Pavitra Bhagya 13th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh fights for Jugnu’s custody

Pavitra Bhagya 13th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati counts the timeframe. Since these 9 months I have been fighting this battle to get my daughter’s custody. I don’t know if I will get her custody or not. I share a blood relation with her but I still have to fight for my blood. This fight might be difficult but Jugnu makes it worthwhile. Jugnu looks at Pranati. My mother is crying here also. She looks at Reyansh who hurts himself. I wonder if God was really busy when I was going to be born. I have to choose one of them. How will my father handle me when he hasn’t grown up himself? It is better to go to jail instead of being with this soap opera mother! Judge asks Pranati and Reyansh if they want to say something before the court announces its final decision.

Pranati stands up. I am an unwed mother. It does not embarrass me though. I am ashamed of the fact that I left my daughter alone. I dint know she was alive. I am to be blamed yet I am innocent. I promise you I will make up for all that Jugnu has lost. I will give her mother’s love, will take care of her and will give her a bright future. You know Jugnu’s father does not want her custody but I want it!

Judge says it was a fairly simple case but it became complicated when we figured out that Jugnu is an illegitimate child. It is clear that mother wants the custody whereas father doesn’t. I want Jugnu’s custody. I want a chance to fulfil my duty as a father. He smirks at Pranati.

Flashback shows Reyansh questioning Pranati she dint undergo an abortion. What have you done! Pranati says Jugnu is our daughter by mistake. He calls it rubbish but she reprimands him for his choices and lifestyle. You only know how to use people! He asks her if she wants him to bear the burden of this child. Pranati says you had to know the truth. I want her custody and can even go to court for that. He is more than willing to let go of the child. Let’s not go to court. She says thank you. Flashback ends.

Pranati and judge ask Reyansh why he suddenly wants Jugnu’s custody. Reyansh says I never said I dint want it. Just like Pranati dint know that Jugnu is alive, even I was unaware of it. It is cheating as I dint know of adoption. I have been called names and a drunkard but I need my chance to make up for the lost time.

Pranati cries. Her lawyer asks her why Reyansh had a change of heart suddenly.

Judge asks Jugnu what she really wants. Who do you want to be with? Jugnu asks for samosa shocking everyone. I am fed up after hearing all this nonsense. I am hungry. I haven’t eaten properly since 4 days. Everyone is simply busy fighting! I cannot live with tea and biscuits. How to choose someone on an empty stomach? My mom left me alone in an orphanage, unaware of whether I was alive or not. I worked at so many houses in all these years. I was beaten and abused in 4 houses! She turns to Reyansh. I don’t know how he will handle me when he cannot handle himself. Give him a spare mother if you have. He needs it more. I can manage life on my own. Get me a good job. I can clean the house and will try my best. I just want good food and one good meal of the day. That would be enough. I don’t want love, ideals and studies. This isn’t meant for kids like us. I have been beaten a lot. There are scars too. Maan and Armaan ask Reyansh why he wants the girl. She is more than happy to go. Pranati begs judge to give her her daughter. I will give her all that a kid deserves. Please give me my daughter. Reyansh reasons that she will get better luxuries and facilities at my home. Pranati shouts but judge tells them to maintain decorum. Pranati calmly explains that Jugnu needs something else. He says she
Reyansh points out that she is about to marry someone in a few days. You will have a new life, a new family! They continue arguing. Jugnu asks for samosa once again. Judge announces recess break.

Pranati cannot stop wondering how Reyansh changed suddenly. This guy is very weird. Why does he want Jugnu? Maan and Armaan also ask Reyansh why he had a change of heart. Tell us the truth. You used to run away from kids.

Archit assures her that a mother always gets custody of her kid.

Reyansh tells something to his brothers (in mute).

Pranati’s lawyer tells Pranati that things have changed now that Reyansh is asking for custody too. Single parenting isn’t tough for men these days.

Reyansh tells his lawyer (Chabbra) to make this case strong. We want the girl!

Pranati’s lawyer shares that now even judge is asking questions about how you dint know that a girl was born and given to orphanage.

Chabbra repeats the same thing in front of Reyansh.

Pranati’s lawyer says it is important that after what the girl has been through, she should get all that she deserves.

Chhabra says our case is strong now but it is important to know what the girl wants.

Pranati’s lawyer speaks on the same point. Archit tries to calm down Pranati but she decides to find out what Reyansh actually wants.

Chhabra assures Reyansh that they will win this case.

A lady tells Jugnu to make up her mind. Both your parents want you. Jugnu says they prove that the elders make mistakes yet it is the kids who have to bear the brunt of it. The lady shoots her a confused look. Jugnu asks for another samosa. The lady tells her to choose one of her parents so she can get anything that she wants.

Pranati asks Reyansh why he wants Jugnu. They think of their past. Reyansh calls Pranati the biggest lie, the biggest mistake of his life. I wont repeat it by losing Jugnu. You can figure out yourself why I had a change of heart. I wont tell you.

The hearing resumes. Judge asks Jugnu who she wants to be with. Jugnu looks at Reyansh and Pranati one by one.

Precap: Reyansh’s father beats him for contesting for Jugnu’s condition. He asks his mother to talk sense in her beloved grandson now. Dadi asks Reyansh if he got Jugnu’s custody. He nods. She asks him to come with him. Pranati cannot understand what prompted Reyansh to fight for Jugnu’s custody. Archit’s parents try to make Archit realise that they are going to get into a battle against Khurana’s. Pranati insists she cannot let go of her daughter so easily. Chhabra questions Pranati in the court. You both decided to take your love to next level and got intimate! Pranati shouts at him. Reyansh is also staring angrily at Chhabra.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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