Bigg Boss 13 20th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rashami and Sidharth gets into a brawl

Bigg Boss 13 20th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 83
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song phatka. They all dance.

9 AM
Sana jokes that Paras asked me to not talk to him. Paras asks her to stop saying rubbish. He hugs her and says your perfume is good.

9:30 AM
Mahira tells Paras that Sana keeps hurting me. She cries and says if I talk to Asim then you get angry. Paras says I am with you. Mahira says you change your statements and it makes me look like shit, what happened yesterday and you are doing this today?

Sana asks Sid if he is angry? Sid says I don’t want to be involved in this.

Mahira says I have been crying here. Paras hugs her and says I am sorry. Mahira says I didn’t like it when I was not talking to her, she is my friend. Paras says she has a problem with you, when I fought with Asim but you were his friend. Mahira says she insults me a lot. Paras says I am sorry, Mahira says she keeps saying that I stop you from talking to her.

10 AM
Sana tells Asim that Paras is with Mahira and he is playing with Mahira’s game, she gets affected but I get affected when Paras is scared of someone. Mahira says I am not scared of anyone’s father. Paras hugs her.

11:45 AM
Sana says Paras is becoming Mahira. Paras says she is my priority. Sana says but don’t change your personality because of her. Paras says you are friends with Sid and you listen to him.
Mahira tells Shefali that Sana is talking too much.
Sana says to Paras that you are not seen because of your mask. Paras says Mahira doesn’t like when you talk ill about her.

Sana hugs Sid and says why were you ignoring me? Sid says I have been talking to you, you are going to some other people. Sid jokes with Shefali Bagga and says I am joking so don’t make this an issue.

2 PM
Bagga changes her hairstyle. Sid says this is good, Sidharth D would like it. Bagga says he is showing his imagination. She leaves from there. Sid goes behind her and says I was joking. Bagga says I can’t be fake like you. Sid says I was joking. Bagga says why are you looking at me like this? Sid says you are looking nice, I like to talk to you. Bagga says how can you be so considerate?

2:15 PM
Vishal tells Asim and Arhaan that Paras has made Sid his follower, let’s play their game. They bring spoons to Paras. Paras laughs. Asim says you have made people your spoons (chamcha). Paras laughs.

3:15 PM
Rashami tells sorry to Arhaan. He hugs her and says it’s okay. Rashami says everything will be best for us, people target the ones who are silent so I won’t be silent anymore, I am sorry, she cries. Arhaan says it’s okay. Rashami says in camera that people are messing with me outside this house but I won’t spare them. Vishal says Sid? Rashami says he is not from my people. Arhaan cries. Rashami asks him to stop crying, I am sorry. Arhaan says it’s okay. Rashami says I will undo this. Thank you for being with me. I had a good journey with you and this is wrong.

3:30 PM
Bagga reads the instructions that Asim will become the policeman and will give challan to the inmates if they break the rules. Asim will punish the inmate if he or she doesn’t listen. After the third time, he can send them to jail.

Asim tells Vikas that you didn’t clean the washroom.

3:45 PM
Rashami tells Asim that if someone is not on front foot then bring them out. I can help you. Asim says I will make the rules. Asim tells the inmates that no one will fight, they will solve their fights, Paras and Mahira won’t be together. Paras says we are not listening. Madhu says what did you say? Asim says you are not listening. Bagga says what? Asim cuts the challan for her. He gives a warning to Mahira and Paras. He asks her to stay away from Paras.

4 PM
Sana writes the rules on board. Asim says Mahira and Paras will stay 15 feet away from each other. Rashami says the inmates will play freeze game. Asim says Sana will be with Paras.
Sid jokes with Paras about Asim’s rules.

Asim tells the inmates that Paras will be with Sana and not with Mahira. You people will be freeze when I say so, Sid won’t do it as he is ill. Asim says boys will do makeup. Vikas says I won’t do it. Asim says I am sending you to jail. Vikas says you are shouting which is not allowed. Asim says I am a policeman so don’t tell me. Paras rubs the rules from the whiteboard. Mahira says what rule is this? I didn’t ask Paras to not be with Sana. Asim says I am asking Vikas to put white paint on his face. Vikas says I am not doing it. Asim makes Mahira and Paras fill the balloons. Asim makes Mahira stay away from Paras. Sana says to Asim that people are jealous here.

5 PM
Asim asks everyone to freeze. He asks Paras to praise Sana. Paras tells Sana that you took care of me. You fought with Asim also. Asim defreeze everyone. Mahira comes to Paras but he moves away.

5:30 PM
Asim asks Sid to not talk to Vikas as you are not the game and if you are fine then play the game. Sid says then you decide it, I don’t want to rest. Asim says fine. Asim tells Vikas that if you have jail key then give it to me. Vikas says I don’t have it, Asim says okay.

Asim says no one can go to the bedroom except Sid. Vikas says you were throwing paint on my face. Asim says I was just asking you, you got hurt by that? You are very fragile, you are too sweet. Vikas says your truth has come out. Asim says if you knew me then why did you praise me? Vikas says I didn’t know about your short-comings.

5:30 PM
Sid comes to the garden. Asim says Sid you look fine so play the game. You are not on bed rest. Sid says fine. Asim says you just have to do simple tasks. Rashami says he is physically fit. Asim says right. Sid says she is your assistant or servant? Asim says this is your language? Rashami says I do housework but I am not anyone’s servant. Asim says Sid target girls, I just asked you to play the game if you are fine. Vikas hugs Rashami. Asim asks him to stay away, she is hurt, respect girls. Vikas says you respect the girls only when you want to.

5:45 PM
Asim asks Rashami to massage Sid as he thinks you are his servant. Sid says yes, come here. Asim says don’t open your mouth Sid. Vikas says Asim keeps provoking Sid. Arhaan asks Sid how are you talking to Rashami? Don’t you have ladies at your home? Sid says I don’t have Rashami type of girls at my house. Rashami says what do you mean that I am cheap? Asim pushes Arhan away and says don’t get angry. Rashami asks Sid you think I am your servant? You are a coward. Asim asks Arhaan to not talk to him, Sid is useless. Rashami says what type of girl I am? Sid says I didn’t take your name. Rashami shouts at him and says I can talk about what you do, what am I? Sid says like this. Rashami asks him to get lost. Sid says I know about you too. Rashami says he is a coward, you hide behind others. Asim shouts at Sid to not call her a servant. Rashami says I am fighting here, Sid is a coward, your thinking is that girls are servants. You fight with girls, you are cheap, we all know what you are. Sid says what did I call you? Asim tells Sid that you are cheap calling girls that they are your servants. Vishal says Sid is a coward.
Rashami screams that he is talking about my character, he is so cheap. Asim tells Sid that you can’t change, you will keep passing cheap comments. Bagga asks Rashami to calm down. Rashami says he is enjoying the tasks without doing anything, we are hurt too, he calls us servants. Bagga says servants are no less. Rashami says he is useless and no man, he is a eunuch that doesn’t want to work. She comes to Sid and says what kind of a girl I am? Say it fully. Sid says like this. Vikas tells Madhu that Asim instigated Sid. They are behind Sid. Madhu says he is saying bad words for Rashami. Arhaan tells Rashami that he can’t say anything, he is a coward. Rashami says your mom makes food for you so she is a servant too. Rashami shouts at him to not comment on her. Asim charges at Sid. Paras takes Rashami from there. Asim asks Shefali to not support Vikas. Shefali asks Asim to calm down, you are selfish. Asim comes to Vikas and fights with him. Shefali says he is saying to not support you, he doesn’t deserve my friendship.
Rashami cries and says he is talking about my character, I make the food so I am his servant?
Asim asks Sid what he can do? Touch me if you want, he goes near him. Sid says he is instigating me, he is touching me. Asim says what happened? Shefali tells Asim that I stood up for you but it’s useless. Arhaan asks Vikas that you are a mastermind but you can’t talk right now? Vikas tells Rashami that this Arhaan is not good for you, even your brother told you that. Shefali asks Asim to move away from her. Arhaan asks Vikas to not go personal with him.

6 PM
Vishal tells Sid that you are irritating. Sid says what can you do? Madhu asks Sid to focus on himself.
Rashami asks Vikas to not discuss her personal matters here. Vikas says then come with me. Vikas takes her aside and says it was not personal. Arhaan says you want to talk personal? Vikas says Kamya and your brother told you about this Arhaan.
Vishal tells Sana that you keep fighting for Sid, Mahira is calling me a mausi. Sana says I can’t stop him, I am not talking to Mahira and him. Mahira says I can talk to anyone. Paras says tell her today. Mahira says yes, I like Paras. Sana says I wanted to hear this. Mahira says I am telling you to stay away from Paras. Sana says this is your problem, he is my friend. Paras has become Paras Sharma. Mahira says your game is not working. Sana says he talks in my ear too. Mahira says you keep changing your sides. Sana says if you can love openly then do it. Mahira says you have cheap thinking.

6:15 PM
Asim tells Sid that you can shout all you want but you can’t work in the house? I have back pain too but I work in the house. Sid says you are a kid. Asim says don’t talk about parents here. You are like this from day one. Sid says I am alone and you are scared of it. Rashami says you hide behind others and talk behind their backs, you are a liar, you keep buttering others. You are not playing alone. You will tell me what type of a girl I am? You are a coward. Arhaan says you look nice when you fight with girls. Sid goes in the smoking room. Rashami says he is a coward. Mahira tells Paras that you will not talk without my permission. Sana says I can see everything. Paras says we will show it. She kisses Paras’ cheek. Sana says you changed, earlier you said that you won’t make a scene, I talk to everyone, you are a flipper. Mahira says you are not my mother in law. Sana says I won’t be involved now. Mahira says I fell in love so what? Sid says connection has been broken so leave it. Sana leaves.
Sana cries and says they are liars. I won’t talk to Sid. Mahira has a problem, I have been saying that Mahira likes Paras and she has a problem with me and him being friends. Bagga says don’t destroy friendship with Sid. Arhaan asks her to calm down. Sana tells Arti that everyone has a problem here. Mahira has a problem with me talking to Paras. Rashami says Arti talked about me? Arti says I am not talking about you. Sid laughs. Rashami says Sid does what Paras says, you are a follower. Rashami throws her mug away. Sid says oh I am scared by this type of a girl. Rashami says you are like this?
Vikas tells Sid that Rashami is talking about family and calling them servants. Sid says the public is watching everything so she can’t play a woman’s card.

PRECAP- Rashami says Sid is a goon. This is not your house. Rashami throws her mug near him. Sid gets angry and charges at her but Arhaan stands in front of her. Sid and Arhaan get into a fight. Rashami shouts at him and says you are cheap. Arhaan says don’t you dare. Rashami says Sid has shown his character, his house’s women must be characterless. Rashami tells Salman that Sid can’t call me cheap, I put myself above this show, I can’t bear him. Salman shouts at Rashami that what she is doing? You are totally mad right now, I won’t keep people like in my house. Rashami cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I guess girls get bashed up by Salman coz they r wrong ND as well as they r intelligent…unlike Shukla so it’s gud that Salman schooled Rashmi…arhaan is in great problem…Asim also has to hear a lot…but I’m totally fine with coz he listens ND tries to implement…ND now I don’t care whether he wins the show or not…he was a long way to go whereas shuklaji can only trophy…
    Listen to whatever salman says Asim???he’s right…whatever he’s saying just listen because u r sensible unlike others so take it as a lesson…in future his lessons will help u establish yourself????????
    Just hope Rashmi holds back her tongue too..because she’s a celebrity ND people can expect shit from Sana ND bagga but not u darling ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    It’s gud vikas is going ???????????????
    No evictions this week…why?????show started with 13 contestants ND after 80 days still 13 contestants r their ????

    1. Asim listens to Salman and implements. Wowww. From when did this started happening. If salman says anything to asim, he is just being biased as per your claims. So where is the point that salman is saying for his/their good only.
      Asim is the one who taunted sid and started fighting. Even rashmi didn’t affect for that naukrani word at all. Instead she accepted gracefully and then turned ugly after the bitter provocation of Asim.
      He stops arhan from defending so that asim solely gets the credit. He is screaming in such a way that he may faint after few moments.
      If rashmi is clever, she would realise her mistake soon after Salman’s advice.
      You expect sid to push Asim and gain sympathy. That’s done and dusted.
      Can clearly watch who is starting to push and refrained back. Great !!

    2. totally agree with u CS 7 , asim ne toh sid ko physical krne k lie touch bhi krta rha hai ki woh age se push kar de , ghatiya asim

    3. Mujhe nahi pataa kya kya chalra h, mujhe sirf ae pataa h k sab kuch out of control h iss season mein.
      For example:
      1) In priyank’s season he was out of the house for pushing people. But in this season all are pushing everyone but no action except nominating the contestant.
      2) Why the hell there is no elimination for every 2 weeks?? Abhi kitne saal chalana h bhai biggboss, am very bored watching it. I don’t know how it is getting highest TRP.
      3) IN this season, almost every pathetic contestant is safe who doesn’t deserve to be in biggboss like mahira, paras, arhaan, madhurima tuli, shefali bagga. I don’t see them doing anything.
      4) Being aggressive is so cool this season and I don’t know how people are supporting the aggression to this level?? Just think, can you have friends with that type of person who keeps showing aggression on every other day? Like seriously? You all are not watching it as a show and supporting aggression giving them names as King. I don’t know where is india leading to? Asim, Rashmi and siddharth all are aggressive. Just accept it. Don’t come here bashing me or other ppl.
      5) infinte love triangles, (mahiraparassana) (sana paras sid) ufff.. What the hell is happening?? Sana is not a kid, she is using both the parasa and siddharth as her puppets. Which girl the age of 26 can be so dumb?? She is behaving cheap for the attention of guys.

    4. Only those who don’t deserve lives in #bb house…when u have seen any sweet person staying inside without a celeb image?

  2. I am not a supporter of any member in the house. However, Rashmi is twisting every word and provoking Sid. Asim should have been neutral because he is captain of the house. Leader should proper judgement and not be biased. Asim seems to be biased in this situation.
    Atleast Vikas is trying to be neutral..

  3. I didn’t understand this I feel like something is missing.

  4. Now I won’t say who’s getting targeted coz everyone is getting targeted…if Rashmi jumped then Shukla also took a leap so better we viewers stay out of this mess..but it’s fun to watch whole house like this..was just missing Shuklaji’s push to Asim ????it would have completed the fight…ND i wouldn’t have said a single word against him

    1. Happy that you have accepted everybody are being targeted now. Can understand the game plan of creating chaos in the house.
      What i missed is that Asim yelling loud “sid mujhe dakka maara.”
      “Ki ki ki ki ki bolte raho”

  5. Now if anyone still takes rashmi’s side keeping women card in mind, they are the ones who are ruining the women’s empowerment.
    It’s not always about women card. It’s a game and all are equal here. And all players here are matured enough to see and take their own decision.
    Rashmi, she herself started destroying her game and asim further made it worse.
    Arhan is making the most use of it by supporting rashmi.
    Vikas, bagga are neutral here and Vishal is useless here. Madhu strictly playing women card.
    Sana, mahira, paras are on their own tangent irrespective of what is happening in the house.
    Shefali, aarti are closely watching what’s happening and are taking the right decision.
    I think Asim is screaming so much in such a way that, he will get fainted himself after few moments.
    Sid has kept Salman’s words in mind clearly and also may be due to his helath condition, he is not screaming loud and is not going so aggressive.
    That’s a good move and so rashmi, Vishal, asim, arhan are not able to take that sid’s move and hence trying desperately to provoke sid.

    Asim is still a kid as i said in earlier comments. And people are going gaga over him, pls look what he did in the task. His childish rules and acts. Trying to mimic and counter attack for what paras n sid did in the secret room.

    1. Shukla was provoking Rashami by constantly chanting “aisi ladki aisi ladki aisi ladki” with his demeaning ✋ gestures even when Rashami wasn’t asking or saying anything to him, but of course he doesn’t provoke anyone.

      Rashami wasn’t playing any woman card here. Why wasn’t Sidharth telling what he meant by “aisi ladki”? Let’s not act stupid. It was clearly questioning her character. There’s no women card here, and even if it was, I suppose we need a woman card here


      I just saw the interview of Akansha Puri (Paras GF). How sweet she is? When the interviewer asked about her reaction related to Paras & Mahira, she told that she was affected with that & the comments given by Paras about her but she dosn’t want to come to a conclusion right now unti Paras will come back from BB & gave his excuses about such type of comments & action with Mahira. She is still take care of his mother & fulfil all the requirements of Paras in BB. In place of her, if Rashmi was outside & Arhan will act like Paras in BB, do you think that Rashmi will also be cool one like Akashana. Not at all. Sid’s remark regarding “aisi ladki” related to the difference between the type of girls thoughts (Akansha & Rashmi). It doesn’t meant a wrong one. Since beginning, she is playing a women card in this season & always targetting Sid.

    3. Can you please check once again the whole conversation from beginning when asim starts telling sid to participate in task.
      I repeat once again listen to the whole conversation from where it started and how it was blown out of proportion and who went where. Then you can question anybody. Don’t always use the word “aise ladki”.
      It didn’t sound that ill. It’s only referring to the DUMBNESS of the player. Getting provoked and acting upon.
      No women card, OMG. Whenever he says anything to her, everybody starts yelling ladkiyon ko issat nahi karte tum. Sirf ladkiyon se hi jagada karte. And the other can yell what ever she want, kaayar, aurat, do kodi, gandhgi, enuch, gutter, bla bla bla bla can’t remember all those. Bcz no one ever cares to point out such words and acts bcz all you notice is what sid says and how to fight with him. From nowhere to anywhere you can drag and get cussed and play women card. And say he doesn’t have manners and aggressive. Where is her manner and aukat ? Isn’t she equally fighting with same manners. Or may be even more. It’s all upto the you.

  6. I don’t like da way Rashmi misbehaving with Sid cos sid has nuthin wrong said to her she was the one who started to talk abt Sid so Salman khan sir you need to talk with Rashmi she talk shit Nd doesn’t have a respect Talkin bad words

  7. Shehnaaz started the fight with Mahira. But Paras enjoys it when the girls fight over him.

    Asim went far with the tasks today, he couldve avoided all the drama. Todays task couldve went well. He can be a good captain, he has potential.

    Aarti just annoys me

    The thing is wherever Sid goes, he runs to Paras to talk about Asim. It makes him look like Paras’s follower

  8. Some one do something about reshmi shut her up show her a mirror ans see how ugly she looks. She is just awful. Always, crying crocodile tears. why is she so I sure about her charcter truth hurts my dear does it. So stop instigating u open ur mouth and only dirt comes out of it. You are a has been that’s why u came in bb, 13

  9. Asim is psycho and rashmi spill her frustration on ASOS .all for footage .Ais and Sana r best .for me both r winners!!!!!

  10. Conversation started between Asim and Sid.. why did Rashmi get involved.. Sid asking if Rashmi is asim’s secretary or servant was a normal question as she got involved..Asim is capable of talking for himself.. ever since arhaan came back, Rashmi has completely lost her mind..she is mad and such a dumb lady, she even takes a simple conversation or a joke to heights especially if shukla is involved.. she looks like a scorned lover of Sid..such a control freak she is, by the way she treats arhaan.. no wonder he previous marriage failed..arhaan has a kid, so what… She has a daughter with nandhish too..

    1. You are right Rashmi always find the reason to fight with Sid,she is so talkative…she doesn’t have respect even to herself

  11. Shukla listens only to salman every one knows so y can’t Salman once tell shukla do not use unwanted words for women. Respect females as it’s becoming issue and just don’t take Rashmi’s name. She gets mad when someone takes her name. She behaves psycho, especially with sid. But salman and BB wants this drama.

  12. Rashami’s aggression is justified. Siddhath called her naukrani and even said aa mere paer daba. What do you mean by aisi ladki… He also brought her real name shivani in the fight which was unneccessary. When arhan was saying maa kasam he replied kon si maa, woh waali… in the promo when rashami said gunda ye tera ghar h kya he replied tere ko apne ghar mein lena kb ka band kr diya…. what does he mean by these statemets these are cheap

    1. Anjali sid is cheap and rashmi is class that shows ur state of mind…
      All sid said was are u asims servant to which she took it lightly things got ugly when asim twisted the servent word to a cuss! Yes sid shouldnt have said things but when ten ppl r in ur fave u cant control urself!

    2. I am just saying that sid uses cheap words and doesnt get bashing… while others are bashed.
      Sid dey said to sana that mai aisi ladkiyo ke muh nhi lgta for which he was bashed and saud tgat he was character assasinating her…. then what shukla said to rashami is also wrong but he never apologises for his comments…

    3. I saw this moment of there flight twice. The word naukrani was used by asim first. And sid said that is she ur assistant then asim said she is not my naukrani, that time why rashmi not make objection, even asim repeat his word that donot call her naukrani even till that point sid not used this world. Rashmi speak so non sense and abuse word from day one. They try to prvoke sid. Salman sir pls clear first who use this word.

    4. Naukarani is cheap word and servent is good… shows your mentality. It was Asim who make this an issue. He told Rashmi to go and Sid ke per dabao… multiple timesa… in reply Sid says… yes do so.


      Exactly @ Rano, I also not heard this naukrani word from Sidharth. He was referring to an Assistant but it was Asim who meant as naukrani & Rashmi pulled all her frustration towards Sid as she feels that Sid is always badmouthing about her. Actually, Asim is wrong by referring Assistant to Naukrani. Unnecessary, this topic was dragged too much.

    6. Sorry @Rano and @Pradeep varma sid clerly said ye kyu bol rhi h kon h ye jaban h teri naukrani h teri….

    7. फिर से देखो episode sid ने जुबान,assistant बोला है, नौकरानी word पहले aasim ne बोला है

    8. Yes he did said first.. “ye tumhari naukarani or assistent hai kya”. but it was asim who blown it and blown it and make it out of proportion.

    9. Bigg boss has announced that Sid will rest this week and will not participate in tasks this week while reading the car task for captaincy(Check the episode). If bigg boss has asked him not to participate, who is rashmi and asim to ask sid to participate. Asim is captain he was asking sid if he wants to in a decent way. Rashmi interefered as kabab mein haddi in their discussion. Rashmi is in for a lifetime of misery, sorrow and crying…Marriage with Nadhish failed… Even after her brother, kamya, salman, vikas and everyone saying that Arhaan is wrong guy, she still wants to be with him..apni hi paer mein khuladi maar rahi hai..

  13. U r right Anjali. No girl would take this shit but salman will support sid only may be bcoz he sees himself in Sid. I am not Rashmi fan but she only gets bashing always. sid is already declared winner. I am sure sid will win this season as his votes are far more compared to others. He deserves also but the shit that he spills out every time should be stopped. High time

  14. When bigg boss will expose paras in front of sana n sid. What bigg boss n maker waiting for that these cheap paras n mahira ruin the pure sidnaaz relationship then you will take action. We are frustrated now. Not taking interest to watch it because it gives us stress. Rashmi is insane n jealous woman who always target sidharth deliberately we hate this woman. Asim is so stupid n made stupid rules with rashmi n create unnecessary drama to get footage. You all are shit.n why rashmi n asim unnecessary targeting sidharth n putting blame on him we are fed up. Rashmi is insane n jealous woman who always target sidharth deliberately we hate this n asim also doing the same. Rashmi n mahira always play woman card have ever guys see sana play woman card n gain sympathy she fight like sherni if sid doesn’t support but she always supported him with any expectation. People outside n inside did character assassination called her flipper but she never ever said any bad words for sidharth. Everyone provocked sana n manipulate her against sidharth but she said she listen everyone but she will follow her heart n heart saying that sidharth is right.every task she got bruised n even sid n asim fight she got bruised but did she ever complaint. Everyone mock her n humililate her but she forgets n forgives.just to win trophy n this game show how paras asim rashmi stoop so low shit them. They disgusting. Sid loves sana that why rashmi feel jealous because he got good heart girl n what she is getting ramlal. As viewer we are noticing everything.


      I agree with you. Sana is a good player & she is playing very well. When everyone has changed their perception in BB house, she is still the same player with lots of enthusiasm.

    2. So why r u just speaking I’ll about others ND not the ones u support..true fans speak up unlike those who blindly trust them…what I have seen is that everyone wants attention..if they won’t get..why audience will vote them ND moreover, why makers will keep them…those who hear + ND – things from us will leave this show only after becoming finalist…trp king might be Sid but to win one should be deserving..if Sree couldn’t how can he??? I was feeling first that he will win the show but now I have a feeling that we viewers will keep on fighting in the name of Sid ND Asim ND trophy would be taken away by third party ?????Rashmi toh nhi???????????bahu of colors tv always win ?????

  15. If this type of girl is brought to your home as your brother’s wife will you accept her definitely capital NO Rashmi should check her self marriage is very important for woman she should learn how to talk and control her anger even in western world no man take her attitude look at big names of Bollywood wife see madhuri Dixit and shilpa shetty kundra how respectful they are. With all this attitude of yours I feel you still love sidhart which is normal he has move on try and move bcos no one will accept you like dis. Your should asham6of you by your utterance and attitude pls for yourself.

  16. Rashmi and Asim are the two most irritating person in the house..
    Luv sid ❤️

  17. Rashmi wants to poke her nose everywhere. Her life is in ruins with Arhaan n she portrays the image of satee. She has foul mouth, no respect n targeting Sid for nothing but footage. Glad that Vikas is in the house witnessing everyone’s behaviour n supporting Sid. Asim is ruining his friendship with Shefali jeri n Sid. Asim has wrong support of Rashmi, Vishal, Madhu n Arhaan. Hope Salman wrong people ki waat lagaye.

  18. Pls show से rashmi, aahran, aasim को निकाल ही दो, इतना irrational..

  19. Vishal only points out to who is wrong,I think Sid behavior was getting unbearable for the housemates.

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