Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal saves Akbar from Naagin

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The episode starts with Naagin backing up and confessing that she is not an itchadaari Naagin, she is a normal human. Birbal removes his fake beard. Everyone was shocked to see Birbal. Akbar was elated to welcome Birbal. Birbal winks that he will not leave him so easily. Akbar asks who is this lady? Lal Langot introduces himself as Rafiq. Birbal tells Tara Bai and Trilokma to wake up and tells them that they were a part of his plan.

Naagin shouts that they have betrayed her. Birbal says
She holds false intentions, carries a veil on face.
Her own record is unclean and holds him responsible.

He tells her to call his supporters. Naagin says he is Ganaya, the one who plays the horn. Deva puts up smoke using Loban. One of them is Nandu who blows the fan to disperse smoke. The other is Aatma ram, snakes man who has two un poisoned. Birbal now shows their game, how he kept a powder in his mouth and threw it over the fire. This emitted balls of fire from his mouth. He now claps to call two snakes men inside. He shows Akbar the fake snakes which flew in the air. His snakes men used strings to float the in the air. He shows a fake tongue which she hid in her mouth to emit. Naagin tells Akbar that his Daas and Daasi helped them. Sunanda Daasi was the one who applied Haldi on Akbar’s head and then injured her own head with a wall pole. Sunanda apologizes to Akbar as Naagin had kidnapped her children. Birbal says she got them released.

Birbal explains to Akbar that he was behind collecting proofs. When Naagin first appeared in the palace he went to look for footstep and behind a bush, he found multiple footstep marks indicating a bunch of men involved. He already suspected them when they had demanded 101 boxes of milk. He ordered to not to take the milk to temple, then he visited the houses who had not received milk from their milkman that day. He followed their milkman but was attacked. Later, he woke up in the middle of forest. The milk man was saved. He then followed the pipes emitting milk while ended in Shiv temple. He already did not believe Naagin. Then, Maharani was bitten by snake and recovered so soon. This confirmed his doubts. In the Guru Ji’s hut, he found an instrument used to produce multiple horror sounds. He then decided to plan his own fake game. He knew Akbar would be angry at his suggestion of marrying Naagin, and Akbar ousted him from the palace. The enemy was stronger now.

Akbar shouts that he will feed this fake Naagin to real snakes. Naagin apologizes that she is an imposter who forces people bring milk to temple and earns by supplying the milk to milkmen. When they had forbidden people to bring milk to temple, people also stopped being afraid of them. They were about to leave the country but then they were kidnapped. It was Akbar’s old foe, Hukm who told her to marry Akbar, and her wedding night must be the last night of Akbar.

Akbar was angry at Vijay for not being able to get Hukm. He asks Birbal what to be done with this Naagin. Birbal says this Naagin is an artist. They can appoint her in their artists community so that her art is used for legitimate living. Akbar was happy with Birbal’s suggestion. Everyone chants slogans in favor of Birbal. Akbar boastfully says, he is Akbar’s Bal-Birbal.
Vijay silently plans something against Birbal.

Sheikhu was upset that his hard work did not pay off. He got iron gloves, hat, shoes, chest cover for him; set up the Mandap and Havan but all went unused. Akbar teases they can marry Sheikhu to Nagita.

Hukm awaited the accomplishment of his plan and Akbar’s death. One of his men come to tell him that Akbar’s bal saved him. Hukm was determined to crush Akbar very soon.

The next morning, Akbar arrives in court with new determination. There was a case in court. Vijay tells Akbar that this man stole gold coins from jeweler Lakshmidaas. Akbar says it breaks his heart to see young men like him opt for theft. Gold coins only fills ones pocket, not greedy heart. The man says he stole wheat to feed his children, he did not know jeweler had hidden gold coins in the bag. The man cries that his children haven’t had food for three days. Birbal consoles the man and requests Akbar to forgive the man. Vijay argues that this will give him another opportunity to steal again. Theft is a crime in the eyes of law. Birbal argues that being poor is a bigger crime. He joins his hand saying, ‘He eats Prasad from temples, kheer from mosques; hungry does not understand religion’. He requests Akbar to look at this man with a kind heart. Akbar agrees that Sukhdev was at wrong, yet he agrees Birbal’s point of view as well. He has decided…. A man calls from behind, ‘Stop Akbar!’

Akbar was happy to see his uncle who had walked into the court. Akbar announces he is caretaker of Mughal law and welcomes his Uncle Kamran. He orders arrangement of a special seat for his uncle. Vijay offers his seat. Kamran goes to take Birbal’s seat by pushing him aside. Akbar signals Birbal.

PRECAP: Kamran punishes the man for his theft and orders him to spend whole night in pond of ice cold water. Later, Birbal happily invites Akbar and his family for a feast.

Update Credit to: Sona

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