Shubharambh 13th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja takes a Surprising Decision for Gunvant

Shubharambh 13th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Recap: Gunvant shows his true colors to Raja as he thinks that he has got Raja’s father’s shop in his name but Phupa later tells them all that he listened to Rani and didn’t sign shop papers as Gunvant is just greedy and Raja is still the owner of that shop.

New Episode:
Raja asks Gunvant why did you fake your love to me all this time? You never wanted me to be the owner of that shop, you made me a servant and when I tried to work then you showed me as a useless person. Asha says Kritika and Gunvant planned all this to keep you away from that shop, they forgot their relationships for their greed. Raja says Rani kept trying to open my eyes but I never listened to her as I thought your love was real. Asha says Gunvant was the meaning of trust for me, after Raja’s father died, I thought you became his shade but you did all this? Gunvant says enough, this is my shop. Rani says evil never wins. Phupa thanks Rani for saving Raja. Gunvant is about to slap Rani but Raja holds his hand and pushes him back. He asks them to get lost from his house, he says don’t show me your face again. Kritika says we are sorry, please don’t do this. We did a mistake, please forgive us. Asha asks her to get lost. Gunvant tells Raja how dare you push me back? yes I faked my love but I took care of this shop, your father gave you this shop, he thought about this family so I am thinking about my family, you should thank me for raising you up otherwise you could be living in a slum like this Rani. Raja looks at his father’s photo and says I am sorry, I can’t throw you out like this, you are my family after all. Asha asks Raja if he has gone mad? Throw them out. Raja says no, their love might be fake but mine was not. It doesn’t matter who has this shop, we three brothers have this shop together from our hearts, you did what you thought was right but you are still my father’s brother, you could have asked me and I would have given you the shop, you might have wrong intentions but you have taken care of this shop. Hitank has worked so hard for this shop, I didn’t do anything, my father just asked me to be nice to everyone. It’s time for me take care of my responsibilities, I am still the owner of this shop, we will work together like always, shop will be in my name, you can live in my house like we have been living together, you have worked so hard to keep this shop working, you did wrong with my mom and me but you are my elders and I will be responsible now. All look on.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am confused, last epi they showed raja said, that he will transfer the shop to gunvant. Bt In this epi he said shop will be in his name. Did they changed the track?

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