Shubharambh 20th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani and Raja start liking each other

Shubharambh 20th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja comes into the park and sees Rani playing with the kids. She grabs him and takes off her blindfold. They both share an eye lock and smile at each other. They get shy and look away. Rani says shall we go from here? They walk. Rani says let’s start fresh. He nods. Raja thinks how to start? He asks for tea. They go to a tea stall. Raja gets tea for her and says tea is not good for her health. Rani tries to pay for her tea. Raja thinks she is too much.

Tukki and Kesha sit in the park and wait for Raja and Rani.

Kirdada comes to Darshna. Darshna says Jitank asked me to go to a beach with him. Kirdada says just do as I say. She applies an oil in her hair.

Raja and Rani are awkward. Raja thinks to find out if she is marrying for money. Rani says why you want to marry me? I am an average girl. Raja says everyone likes you in my house. Rani sneezes. Raja says after marriage, I will get you treated. Kesha brings the gift. Raja gives it to Rani and says it’s a jewelry set. Raja recalls Hiten’s words. Rani says I don’t want any gift. She looks away. Raja thinks I don’t know if she is lying or not. Tukki hints at Rani to a picture. Rani hints at her to leave. Rani says I am ill, my kidney had an infection but I can work in the house. Raja thinks that she can’t be greedy. Raja says once we are engaged then I will get an appointment for treatment. Rani says I am sorry, I thought you want my kidney that’s why you are marrying me so I did this drama. Raja laughs and says laughing is good for health. Rani laughs too. They look at each other. A kid falls down. Rani and Raja rush to her. Rani mistakenly puts the gift in her bag. She says I will take the kid, you can tell about your decision to your family. She leaves. Kesha tells Raja that she took the gift so she is greedy.

Kirdada calls Darshna and asks her to talk to Asha. Darshna asks Asha why she is marrying Raja to a poor girl? Asha says she looks poor but she is not, I trust you so don’t tell Kirdada, that girl will get rich soon. She sees Kirdada hiding and says her kundli is good, it will bring money to my Raja’s life. Kirdada hears it and leaves. Darshna says sorry to Asha. Asha says I have to be careful.

Scene 2
Hiten tells Raja that she took the gift, she is greedy. Asha says it can be a misunderstanding. Raja says she doesn’t look like a thief.

Virinda and brother ask Rani if she liked the guy? Rani says I can’t know him in one meeting. She moves away from there. Virinda asks Rani if you liked the guy? Rani says he is fine. Virinda says not too good? Rani says I didn’t say that. Virinda says it means you like him a lot? Rani smiles and leave.

Asha asks Raja if he doesn’t like the girl? Raja says it’s not like that. Hiten says she is a greedy girl. Mehul says she became a statue for 2000 rs so she won’t return that jewelry set. Raja thinks that Rani was that girl? Hiten says what are you saying Mehul? Kirdada says to leave it, important is that girl is not nice. Raja says do as the family wants.

Rani’s brother is waiting for the call. Asha calls him. He asks if the proposal is final? Asha says this proposal.. Raja cuts the call as Rani enters there. She greets everyone and asks Raja if they can talk. He goes with her.
Rani gives the jewelry set to Raja, she says I can’t take it, it was mistakenly in my bag, please take it back. Raja says it’s okay and takes it. Rani says I will leave now. A bike goes by, Rani gets scared and hugs him. They both get shy. Raja gifts his keychain to her. Rani says it’s beautiful, she takes it and leaves. They both smile.

Kirdada says I don’t like that girl coming here. Raja comes there and says the girl is not wrong, she gave the gift back. Hiten opens the box and sees everything there. Asha says we can finalize this proposal. Hiten nods. Raja smiles.

PRECAP- Raja messages Rani that they met before, he sends her their statue picture. Rani is shocked to know he helped her when she was a statue. Raja stands outside her house and smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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