Nimki Vidhayak 17th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganga provokes Mai against Nimki

Nimki Vidhayak 17th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganga tells Mai that your husband is in jail because of killing your son and you went to the mental hospital. Mai shouts at her that nothing happened to her Babbu. She shouts for Nimki and Babbu. Ganga says your son died in your arms only. Mai recalls his death. She gets jittery and falls down. She cries. Ganga sits with her and says you know that Nimki got your Babbu killed, you know it. She hugs Mai and smirks.

Tunee comes to Mahua and repairs the chopper for her. Dumri says you people can’t do it, let me do it. She starts the chopper but it bursts on her face. Tunee laughs. Nahar comes there and says all are happy here. Tunee and others are shocked to see him. The guard says he told me that he knows you, people. Nahar laughs at Dumri’s face.

Minto tells Dadi that Mai is missing. Nimki says we should go to the police. Rekha says you are right. Dadi says you don’t have to go, she is not your real mother. Minto says she can be lost somewhere. Shankar calls Nimki and says Mai is at Ganga’s house. She was walking on roads so Parag brought her home. She is asking for you. Nimki says I am coming there. She asks Minto to come with her.

Scene 2
Ganga makes Mai have soup and says did you like it? Mai says a lot. Ganga says Nimki makes it too? Mai says she doesn’t cook, you said… Ganga says you don’t trust me but you don’t remember your son’s death? Was he not your son? Mai again recalls the blurred memory of Babbu’s death. She says I want to go to Babbu. Parag says he is dead. Mai shouts at him and says you made me meet my Babbu. Ganga says what if he is not Babbu? What if you get to know that Nimki got your Babbu killed then what will you go? Nimki and Minto come there. Mai says he is my Babbu. Mai says Ganga see my son is here, she asks Minto if Nimki killed him? Nimki says what? Ganga says who is Tettar? Mai says he was my husband, see my Babbu is here. Ganga says but his name is Minto. Nimki says Ganga you are mistaken, he is Babbu and Mai’s son. Mai smiles and takes her soup. She tells Nimki that this is good. Nimki tells Ganga that she is not mentally stable. She tries to take Mai from there but Mai grabs Ganga’s neck and strangles her. She shouts at her that if someone tries to touch my Babbu then I would kill that person. Nimki pushes her away and says who would kill your Babbu? Mai says you… you wouldn’t kill him as he is your husband. Nimki says sorry to Ganga and tries to leave but Ganga says mother’s love is infinite, a mother can give her life or take someone’s life for her son. Mai says yes, I can take a life. Nimki takes her away. Ganga tells Parag that when Mai knows the truth then Nimki is dead.

PRECAP- Mai asks Nimki why she doesn’t wear sindoor. She asks Babbu to fill sindoor in her forehead. Nimki is tensed. Minto fills her forehead with sindoor. Dadi comes and shouts at Minto.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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