Shubharambh 17th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani sends her selfie to Raja

Shubharambh 17th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The family dances in the function. Raja makes Mehul and Jharna dance together. A girl dances with Raja. Rani glares at him. Rani offers the juice to Raja. The girl keeps pulling Raja closer. Rani angrily leaves. Raja looks on. He makes Hitank and Darshna dance. all family members dance together.

Kirdada comes to Asha and says I have a surprise for you. Another family comes there. Hitan and Asha greet them. The girl greets Asha. Hiten tells Asha that she is a good girl for Raja. Asha doesn’t like the girl and says our family is different, let me talk to Raja. Hiten says he will be okay with it. He leaves. Kirdada tells Asha that Raja will get this girl or that cook.

Jharna comes to Raja and says I shouldn’t have said all that to you, Rani likes you so what if she is a cook? Raja says I don’t want to think about it. He leaves. Jharna thinks it will be good if he marries this working-class Rani.
Guests ask Raja to bring the chutini. He comes into the kitchen and asks a kid to bring the chutni. Rani says ask him to come and take it. She offers it to Raja and says this is sweet which might end your bitterness.

After the function, Kirdada gives money to Rani. Rani looks at Raja and thinks he is fake, he is ignoring me in front of the family. Raja thinks I am sorry but I had to do it. Rani says I lost my dupatta. A girl gives dupatta to Raja. Raja throws it to Rani. They both catch it. Raja is mesmerized by her. Rani takes her dupatta and leaves.

Scene 2
Kirdada comes to Asha and says we can get Raja married with Mehul’s wedding only otherwise he will not even have a wedding properly.

Asha sees a dream of Raja working like a servant. She wakes up and says this can’t become true. She comes in the kitchen. Darshna asks what happened? Asha says I want a rich girl for Raja at any cost.

Rani asks the kids to smile. She takes their photo. The kids ask her to take a selfie. She takes a selfie with them. The kids take her phone and sent it to Raja my mistake. Rani is shocked. Raja sees her smiling photo and says why she is sending these photos to me? I think Jharna was right, she is getting wrong impression. He blocks her. Rani is shocked and says he might think that I am behind him, I can’t bear that.

Asha is buying veggies from the market. Rani’s brother comes there and strikes with her. Her bag falls down. He says sorry and leaves. Rani comes in the market and sees Asha saying that her phone’s battery is dead. Rani greets her and says you can use my phone. She calls Raja but he doesn’t take it. Rani says I will take things to your house. Asha says to leave it. She leaves. Rani thinks that I have got Raja’s number, I will clarify that the picture was a mistake.

PRECAP- Rani’s brother tells Asha that you touched my lottery and I have got 50lacs now, I will get my sister married lavishly now. Asha later sees him talking to Rani and says she is his sister. Asha tells Raja that I have found a girl for you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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