Shubharambh 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja leaves the competition for Kesha

Shubharambh 1st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani is looking around for Raja and gets worried when she is not able to find him. She calls Utsav and asks if he has seen Raja around? He says no, he is not with me. She sees Raja’s clothes gone from the cupboard as well. Gunvant and Kritida come to Rani and asks who is she looking for? Gunvant says she won’t be able to find him as he is leaving her alone. Rani says you are lying, Raja won’t go anywhere without telling me. Gunvant and Kritida laugh evilly.. all turns out to be Rani’s dream.

Kesha comes to the market and meets Kritida. They are both emotional, Kesha tells her that she missed her and her house a lot. Kritida hugs her and they both cry. Kritida says I miss you too.. did anyone see you come out and meet me? Kesha says no one saw me because they all busy in the pooja. She says I have tried everything to make Raja and Rani fail in this competition but nothing worked in her favor, I don’t want to live here anymore, please talk to Gunvant and ask him to take me back home. Kritida says don’t worry, I will talk to him and make sure to take you back home after she is done with her planning. She asks her to do as she says. Kesha looks on while Kritida thinks there is a storm coming in Raja and Rani’s life.

Scene 2
Rani sees Raja in the house and runs to him. She hugs him tightly and starts crying. Raja asks what happened? Why do you look scared? Rani says I saw a nightmare where you left me alone. She says I can’t even think about that possibility. Raja says you don’t have to think about it because we are not separating. No one will be able to do it. He gets a call from Utsav and says what? We are coming.

Gunvant and all family members reach the hospital. Kesha is in the checkup room. He asks what happened to Kesha? He says I might not be talking to Kesha but still she is my daughter and I will be the most affected person if anything happens to her. Vrinda says we don’t know anything, the doctor took her inside when brought her here. Hitank starts shouting at Utsav for not taking care of Kesha. Raja stops him and says it’s not Utsav’s mistake. He asks Utsav what happened with Kesha? Utsav says Kesha went to take a shower but they found her unconscious in there so we brought her to the hospital. Hitank taunts him that you promised to take care of and this is what you have done?

The doctor comes out and tells them that there might be an internal injury so we are going to do some tests. He says we need blood. Raja says I will give the blood as our groups are same. The doctor tells hims to stay here as they might need him anytime. Kritida asks about Kesha and her baby’s health? The doctor says next 24 hours are critical so we can’t say anything right now.

Kritida and Gunvant enter the room to meet Kesha. Asha thinks the competition will start in 2 hours, she asks Raja and Rani about it. Raja says I can’t even think about the competition right now. Inside, Kritida meets the doctor and gives him money. Gunvant is shocked. She says Kesha is completely fine, this was just a drama to trap Raja and Rani. Gunvant smirks and praises her plan.
Kesha sees all family members worried for her and how Raja is praying for healthy while not thinking about the competition.
Kritida tells Gunvant that Kesha is in so much tension, I hope it doesn’t affect her baby. Gunvant says I don’t care about that baby as it’s illegitimate, I just want Raja and Rani to lose this competition.

Precap: Raja hurts himself in order to save Kesha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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