really, you need sympathy
    Seriously Hina said it; don’t favour
    Wow now Hina Played her game claps claps clap to claps seriously
    Ah, Mahira self EGO hurt and Paras is actually brainwashing Mahira
    Wow paras is playing using Mahira.

    Ok that’s it. I seriously have no mood to watch it’s better to sleep 💤

    1. None of the topic are of Assim but still he entered for footage… looks to me you are blindly watching the show…

  24. Aarti last time kind of saying that Mahira mujhe bhi paltu bola gaya tha. So she kind of supported ki Mahira is playing individual. Aaj aarti akele mein palat gayi about Mahira.

  25. SKA

    Mahira is completely frustrated that everyone in and out of BB’s house has tagged her. She is in complete denial and Paras has tried to manipulate her that she is strong and everyone is wrong! He did so to cover up himself cos he is the cause of her being tagged. When Abu and Siddarth told Mahira couldn’t accept it and tried to argue as usual in her hyena voice but Salman shut her off. So Rashmi became her punching bag and she abused her to vent her frustration. Same time she got sympathy from her Paras and Sid and yes..footage!!

    Sid is totally frustrated with Sana and pisst with himself cos his SidNaaz dramas backfired. So just because he was in “bad mood” as usual his target is Asim. He interfered during the “Paras not helping Rashmi” incident and then claimed to be innocent crybaby. No idea why Paras and Mahira went to report to him as if he is the thug whose job is to solve their problems especially when it involves Asim.

    As I had said before, Arti and Sid have a thing going on. She is NOT independent but dependent on Sid…”ex lovers with benefits” lol.

    It is ok for Paras and gang to attack Asim when he doesn’t do his house tasks but when Asim asked Paras in a calm manner to assist Rashmi when it was his job then it is an issue. Mahira jumped on the wagon to point finger at Rashmi that Asim is speaking on her behalf blah2. No one paid her attention and she went on louder to make herself feel good. Total psycho.

    Sid is now resorting to full on drama and complaining to BB. If Asim had done it he would have called him cry baby as he usually does. He feels that he is entitled to his bad temper moods and everyone should respect that..ya rite.

    During the BB’s tasks..ALL shanchalaks cheated to side their gang. So what is the big deal especially when Asim didn’t see Vishal getting off the horse. What if their gang member got off the horse. Sid made a big deal and vented his anger at Asim cos he cannot vent at Sana. In any case, Sid cannot and had admitted that he cannot accept DEFEAT. I bet his mom gave a piece of her mind causing him to make this strategic change in behaviour.

    Shefali is a back bitter and herself a poker.

    Anyways..Mahira and Paras are the most negative and bad energy people in the house. Please somebody put a tape on her mouth!! I cannot stand her voice!!


      Very true.perfect recap

    2. If you read your fav HM’s mind and justify them doing something nonsense, then it would have been ok. Fan moments. But when you portray opponents mind in a pure negative way, then you are nothing less than your fav HM.
      Its about showing yourself strong in the game and its not about making others look weak or negative.
      You should have an eye on your opponent, that’s a very good strategy to be alert. But you should never become lost in that strategy only.
      It makes some sense now whom you are supporting and why you are supporting.

  26. Kya tha kal ka episode.. what that shukla did ..idiot …kaha ka sher hai ….Asim was ok was shukla who looked behind and start poking him…he came to his place and start bad mouthing …. And what he showed infront of bb …i wants him to leave asap …agar kal sana uske sath hoti to usko ye sab nai karney deti ..but …usko shukla ne Kitna ganda bol kar alag kar diya hai …she was really very loyal to him …but the words he used for her were …
    Shukla ko to sirf Asim bolta hai ..
    Par Asim ko sab ..shukla ..paras…Mahira..and zariwala ..puri team bana kar boltey hai …feels really gud that he handles them ..he has the capability…..
    Sidharth can’t take his defeat… aggressive ho jata hai ..paras ne bhi ye mana…wants salman to give them .. Sidharth n Mahira a big lesson this week

    Sorry but this Sidharth is a rakshas ……

    Mahira …..koi isko bhi do reality check ..plz …

  27. High voltage drama that was today’s episode… I don’t like to see these ugly fights literally bored with it… Sid has some anger management issues n Asim also knows that and Sid knows Asim also has some weak points that can trigger him…. Both were at fault… I have never seen BB shouting on any HM this is the first season….mahira and paras the so called bullies today I am actually happy Salman bashed paras… The constant ranting of mahira is just so irritating the way she spoke to Vishal over a halwa the way she taunted Rashmi over that stolen pasta..she was like why didn’t u ask me before making halwa like really…make me wonder is the ration coming from her house… The way when Sid and Asim were arguing and she was constantly bullying Asim when he spoke about counting….I loved the fact that Hina showed her mirror… When paras asked Rashmi to shave her eyebrows she did not utter a single word…but when arti was asked to trim her hairs she was like ladki SE ye sab karwai aukat pata chalti h etc etc… I am really happy to see the promo finally Rashmi spoke up this girl was continuously nagging since Saturday… Arti is definitely attracted to Sid.. I am not a fan of sana but I felt bad for her specially when Sid said maa baap ki Sagi Nahi… May be initially it was her game plan to be with Sid but now she’s actually attached to him it hurts her real bad.. Sid never saved her in this house not even once… He should learn from paras who is constantly supporting mahira … God knows when there will be a fair elimination

  28. Again an episode full of violence…. starting with the task hina did right by cancelling mahira’s membership n gave a valid reason for it but mahira as usual was in denial mode n started crying. Everyone told her same thing for her betterment but she tries to prove them wrong instead of improving herself. Paras n mahira decided to torture rashami glad that she didnt react. Others were favoring arti so at last they gave chillies task to her. But hina saw it n didnt gave it to anyone. But both arti n rashami did a good job n showed good sportsmanspirit. Coming to the fight…. it is very evident that asim’s sanchalan was never an issue sid was disturbed due to sana n vented his anger on asim. Today also asim just said that sid is saying right about vishal’s luxury budget but sid charged on him unecessarily. He has some serious anger management issues n needs to control his tongue his language is disrespecting n cheap. When asim csme in bedroom paras mahira shef sid continuosly poked him n made fun of him. Sid said “tere baap ki pehli galti h tera bada bhai aur dusri tu”. There was no need of it but he didnt has control on his tongue. When they were outside asim was talking softly but sid again charged at him. I wont say asim is completely right he is also wrong but sid was more wrong. In the confession room sid was actually behaving as a victim as if he had done nothing wrong. Bb also asked him just to have patience. Lets see what salman do on this wkw cos both were to be blamed. Both paras n mahira r pathetic there is no use of discussing abt them. Glad that sidnaaz is over but the way sid did is extremely wrong. It could have ended on a better note the way he said “jo apni maa baap ki sagi nhi ho skti wo meri kya hogi” was below the belt n disrespectful. He had no right to say that. Sana had been a good friend n saying this abt her was really cheap n even after hearing this if sana goes back to him she is herself degrading her self respect.

    1. Well said @anjali …Sid is worst player in the house control on his toung ..he spoke so may bad things about Asim n sana …both statments of his should be pointed by salman …but i think Asia hoga nai …and bb se room mai he was trying to show himself as victim…

      Mahira ka to kuch nai ho sakta….vo to apne aap ko bb se bhi uper samgh rahi hai ….bhul gayi paras nai tha to sana ne uska sath diya …..
      Plz bb this week ek fair elemation de do hum Ko

    2. I’m a Sid fan but I agree with every point you made, after wkw it’s like sids gone into depression and itching for a fight. The 4 of them against 1 is horrible to watch and even if Asim does annoy Sid the fact is Sid overreacts. Also Mahira is the biggest hypocrite she’s fine with a woman having her eyebrow shaved which would have affected Rashmi looks negatively but not with a woman just shortening her hair slightly which wouldn’t have a bad effect on the overall look, in-fact Arti looks better


    If we just recall the BB season of Gautam Gulati, I feel that either Rashmi or Arti will win this season. The reason is that in that particular season, Gautam was very aggressive in the beginning just like Sid & Asim & after he got the warning from BB & Salman itself, he changed himself & concentrate on the game only with full of patience & calmness. This was increased his fan following & he won that season. If I compare with BB 13, I think Rashmi has a chance to win as I feel that she has changed a lot nowadays.

    Meanwhile, I don’t want to discuss the last 2 days’ issues as I think it was unnecessarily dragged out for camera footage only. But, regarding Sid’s comments on Sana for her relationship with parents, I think we need to listen to his words once again. He told Sana that he doesn’t like such type of persons who are not respecting their own parents. We all witnessed & already commented on Sana about her statements on her father during the Family round episode. And, we all admitted that Sana was not needed to explore her father’s image on National TV. So, I think it was not needed by anyone of us to comment on Sid about this particular issue.

    1. Rajjo

      Completely agree to you… Even I was very unhappy that how can she disrespect her parents on National Television and in the same regard Sid told her today if its her immaturity then also she needs to analyse herself for that and someone needs to help her out… just the thing is the way he said to her was little incorrect…

  30. Mahira should be kicked out of the show along with paras. They are both immature indiots.

  31. i am sid and rashmi’s fan …dont have much like for asim and really asim – sid fight was ugly ….asim is provoking too but mahira (young little girl),paras and zariwala the way they are bullying asim is not acceptable and that little girl heights of arrogane ..bigg boss please #evictmahira sharma ….whenever i hear her voice …urggggg…nobody said anything against her father still bringing the topic over and over and sid should avoid paras,mahira or his fans too will slowly decease

  32. It is very clear that Sid is venting out all of his anger with Sana on Asim, whom he has made his personal punching bag. Inspite of all that his mom told him, he is not paying any heed to her. After coming out of BB 13, the first thing that he has to do is to visit a psychiatrist. He seriously and genuinely needs help.
    Asim was also wrong but not as much as Sid. All those people not agreeing that BB13 is not biased, can you guys please explain what exactly happened in the confession room? A person is given VIP treatment because he wants to hit someone? Wow.
    He was getting provoked, he was getting provoked. Fine. I guess even criminals give the same excuse that they were provoked. So does it justify what they did? If you want to see provoking , look at Vikas & Shilpa. The way Shilpa provoked Vikas was next level only.
    Only once did Asim comment on Sid’s dad. And he was called out very badly. Why? Bcoz Sid’s dad is dead. But this Sid can tell anything about Asim, his dad, mom, sis and Umar. Why? Bcoz they are alive. And ofcourse dead people have more respect than alive ones. Lets see if Sid gets called out for his behaviour on WKV. If yes, i’ll be happy.

    1. Let’s see wkw …what salman will do to this aggressive man ….
      Why bb was consoling him in the room ..can’t understand

  33. No one is loyal in bb house….but it was shehnaz who supported sid from beginning…but every time she was ditched by sid….sometimes i wish to have such a power by which i could appear in sana’s dream and tell her about every inmates….specially that loser sid…i just hope she plays independently from now…neither in rashmi nor in sid’s group….

  34. SKA

    Just declare the oldest crybaby the winner and no point dragging the show anymore since BB’s treatment towards him is so obvious.

    At least Paras can go pay his debts to his EX gf and then enjoy the hyena’s screaming for who knows how long :-))))

  35. I thought Asim you dont “trust” Sana, there was a time you were sitting with Sidharth, pointing those trust issues, infact you were upset ….what happened now? why u asking Sana to play with u and that you wd support her??

    Paras n Mahira hugging Sana, was that real??

  36. I am posting dus us first time…but i am a regular watcher of bb…first thing sid is really having uncontrollable temper disease…wat right does he have to hit Asim…and asking bb directly…wat will be d consequences of hitting Asim…sid only taught dis anger style to Asim.,.he is tasting d same menu that he given other…secong Mahira has no manners …she is too arrogant… irritating… targeting only easy Rashmi….today we can say dat Rashmi is strong contestant among all d other girl…Shenaz has no other game plan other than love track wid Sid…which is not entertaining now…Arti is weak contestant than Mahira …shefali…nothing other than back bitting of Rashmi….no ethics in d show…paras is boring too,….

  37. Sana with her scattered brains always wants attention from Sid. She has no friends n she keeps going to Rashmi, Vishal n Asim to gossip. Asim pokes Sid knowing his temper so that Sid gets evicted or leaves being physical. Asim needs to practice what he preaches (especially calm down n count 10). Asim u look evil when in anger.

    1. Even if that’s Asims game plan it only works because Sid allows to let him get under his skin and Sid has proven from the start he has anger management problems. End of the day it’s a competition your opponents will by any means attack your weakness a strong contender understands that. As a Sid fan I found it really difficult to watch and I think for his own sanity he should leave or learn to control his aggression. Leaving is better then losing ones sanity. I actually find BB a cruel game, to be locked up for this length of time is actually inhumane

  38. Artifromiran

    Shahnaz is nothing without Sid. In fact, Shahnaz needs a man to present herself

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